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    Shadowplay not recording audio

    Wow. Setting OBS up with my Streamdeck was a mission. It took an hour or so, but it's working finally
  2. This used to work just fine, then I got a new graphics card and Shadowplay isn't recording game audio. It records my microphone, but all my captures are otherwise silent. I've got the game set to output sound (Arma3 > options >audio) to my headphones (Logitech G533) but Shadowplay will only record game sound if I set that to my monitor, which it says is Q3277 Nvidia High Definition Audio (Q3277 being my monitor) This was working until I got the GPU and reinstalled it's drivers, along with, presumably, the Nvida Audio drivers too. Any ideas why I can't have the game audio through my headphones and Shadowplay record game sound?
  3. Tankbuster

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    Does OBS do that funky record-last-5-minutes thing? Edit... ah... Replay Buffer... excellent!
  4. Tankbuster

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    I've googled this to death. Until I got the new GPU and with it, a reinstall of the drivers, I was able to have the all sound ( ts and game) in my headphones and Shadowplay could capture them all. Very frustrating. Looks like I might be switching to OBS then.
  5. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.20.4776. Lots of optimisations, many related to the Cam Lao Nam version Other new features include the ability to laser guide cruise missles in the terminal phase Working tactical ping (suggest disabling the BI one as this uses, by default the same keystrokes) New secondary mission, boat patrol Hopefully fixed graphics glitch on destroyed Kamish and Tigris Siren sounds in primary target when last few enemy AI rush players. Download links on first page. To reiterate, this mission is designed to work on dedicated servers. It will work on a hosted server too, though you might see some things that are supposed to be on the server only.
  6. Authority. The mission A coop mission on Altis and Tanoa. The CSAT forces hold the island and a small BLUFOR force are going to take them back BLUFOR will be landed on a beach with an ammo box and 4 ATVs. You'll have a Forward Point vehicle that you can spawn at. It will have a small selection of magazines in its inventory. Artillery support is provided by a distant battery. The Forward vehicle will be replaced if it's destroyed. It's a Prowler, the 50cal one. Your first task is to secure a nearby airfield to use as an airhead. Clear all the enemy assets and forces out. There will be a radar system to destroy, that will stop the enemy bringing in airborne reinforcements and there will also be a HQ vehicle. Destroying that will mean the enemy has no more air support. One the airfield is taken, you will be given a small base area with vehicle and aircraft servicing and a respawn point. The arsenal box from the beach will be moved here too. Players can spawn a quad here too. Also, another vehicle - A Hunter MRAP - will be delivered to the base. This is the FOB vehicle. This can be deployed and unpacked into a small FOB. You can respawn at the fob, plus it also has an arsenal box. If the engine is off, the player in the back seat can deploy and undeploy the FOB. This seat also has access to the artillery. After the airfield, you'll be given orders to assault another nearby target. If it's a town, it will have some roadblocks at the city limits. Destroy them to stop enemy road reinforcements. Small towns will be mostly infantry, bigger targets will be better defended. Each successful target taken wins you another vehicle. Aircraft that are won are delivered to the helipad at your airhead in the form of a crate. An engineer must 'unbox' them. Non aircraft prizes (and respawning FOB/ Forward vehicles) are delivered to the closest friendly position. If the primary target is a civilian town, once you've cleared out the enemy, you will have to complete other, secondary tasks, often rebuild or reparation type assignments. How many you have to do will depend on how the assault phase went. Killing civilians, damaging their buildings and such like will all mean more secondaries to complete. The mission runs BI revive. Anyone can revive although the medic is much quicker. Press (default) Left windows key for the mission progress dialog. Under the bonnet When the mission starts, it chooses one of the airfields (though not the salt flats or the main airbase on Altis). The mission then chooses a nearby beach for the beachhead position. Subsequent towns are chosen so that they are close by - it will never choose a distant town when there are closer alternatives. It will also always choose a target on the same island until there's no choice but to island-hop. When this happens, players are airdropped a Blackfish vehicle transport to allow them to move, at least, the forward vehicle and the FOB vehicle. No addons required, though we use urban rappelling client side. Note for mission admins and server operators This mission is designed to run on dedicated servers with persistent battlefield. File patching should be allowed on the server. It's not required but does allow better diagnostics. This mission should provide 20+ hours of dynamic gameplay. Leave difficulty settings at default and select custom difficulty. You don't need a Zeus. All of what a Zeus does is done automatically in code by the mission. In fact, if you do use a Zeus, you will break some things. The mission is best played with all available BI DLCs. cDLCs are not supported. ACE is not supported and the mission doesn't need CBA. Downloads http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758581029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577912956 Public download links. Authority Altis https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QCSRUUnjMm0ANe8Bwy18ijiB_IURxq-I/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xG6CvKg3Ns0i3JvqF2mlJktdwvAPynAa/view?usp=sharing Authority Cam Lao Nam (CTRG vs CSAT) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a4B3lPtzb2P1VavSUFFriEeDUWDAdE45/view?usp=sharing Authority Altis RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1plaaDf_wLVM3EOYH-wOz2GKjCS93Bp-C/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oYjRvV76fnraMmt5Qq_ytTsDuHMpupcf/view?usp=sharing CBA users, the mission doesn't use or require CBA, but if you do, read this post about the CHVD View Distance manager.
  7. Tankbuster

