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  1. Tankbuster

    Check Visibility Script

    There's not much between them in terms of pure performance. Lineintersects is limited to 1000m and doesn't work underwater and returns a bool. Checkvisibilty isn't restricted like this but is affected by smoke and rain. At longer ranges and in more complicated scenes, Checkvisibilty is slower, but the difference is around the order of 0.0x milliseconds.
  2. I didn't move as such. I just finished building my new gaming PC and when it came to reinstalling everything, I had to decide to go with Poseidon again or make a fresh start somewhere else. All the commands since 1.73 are missing. It's not so much the missing commands that inconvenience me as the fact that he's getting notifications that he's being tagged in his own thread and he's just ignoring them. That's pretty rude IMO. I have made suggestions, given feedback and found bugs in Poseidon so there's a little bit of me (and indeed everyone who has done the same) and my time and effort in the application and now it's been tossed aside. I don't like that. If it's no longer in development, he should come and say so. @HazJ has been very helpful setting up Visual Studio for me and the F1 functionality is available from a right click on a command in the editor. There's nothing it can't do that Poseidon can.
  3. Guys, Having built my new PC specifically for Arma, I want to decommission the old one, disassemble it and store the useful parts away. Specifically, I have an Intel 750 Series SSD. It has a PCIe interface and currently has Windows installed on it. I want to clear it off so that it can be put away. How do I go about formatting/emptying an SSD that has Windows installed on it and will be running that OS when the PC is on? Thanks Tanky -Paul-
  4. It pains me greatly to say this, but Poseidon is apparently abandonware. The previously talkative @Tom_48_97 hasn't replied to the Poseidon thread since August year before last. Even if he's tagged, it gets ignored. I propose that doing this is henceforth known as doing a @klamacz. See here. If I'm honest, I had a sinking feeling that this would happen when he because officially BI team. Ho hum. So I'm moving to Visual Studio as that appears to have the next best level IDE for SQF.
  5. Tankbuster

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Yes. I think this has been part of the move, intended or otherwise away from COOP and towards PvP and it's attendant PvE. That has been what has been buttering BI's bread for years now so it's not to be unexpected. As playerunknown has shown us, any fool can make an utterly synthetic, addictive PvP that has no reference to real life. It takes skill and years to make AI that are worth their own pixels. Ask the Spanel brothers.
  6. What I did what start the game, set video options to Ultra preset, subscribe to the YAAB mission on Workshop then run it. Be sure to show what your screen res when you post your results.
  7. The overclocking software says it was forcing all core to 5 GHZ and performance monitor did show that but I'll try all that soon. I'm AFK until next week. 🙂 There was no cl14 memory available when I was buying, not even 3200 MHZ. I would have got some if there was. There was some cl15, but it was from a non-entity manufacturer that I didn't fancy. I don't see water cooler reliability as an issue. The H50i that was on the old PC ran faultlessly for 4 years. There's no reason to suspect it was about to fail. It was only replaced because it didn't have an 1151 header attachment ring. The Noctua stuff is great _I've got a load of their fans, but the aircooler is dumping the heat into the case, the H115i dumps it outside the case. Some owners of the 9900k report stable results higher than 5GHZ, some as high as 5.5, which would be nice, but to be honest, I plan to spend my time playing the game and making my mission, not fiddling with the CPU and BIOS.
  8. The motherboard is an Aorus Z390 Pro and the RAM is 3333 cl16. I used the proprietary Gigabyte software that came with the motherboard. I'm not a proper overclocker - I use the supplied software, I don't fiddle with voltages and such like so I'm sure someone who knew what they are doing might extract some more performance from it. The H115i cooler is slightly compromised because the radiator and the fans wouldn't fit in the case, the motherboard's various heatsinks got in the way, so currently, the radiator is inside the case and the fans are outside, working as exhaust. It's ugly, but the box lives under a desk, it's never seen.
  9. OC to 5 GHz and XMP profile 2 = 57.5 FPS. Yes, the RAM is 3333. I couldn't get any 3600 at a decent price at the time.
  10. Those results are the very first run after building the PC. I'll be tweaking some more, though 48 FPS is pretty fancy already.
  11. YAAB Ultra settings, 2560x 1440 monitor; 4790K OC to 4.7 16GB DDR3 = 39.5 FPS 9900K stock, 16GB DDR4 XMP profile (3333 MHZ) = 48.4 FPS