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  1. Thomas Ryan

    New g-36k pack

    Nope. You were so quick to denounce my action as "questioning the way the forum is moderated", and later you edited your post to tell nephilim just to "calm it down". That's pathetic. No, I was quite clear, please delete my account. I just cannot be f***ed with this forum anymore, it's broken beyond repair... No use keeping knowledge of my login details for it.
  2. Thomas Ryan

    New g-36k pack

    Hm... I see... Well, please delete my account then. Ban me, add the 5 warning levels, ok. Have fun putting all those red boxes under my name. Kthxbye...
  3. Thomas Ryan

    New g-36k pack

    I don't know what has happened. Maybe she befriended someone higher up or something that is stopping her from being properly punished, but can someone with a decent heart please get her off of these boards! I've been watching these boards for so long, even before I actually registered I watched them. Since the OFP demo to be exact, and every time I see someone's addon being released that isn't "Wow", "Amazing", "Oh my God!", she comes in here and does some of the worst things I have seen on this board. And she only has 2 warning levels?! Mike made an addon pack, and I personally appreciate his work and effort. Even if it isn't the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I still have downloaded it and tried it. I do not immediately go on these boards thinking everyone will follow me like a pack of sheep and flame the hell out of a guy who's just trying to do something (for free) that maybe people will like. You have no right at all, nephilim, to be posting like that. To be honest, I believe you should have been banned way back in 2003. Instead you are not... And I cannot see why not... Thanks Mike for the addon. Keep trying and don't listen to people who come and bash you for the sake of bashing.
  4. Thomas Ryan

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Did anyone else notice this in the Addons Used part of Oswald's picture? I hope that was not just a mistake! Edit: Oh wait, saw his post above. Damn... Heh.
  5. Thomas Ryan

    Armed Assault videos

    Hi everyone. Here's a little something I did yesterday. No real reason, was just bored and happy to have ArmA working on my computer again. ArmA in the Middle-East (HiRes) Enjoy.
  6. System specs: CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU  T7300 @ 2.00GHz  2.00 GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT\256MB\v7.15.11.126 Sound Card: Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC\v6.10.0.5407 RAM: 1022MB ArmA Version: v1.08 European DVD & Queen's Gambit Metaboli.de English Download DirectX Version: DirectX 10 Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS ArmA starts, can play for a bit, but then the game stalls, audio stutters and sometimes I get a BSOD after that. I've tried the -maxmem=256 command and changing the compatibility to work with Windows XP Service Pack 2 but to no avail. Please don't say something obvious like "Vista sucks, don't use it" as I know it does but I don't have XP installed on here and I have to resort to using it. Same with the graphics card, I know the 8xxx series line is unstable at best. All I want is a solution that doesn't require me changing or modifying hardware, if there is even one. (Sorry for the earlier post, pressed "Submit" by accident)
  7. Thomas Ryan

    CheatIdiots.. and BIS... Question about cheaters..

    I found one definite thing that is legally allowed to be posted here. I didn't get it from in the site, but from the disclaimer itself: - Been discussed numorous times, and ruining other people's games, insulting and swearing to players is definitely considered "harassing". - Every scum sucking cheating groups player I've seen in multiplayer has joined with a fake 10 digit ArmA ID. That is only obtainable through a key generator, and is most likely considered illegal.
  8. Thomas Ryan

    Intruders at Sahrani Studio's

    Well, they never said Victor died. Not at all. I don't really know of anyone they'd want to mention who had an English accent other than Victor, so my vote's still with him.
  9. Thomas Ryan

    Intruders at Sahrani Studio's

    My vote's with Victor Troska. What with the whole English accent and sneaky attitude. Plus, cutting out the lights sounds very... Rebel... ee...
  10. Thomas Ryan

    How will it do?

    Vista + 8800GTX + ArmA = probably the worst combination of hardware and software you can get in terms of ArmA. ArmA does not like Vista nor the 8800GTX, resulting in some really weird bugs and graphical glitches.
  11. Thomas Ryan

    ArmA and GeForce 8600M GT / 8700M GT

    Well, considering how close performance is with the 8600 and my 7600, you'll probably be able to run the game on "ok" settings. I run with: Resolution: 800x600 Terrain detail: Normal Object detail: Normal Texture detail: Very high Shading detail: Normal Post process effects: Low Anisotropic filtering: Very high Shadow detail: Disabled Antialiasing: Very high Blood: High Gives me: 60 FPS - Desert 30 FPS - Towns 15 - 20 FPS - Forests
  12. Thomas Ryan

    Operation Shining Anvil Co 1-2

    As much as I would like to do that, I feel as though a mission designed for 2 players should be played with 2 players. Ah well, should be able to get someone to play it with me.
  13. Thomas Ryan

    Operation Shining Anvil Co 1-2

    I'm shocked to see no one has posted here apart from the creators. Looks great, guys. Would love to play it, if I could find someone to play it with! Again, fantastic work. Edit: Apart from Q, that is.
  14. Again with the flaming! @jdhaines: Awesome addon, mate. Probably the best USMC addon for ArmA at the moment. Â Â Please though, I feel that Dslyecxi was only trying to help, and your response seems to have hinted you thought he was trying to insult your work. I doubt he meant that. Just take his opinion into consideration. @Dslyecxi: As much as I respect you, and your knowledge on subjects like this, sometimes your posts can come across as aggressive. Plus, when you make words such as "terrible" bolded, it makes it look as if no one could have done a worse job than what he did. Â Â I understand and respect that you're an ex-US Marine, but try to make sure that you don't make your posts out to be insulting instead of helpful. Anyways, jdhaines, I love your addon. Haven't noticed any real problems with it. Excellent work!