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  1. Spoiler

    4776: Added EH to kill aircraft with a single missile hit
    4778: Fixed syntax error stalling the mission on some dedicated servers
    4780: DEP air patrols now end at 000 so they don't despawn in front of players
    4781: Remarked out disablerandomization in description.ext to try to prevent the weird APC pyramid glitch
    4781: Added Shantou classnames to enemy boat names as they now spawn properly
    4783: Removed code that hid misplaced building in Son Tay. Bug fixed my mod author
    4784: Added new car classnames that came with PF 1.1
    4785: Added score for running down enemy with vehicles
    4786: Added score for kills from artillery and cruise missiles

    Mission updated to 1.20.4787


    Fixes a bug that would prevent Linux servers starting. Thanks to @squiffy for report.

    Improved despawn of some Independent assets - try to have them not despawn in view of players

    Boat patrol secondary mission cannow use the fixed Shantou OPFOR boats (and what beasts they are!)

    Scoring for players who run down enemy with vehicles

    Scoring for players who get kills with artillery and cruise missiles


    Google drive updated. Links on first page

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  2. This used to work just fine, then I got a new graphics card and Shadowplay isn't recording game audio. It records my microphone, but all my captures are otherwise silent.


    I've got the game set to output sound (Arma3 > options >audio) to my headphones (Logitech G533) but Shadowplay will only record game sound if I set that to my monitor, which it says is Q3277 Nvidia High Definition Audio (Q3277 being my monitor)


    This was working until I got the GPU and reinstalled it's drivers, along with, presumably, the Nvida Audio drivers too.


    Any ideas why I can't have the game audio through my headphones and Shadowplay record game sound?

  3. Mission updated to 1.20.4776.


    Lots of optimisations, many related to the Cam Lao Nam version

    Other new features include the ability to laser guide cruise missles in the terminal phase

    Working tactical ping (suggest disabling the BI one as this uses, by default the same keystrokes)

    New secondary mission, boat patrol

    Hopefully fixed graphics glitch on destroyed Kamish and Tigris

    Siren sounds in primary target when last few enemy AI rush players.


    Download links on first page.

    To reiterate, this mission is designed to work on dedicated servers. It will work on a hosted server too, though you might see some things that are supposed to be on the server only.




    [4700] Added: Laser guidance for cruise missiles
    [4701] Internal build

    [4702] Added: keydown EH to run authority tactical ping
    [4703] Added: PV containing the position of the authority tactical ping
    [4704] Added: Function to receive ATP data and display it on map and game UI
    [4705] Added: Sound for ATP
    [4707] Internal Build

    4707 Added: Fallback for choosing car position in laserdesigcar SM
    4712 Fixed: New tactical ping
    4713 Improved: Replaced some DEP functions with BIS ones
    4714 Improved: Dead DEP aircraft only deleted if they are dead or underwater
    4716 Improved: DEP scripts use new commands
    4717 Fixed: Missing classname from civmustbedestroyed array
    4718 Improved: On Nam, destroyer position is now one of a few hand chosen positions
    4721 Improved: On Nam, some target towns made smaller
    4732 Improved: Hand codes Bolar to be a coastal town
    4740 Added: New secondary mission: Nasty boat patrol
    4741 Improved: Findriverroute can use a rubberboat if required
    4743 Improved: Boat patrol can use Pleiku boat base
    4745 Improved: Boat patrol mission will start close to PT
    4747 Added: boat classnames so boat patrol can be terrain agnostic
    4751 Fixed: Syntax error crashing kill1man secondary mission
    4752 Fixed: Bug where tower for destroyradiotower secondary might be in a friendly town
    4754 Fixed: Bug where destriyradiotower chooses undestroyable targets (top radars on name)
    4755 Added: Enemy boats on boat patrol
    4756 Improved: Boat patrol works on all terrains
    4759 Added: datagen script that gets buildings that sink underground when destroyed
    4761 Improved: Repair local building much faster to set up and works on Nam
    4763: Added: Alarm sound when PT stalk begins
    4764: Fixed Graphics glitch on Kamish and Tigris.

    4766: Improved: PT reinforcement troops, both heli and road, now patrol the PT instead of attacking the forward vehicle
    4768 Changed; On Nam, enemy skill level lowered a little
    4770 Improved: Louder siren when stalk mode starts in PT
    4773: Improved: Positioning of forward vehicle and quadbikes at beachhead
    4774: spawnprimarytargetunits uses animationlist from config for vehicle randomisation. Previous was to send all known animations to every vehicle
    4775 Added: Firecode and DogKondo to authors credits

    4776 Build and publish



  4. On 7/8/2021 at 9:19 AM, jarrad96 said:

    I’m in hospital at the moment, multiple internal organs failed and I was rushed to hospital, and when they had me on the harder drugs in Emergency/ICU on life support I was having Arma based vivid hallucinations while still awake, and trying to write to the nurses about CSAT Pacific (I was intubated but aware, so unable to speak) which was terrifying at the time but almost absurd in hindsight that I was hallucinating this game I’ve put over six thousand hours into by this point.

    I’m no longer in serious danger, started slowly trying to walk again and on the way to a several month recovery now just with a bunch of new impressive scars everywhere and some other longer term complications but wanted to share what’s now my biggest ‘You’ve Played Too Much Arma’ moment. 

    That's quite a high price to pay for such an experience. How was your framerate?


    PS, Get well soon.

  5. 12 hours ago, Janez said:

    @Tankbuster, congrats on your new 30xx card, hopefully you can still feed your family. 🙂 


    Yeah, so as I mentioned, there is number of factors at play. Check the cable situation first.

