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    Drag Dead Body Script

    Author still plays Arma 3, he's on my steam freinds list and played yesterday, but hasn't logged into BI forums for a few years. Bob, if you are reading this, do you have anything planned for this?
  2. Yes mate, there are so many smoking guns in the picture. But he's got it working again now and that's the most important thing.
  3. Intel usually has a rabbit of some sort ready in the hat. Nvidia meantime are blaming Samsung (who blame a shortage of wafers) for the lack of 30xx GPU until the spring.
  4. Guys, I want to bolt a camera to a venator missile and see it in flight. Ultimately, I want to render this to a screen, but I've fallen at an earlier hurdle. I spawned the missile in mission and, through lots of fiddling with camSetTarget and camSetRelPos I managed to achieve the look I wanted. m= createvehicle ["ammo_Missile_Cruise_01", getpos player, [],0,"NONE"]; m enablesimulationglobal false; [m,3] call BIS_fnc_setheight; cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; cam cameraeffect ["internal","back"]; cam camsettarget (m modeltoworld [-0.2,10,-4]);cam camsetrelpos [-0.07,-10.2,3.9]; cam camcommit 0; But in the actual mission, when I run the camcreate, cameraeffect, camsettarget and camsetrelpos commands a script laucnhed through a fired eventhander on the VLS, the viewpoint is completely different. It moves with the missile, but the viewpoint isnt close to what I spent ages working out. The result is never the same twice, here's just 2 screenshots, Code launched from the EH; (adapted from 14 year old post by Big Dawg KS, who is long gone) __tky_starts _myscript = "vlscam"; params ["_shooter","_wep","_mz","_firemode", "_ammo", "_mag","_r"]; diag_log format ["&&vlscam gets %1", _this]; _list = ["R_M136_AT","M_Javelin_AT","M_Stinger_AA","R_PG7V_AT","R_PG7VR_AT","M_Strela_AA","R_Hydra_HE","R_57mm_HE","R_80mm_HE","M_Sidewinder_AA","M_TOW_AT","M_AT5_AT","M_Hellfire_AT","M_Vikhr_AT","ammo_Missile_Cruise_01"]; if((_ammo) in _list)then{ _camera = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; while{alive _r && alive _camera}do{ _camera camSetTarget (_r modelToWorld [-0.2,10,-4]); _camera camSetRelPos [-0.07,-10.2,3.9]; _camera camCommit 0; sleep 0.001; }; if(alive _camera)then{sleep 1}; _camera cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"]; camdestroy _camera; };
  5. Chaps, The armed versions of the Hunter have a rendersurface for the gunner, but the unarmed version doesn't. I want to attachto a land_tablet_02_black_f inside an unarmed Hunter so that I can rtt its screen. In the editor I've placed it, got it's position and orientation just right. See below; But when sitting in that seat, it's not rendered in first person for anyone in the vehicle. I'm assuming this is to do with viewLODS, which I'm ot really familiar with. See below; In third person, or in camera view, it does render, albiet with wrong orientation. You can see it through the window. You can also see it if you're not in the vehicle. I attached a blue arrow to te tablet object so I could be sure where it actually is - not sure if this is making things worse? Anyway, is there a way of having this object render so vehicle crew can actually see it?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I suspected as much - when we were in the vehicle in 1st person, we caught sight of it outside even though it was inside. I remember similar stuff happening when sitting in the back of one of your Chinooks with the ramp down and another player ran into the cargo bay from the outside.... giant players rendered outside. 🙂
  7. Tankbuster

    Missile camera troubles

    Thanks mate. This may or may not be ready for us to play this weekend. It's not adapted for multiplayer at the moment. The camera is attached to the missile after the roll has been corrected. The 'poor citizens of Abdera' were harbouring CSAT forces. You know... you've played that town with us and you know how tough it can be. The mission was spawning enemy assets while the missile was in flight. You can see that the map was empty of markers when I called in the cruise missile, but by the time it's at the end of it's flight, in the last few frames, you can see there's a roadblock where the missile impacts.
  8. I'd be surprised if that wasn't suggested at some point, even if it's not documented here. Ransack is very much a blunt weapon here, but given the OP had been struggling for so long, you can't blame him for deploying it. I'll bet good money that says a script or addon was being loaded by the game and that Ransack cleared it out. Exactly what script or addon... we'll never know.
  9. Tankbuster

    Missile camera troubles

    setVectorUp fixed the aircraft roll issue. Here's the finished thing.
  10. Tankbuster