    You've played to much Arma when:

    That's quite a high price to pay for such an experience. How was your framerate? PS, Get well soon.
  8. I'm fed up with troubleshooting this. It's invaluable when it works and frustrating when, for no apparent reason, it doesn't. I suspect some problems are caused by 3rd party launchers and who knows what else. So I want to craft a scripted alternative. I've done some brainstorming but written no code yet and wanted to get more input before pressing on. For the player sending the TP, they should be using a rangefinder in optics mode and the laser be turned on. Pressing a key then activates the TP system. It resolves where the player is looking and if they aren't looking into the sky, it works out where on the terrain they are looking (by getting their laserTarget object). It then renders an icon both on their game UI and their map at that position. Players that are in their squad have an icon drawn on their map if they have one and on their UI if they have tactical glasses. I'm expecting to use screentoWorld and its family of commands. It must be MP compatible, TP makes the most sense there. Any thoughts?
  9. Is it wrong that I have framerate envy? 🙂
  10. I've reseated the card and its power cables. The machine is fairly clean. I use an airblower every few months to clean it and it's got no dust in it right now. I've tried older drivers. The PC is on a multigang cable. I plugged it into a wall socket. The issue persists. I'm really suspecting the monitor which claims to be able to do 60Hz at native, can't. I'm already in touch with AOC. They've pretty much said what you guys have. I think I'll look to pick up a new monitor in the sales later in the year.
  11. Power supply not new, but only a couple of years old. It's a Corsair 750w unit. I've tried a number of different cables, including an *k certified DP cable, issue persists.
  12. I don't use ACE. Anyway, I've created a scripted alternative which I'm going to test with my players soon.
  13. GPU problems? The GPU is brand new, it's an RTX 3080. It does this all the time, depending on the res and refresh rate I set, read below. That video is when the monitor was at 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz. I made a custom profile to run at that resolution at 50 Hz and the flicker stops. Also, I can run the monitor at 1920 x 1080 @ 60 without flicker. The flicker occurs in Arma regardless of what I set the desktop res to until I manually change the arma3.cfg to refresh = 50. Then the flicker goes away. The monitor (AOC Q3277PQU) spec says it supports native 2560 x 1440 @ 60 , but I can't make that work as described above. Also note I have two Dell P2418D monitors other side of the AOC and they are happily running at 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz with no problems
  14. The noise is the children using the vacuum cleaner in the next room 🙂 How do I turn VSYNC on for Windows? That video is of the desktop
  15. Tankbuster

    Working Explosion Effects

    In the end, I went for particle effects, rather than spawning ordnance because I needed a dust cloud of a particular shape.
  16. Guys, can I ask... is this a monitor refresh rate problem?
  17. This has stopped working for me. 😞 If I try to create symlinks from the root of the mission folder, they aren't created properly in the destination folder, so all the destination folders are missing description.ext and such like. I've found that these files need to be dropped as hardlinks. Dropping as symlink still works for all of the folders in the mission folder. It automatically updates all the child folders in files within too. This is the same as previous behaviour.
  18. I'm a very basic level SVN user. Commit, update and view log are about as far as I go. The mission I'm making is on Altis and now, obviously, I want to parallel develop it for Tanoa. What's the best and simplest way to go about this? Should I try to run two separate repositories? Is there a way of pushing code that I've edited in the Altis repo over to the Tanoa one?
  19. It's true, nothing out there really looks like a substantial upgrade to my 9900K. At the time I bought it, I had the luxury of 'unexpected budget' and I have some more budget in January. I have to choose the right time to buy as well as the right components, it's fair to say. On a related subject, I recently bought a Legion 5 Pro (as an MP testing/away from home dev machine) which may or may not interest you 🙂 It has a 5800H, a GTX 3070, a fast Samsung 1TB SSD and 32 GB of 3200 C16 RAM. It's WAY faster to start the game and load missions (startup params are identical) than my 9900K/GTX1080 desktop, but once the mission loads, its framerate is lower, my desktop does 52 FPS and the Legion does 40 FPS.
  20. And on that note, my 9900K/GTX1080/16GB 3333 @15,17,17,36 is still pounding out 52 FPS in YAAB, down from 56 FPS a couple of years ago. Though I'm looking to demote this system to be my server and get a 11700K or similar.
  21. Well... sort of.. In ArmA, nobody needs more than 30 FPS, is what I said when I was talking about the present and addressing players who were new to the franchise coming from twitch/strafe jump shooter games, but if your point is that building a system that does 60 FPS today will do 30 FPS in 5 years, then yes, your logic is sound.
  22. Tankbuster

    Tracing mission execution

    I get the feeling the original poster has played a big, multiplayer mission with lots of scripted features and thought 'I can do something similar to this! How hard can it be?' Only to discover the answer is very.
  23. Tankbuster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It is a lovely thing, that..