    • GPU, even if new, can be faulty but what I would check first is the PCI-e if GPU is slotted properly. Motherboards have those pins on right hand side to hold it in place these days but it can still happen. So take it out and put it back in. Since your GPU is new I doubt this is the case but as a tip, if your PC has been sitting for a while, clean it with either vacuum cleaner or air compressor (be careful not to over spin the fans and damage the bearings) and use Isopropyl type alcohol to clean the connections, especially ones delivering power - to hard drives and whatnot. Obviously make sure power delivery to PC is disabled first! Flip the PSU switch, extension cord switch or just pull the power cable out. Be sure to check all those power related connections whether they are dusty or not though.
    • Software, drivers and Windows. As we establish you're running NVidia, you can refer to some of my previous post like a page back in this thread about potential problems with DCH drivers and some Windows versions. Use DDU to do a clean sweep. You can also try older drivers and ultimately older versions of Windows 10.
    • Cables, connectors and ports. Make sure those are all sitting properly. If you have other spare cables, try those and as Valken mentioned, make sure those cables are actually compatible.
    • Monitor, difficult to troubleshoot, if you have a spare PC or compatible laptop, you can try that and isolate/narrow down the issue.
    • Lastly, how is your power output situation? Is only your PC and peripherals going out of wall socket through extension cord or you have any other high power consuming device connected to that wall socket?

    So, if all seems well with the above and issue still persists, contact either monitor manufacturer tech support or take the whole setup to a shop/repair service. Hopefully you wont have to but please, if you find yourself in this situation again, state all this in your OP. I'm assuming a lot here and we're going back and forth more then necessary, when all this may very well be common knowledge to you and may have already done all that. You've been around for a long time, you know what's up, it's like the editing section. 🙂

    I've reseated the card and its power cables. The machine is fairly clean. I use an airblower every few months to clean it and it's got no dust in it right now.

    I've tried older drivers.

    The PC is on a multigang cable. I plugged it into a wall socket.

    The issue persists. I'm really suspecting the monitor which claims to be able to do 60Hz at native, can't. I'm already in touch with AOC. They've pretty much said what you guys have. I think I'll look to pick up a new monitor in the sales later in the year.

  6. 17 hours ago, Valken said:

    @Tankbuster Going to assume you have a new power supply and using the in the box GPU to monitor cable. 


    I had a problem with AMD 6950 back then until I swapped in the cables from the box. Turns out my older Nvidia cable was not HDMI compliant but with bog VGA cables, it worked.

    Power supply not new, but only a couple of years old. It's a Corsair 750w unit.

    I've tried a number of different cables, including an *k certified DP cable, issue persists.

  7. 2 hours ago, Janez said:


    You don't, when in 2D/idle mode it's at a set refresh rate automatically. Those artifacts/flickering are typical of GPU problems. I've had some, to a degree similar issues with bad drivers in Cyberpunk 2077 (flickering, in other games the GPU was mostly just cooking even when near idle) but that's a game. So maybe drivers but likely a hardware issue. Do you have any more info, is it like that all the time or only sometime? If so, when, what were you doing? Does it happen in 3D apps?


    It might be a monitor issue though or connectivity perhaps? Check your cables and connectors. Also, have you installed any new hardware recently?


    Otherwise, alternative to Vsync in 3D environments is maximum driver level frame rate limit that you can set in your respective GPU control panels, be it AMD or NVidia.


    P.S.: children on the cleaning duty while you nerd on the PC, what a boss you are. I love it! 😄

    GPU problems? The GPU is brand new, it's an RTX 3080. It does this all the time, depending on the res and refresh rate I set, read below.

    That video is when the monitor was at 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz. I made a custom profile to run at that resolution at 50 Hz and the flicker stops. Also, I can run the monitor at 1920 x 1080 @ 60 without flicker.

    The flicker occurs in Arma regardless of what I set the desktop res to until I manually change the arma3.cfg to refresh = 50. Then the flicker goes away.

    The monitor (AOC Q3277PQU) spec says it supports native 2560 x 1440 @ 60 , but I can't make that work as described above.

    Also note I have two Dell P2418D monitors other side of the AOC and they are happily running at 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz with no problems

  8. 4 hours ago, Valken said:


    Based on the noise your GPU is maxed out! Set the GPU to VSYNC ON and see if it fixes it. It might be overheating...


    The flickering should not be a refresh issue, you can test with a lower res and VSYNC OFF to confirm.



    The noise is the children using the vacuum cleaner in the next room 🙂

    How do I turn VSYNC on for Windows? That video is of the desktop

  9. This has stopped working for me. 😞
    If I try to create symlinks from the root of the mission folder, they aren't created properly in the destination folder, so all the destination folders are missing description.ext and such like. I've found that these files need to be dropped as hardlinks.

    Dropping as symlink still works for all of the folders in the mission folder. It automatically updates all the child folders in files within too. This is the same as previous behaviour.

  10. It's true, nothing out there really looks like a substantial upgrade to my 9900K. At the time I bought it, I had the luxury of 'unexpected budget' and I have some more budget in January. I have to choose the right time to buy as well as the right components, it's fair to say.

    On a related subject, I recently bought a Legion 5 Pro (as an MP testing/away from home dev machine) which may or may not interest you 🙂 It has a 5800H, a GTX 3070, a fast Samsung 1TB SSD and 32 GB of 3200 C16 RAM. It's WAY faster to start the game and load missions (startup params are identical) than my 9900K/GTX1080 desktop, but once the mission loads, its framerate is lower, my desktop does 52 FPS and the Legion does 40 FPS.