    Missile camera troubles

    OK, I fixed it - I think. I needed to attachto the camera to the missile. The attachto offset didn't make much sense and the missile always flies with a random amount of roll applied. The air intake is supposed to be underneath, but it usually flies with the airframe rolled so the intake is on the side of the hull. Here you can see the aircraft is rolled 90 degrees left wing down as the air intake is on the right hand side.
  11. Seriously, if you're after extra frames, you're wasting your money. Replacing the CPU isn't going to do it. It's just possible your RAM isn't quite properly srt up. I'm told these Ryzens like to have their RAM trimmed up nicely, but I know nothing more on the subject.
  12. It seems I did you a disservice, accusing you of being a bunnyhopper 🙂 Apologies. An M.2 won't really help with FPS, but it will help with overall smoothness and loading times of both textures and missions. I'd recommend one.
  13. The game is as optimised as it can be - we're using an old game engine here. I wouldn't bother with hyperthreading and core counting and such like, they'll make no difference.You won't get more than 60 FPS in a complex mission in city areas - that's just how it is. But ask yourself, do you need more than 60 FPS? If you're used to Call of Warface: Elite Edition or Sniper Twitchshooter Warfare Remastered with the bunnyhop mod, then yes, 30 FPS is going to feel odd, but this isn't those games. Arma3 tests your tactical planning, your spatial awareness of your team , your teamwork, your communications skills, your ability to let someone else take the shot, your patience, your ability and willingness to wait, prone, for that one fella to come back around on patrol so your can brass him up from 1500m away. It doesn't test your ability to hold the third person aimpoint on a ghosted outline that is behind a wall, while leaping sideways and doing 3 magazine changes. Oh... I might have got a bit carried away there. 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Sniper Twitchshooter 11 as much as the next fella, but A3 is different. To use a horrible phrase my boss uses and makes me want to kill her, 'manage your expectations'.
  14. Tankbuster

    Really bright fire support

    The game engine really doesn't do what you want. You can't have illumination flares do that. Its a shame because arma2 did it beautifully.
  15. Tankbuster

    Spawning a convoy

    Pah. You are a lightweight, @pierremgi 🙂 If you are spawning it in script, check your intended route isn't borked using calculatePath. find a roadpiece at the convoy spawn point, spawn a vehicle there, get the next roadpiece, spawn another vehicle, set the direction according to the direction of the road. Put a driver in each, add them all to the same group (In Ifrits and Marids, you'll need to add the gunners to the driver group too). Put them in safe behaviour mode, separation and limitspeed as you said, safe behaviour, disable their autocombat (leave the rest on) , allowcrewin immobile true and setunloadincombat false false, forcefollowroad true. Give them a single waypoint, job done. Sometimes at the start they'll get a bit confused but they'll get going eventually (perhaps a minute or two). The order of the convoy doesn't matter. It just doesnt. 🙂 If you are adding cargo crw, make them a different group. There's a few other tricks going on, but those are not in use in this video. I check if they are alive and have a waypoint but not moved 10m for 30 seconds, then i give them a setvelocityspace nudge if there is nothing in front. This usually gets them going alhough it looks ugly so I stop doing that when players are nearby. If the convoy gets split up, lower the limit speed of the front vehicle. 9 out of 10 of my convoys reach their destination. It's best to use no more than 6 vehicles, but I have had 15 vehicle convoys working.
  16. There's a mod unintentionally loaded or a script running. There's no way this is hardware related.
  17. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.14.4266. Download links from Google Drive on first page. This version adds the barricade defend secondary mission as it's now finished and QA'd. Also, the enemy might land an aircraft on the roof of the building during the assault. It also adds another secondary mission, Runway Wreck Clear where players are tasked with pushing wrecks and ruins off the airbase runways and taxiways. This mission only spawns once. The airdrop aircraft maker has had some tweaks and the Primary Target roadblocks should be spawned more reliably. Various bug fixes and optimisations. Changelog below
  18. Authority. The mission A coop mission on Altis and Tanoa. The CSAT forces hold the island and a small BLUFOR force are going to take them back BLUFOR will be landed on a beach with an ammo box and 4 ATVs. You'll have a Forward Point vehicle that you can spawn at. It will have a small selection of magazines in its inventory. Artillery support is provided by a distant battery. The Forward vehicle will be replaced if it's destroyed. It's a Prowler, the 50cal one. Your first task is to secure a nearby airfield to use as an airhead. Clear all the enemy assets and forces out. There will be a radar system to destroy, that will stop the enemy bringing in airborne reinforcements and there will also be a HQ vehicle. Destroying that will mean the enemy has no more air support. One the airfield is taken, you will be given a small base area with vehicle and aircraft servicing and a respawn point. The arsenal box from the beach will be moved here too. Players can spawn a quad here too. Also, another vehicle - A Hunter MRAP - will be delivered to the base. This is the FOB vehicle. This can be deployed and unpacked into a small FOB. You can respawn at the fob, plus it also has an arsenal box. If the engine is off, the player in the back seat can deploy and undeploy the FOB. This seat also has access to the artillery. After the airfield, you'll be given orders to assault another nearby target. If it's a town, it will have some roadblocks at the city limits. Destroy them to stop enemy road reinforcements. Small towns will be mostly infantry, bigger targets will be better defended. Each successful target taken wins you another vehicle. Aircraft that are won are delivered to the helipad at your airhead in the form of a crate. An engineer must 'unbox' them. Non aircraft prizes (and respawning FOB/ Forward vehicles) are delivered to the closest friendly position. If the primary target is a civilian town, once you've cleared out the enemy, you will have to complete other, secondary tasks, often rebuild or reparation type assignments. How many you have to do will depend on how the assault phase went. Killing civilians, damaging their buildings and such like will all mean more secondaries to complete. The mission runs BI revive. Anyone can revive although the medic is much quicker. Press (default) Left windows key for the mission progress dialog. Under the bonnet When the mission starts, it chooses one of the airfields (though not the salt flats or the main airbase on Altis). The mission then chooses a nearby beach for the beachhead position. Subsequent towns are chosen so that they are close by - it will never choose a distant town when there are closer alternatives. It will also always choose a target on the same island until there's no choice but to island-hop. When this happens, players are airdropped a Blackfish vehicle transport to allow them to move, at least, the forward vehicle and the FOB vehicle. No addons required, though we use urban rappelling client side. Note for mission admins and server operators This mission is designed to run on dedicated servers with persistent battlefield. File patching should be allowed on the server. It's not required but does allow better diagnostics. This mission should provide 20+ hours of dynamic gameplay. Leave difficulty settings at default and select custom difficulty. You don't need a Zeus. All of what a Zeus does is done automatically in code by the mission. In fact, if you do use a Zeus, you will break some things. The mission is best played with all available BI DLCs. cDLCs are not supported. ACE is not supported and the mission doesn't need CBA. Downloads http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758581029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577912956 Public download links. Authority Altis https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QCSRUUnjMm0ANe8Bwy18ijiB_IURxq-I/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xG6CvKg3Ns0i3JvqF2mlJktdwvAPynAa/view?usp=sharing Authority Altis RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1plaaDf_wLVM3EOYH-wOz2GKjCS93Bp-C/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oYjRvV76fnraMmt5Qq_ytTsDuHMpupcf/view?usp=sharing CBA users, the mission doesn't use or require CBA, but if you do, read this post about the CHVD View Distance manager.
  19. Guys, I'm adding some functionality to fnc_findsafepos. I've copied the function code and made a new function with it, adding my code. But when a player joins the mission, the server crashes with I know what this means, it is looking in the directory where my version of the function is and obviously, it's not there. #include "..\paramsCheck.inc" So, where is it actually and can I change the include statement so that it successfully finds it? Or do I have to find and put a copy of paramsCheck.inc in there? Thanks, Paul.
  20. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerPolyline I went into dev build earlier to have a little play with this (I've got a lot of use for isNotEqualto as well, but that's for another day) the biki page says it needs 4 elements in the array. The first 2 elements are the pos of the start of the line, the next two are the end of the line, but markerPolyLine returns a 6 element array, the last 2 being a pos near the end of the line. I can add elements to the array and send it back to setMarkerPolyLine to get straight lines with turns in it, that's all great. The biki says setMarkerPolyline requires 4 elements but if it has any less than 6, the line disappears, though allMarkers still has it. Do we know why the array has these 2 apparently spuroius elements on the end?
  21. Can anyone confirm that this doesn't work in multiplayer? 1e10 doesn't do anything on a MP client. It does work on the hosting client-server, but not on a remote client. Sending it other big numbers, 1000 for example does work on MP clients.
  22. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    MIssion updated to 1.12.4212. Download links from Google Drive on first page This version is mostly optimisations and bugfixes. The barricade-defend secondary mission was removed as it was added in error. Still some work to be done on that. The bug that stops vehicles spawning in the second primary target is kicking my arse. Hopefully it's fixed now. Primary target can now spawn the radar object from Contact DLC. Radars that support it are animated.
  23. I *think*... 1e10 is infinity, at least as far as the gae engine is concerned.
  24. Oh, yes, createVehicleCrew... forgot about that!