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  1. I'm sure many people are using the ShackTac UI, but I'm wondering what other quality of life mods there are out there. I've seen some things to that effect in other, bigger mods, e.g. the action menu (which IMO looks like a vast improvement on the vanilla action menu) or the visible grenade arc, but I'm wondering if there are standalone, client-side mods along those lines. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks, that's some good stuff there. I've heard of some of these, but others are entirely new to me. Edit: I would definitely be a big fan of a non-ACE3 visible grenade arc mod. Most of the time I'm a danger to the people around me when I use grenades - except half the time I forget to switch to actual grenades, so I even suck at being an involuntary risk to my squad mates. :-D
  3. Should missions with older versions of this still work okay with the current version of Arma 3?
  4. After a meatgrindery coop session on Saturday with too many one-shot kills, I'm hoping to go over the missions I've downloaded and 'retrofit' them with Arma's built-in revive system. My plan was to de-PBO the missions and add the config settings and multiplayer lobby settings (so I can tweak things if necessary) to the missions' description.ext according to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Revive, then re-PBO the missions. My question is this: should this work the way I've described it? And if a mission already has custom revive functionality, are the added settings likely to screw the mission up somehow?
  5. Thanks for posting this. I originally interpreted my situation as "personal use", as it's for a small, non-public group (no more than eight people), but I now realise this might not count exactly because it *does* involve others, even if the group isn't public.
  6. I've come across it, but I haven't looked at it in detail. Perhaps I should; it seems like it'd be pretty easy to add it to all sorts of missions.
  7. Thanks. I'm now going through all the missions to see if there are any pre-existing wounding/revive scripts; if there are, I just add the parameter settings (so the admin can activate the revive system in case the scripts no longer work), otherwise I add the whole shebang to description.ext, the parameter settings and the list of config settings. Here's hoping it'll work. It's a shame there's no mod (or at least I haven't found any) that allows the admin to override the revive settings of any mission, without having to go in and edit the missions. That'd definitely make things easier.
  8. I only now found out about the new Arma 3 Revive functionality (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Revive), and having just played a coop session that was mostly one hit, one kill (i.e. we were hit once and instantly killed) I would quite like to use the new Revive. However, on the linked wiki page it says that " Server settings (in the multiplayer Lobby) overwrite everything" - yet I haven't found these server settings anywhere. The closest I get is the "Reduced Damage" toggle. Am I looking in the wrong place? Or has the Revive option not been implemented outside dev branch?
  9. thirith

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Since I've got a few hundred downloaded missions, I'm hoping for a mod that 'injects' this sort of functionality into those missions. If I need to un-PBO and edit the missions, though, I'd probably go for the new wounding system. To some extent it's laziness: I've already gone in and edited 300+ missions in order to make the mission names consistent and to add a slot for a Headless client; can't say I'm overly eager to do the same again to make sure that all the missions use the new wounding system. Edit: I just realised that supposedly you can use the new revive system with all missions by setting things up in the multiplayer lobby. However, I just launched a (non-dedicated) server to check this out, and perhaps I'm blind or stupid, but I wasn't able to find any settings for this. Am I looking for the wrong thing or in the wrong place?
  10. thirith

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    In the hope that there are still people reading the thread and using the mod: does it still work? I'm asking because a lot of the old missions I'm using for coop sessions are pretty unforgiving and the people I play with aren't the hardcore Arma sort who have the patience for quick and early death. Having a mod that works with all or most missions that means people get wounded first and can be got back up on their feet, rather than the all too common one hit, one kill thing, From the description, this mod would be the ideal thing.
  11. thirith

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Cheers, that's very useful!
  12. thirith

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Last week I got a Tobii 4C - a combination eye/head tracker that doesn't require any additional sensors (like TrackIR). It's already running well in Arma II/Operation Arrowhead, but at present I'm struggling to get it to work as well with Arma III. Has anyone else here got any experience with the 4C? How have you got it set up, and what settings work well for you? Have you got Tobii Eyetracking or FreeTrack enabled in the game? P.S.: I'm asking less for tech support and more for player experiences. If I don't manage to get it to work well with A3, I'll obviously contact Tobii.
  13. thirith

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Hey there - did you ever post those new settings? I haven't been very lucky with Arma 3 and Tobii recently and would be grateful to see settings that are working well for someone else.
  14. I'm thinking of making a couple of relatively simple defense missions for our group (regularly 6-8 people). The idea is to have them protect a building, hamlet or village, possibly a broken down convoy that needs to be repaired, and then have several waves of enemies attacking; the mission will continue either for a set time, at which point a helicopter might fly in to pick up the survivors, for instance. I've found some information on how to script waves of attackers, but I'm looking for some tips on balancing. Especially if the squad is tasked with protecting a village or larger, what sort of equipment would you give them? Machine gun positions? A technical or armoured vehicle? Or just some squaddies, a couple of people with AT weapons, perhaps one or two with mines and satchel charges and a medic? And what sort of attackers make sense and are most enjoyable to fight against? In general, what sort of tips do you have for making fun, exciting defense missions?
  15. thirith

    User Mission Request Thread

    I'm looking for cooperative defense missions for 6-12 players that don't require mods. Anything where you're defending camps, compounds, villages, broken down convoys etc. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  16. I was wondering: are there any mission packs that require CUP but nothing else? Or is there a list of CUP-only missions? My apologies if this has already been answered somewhere.
  17. Is there any way I can get Arma to look for missions in a different folder than the default one when I launch a non-dedicated server? I'm thinking of doing something with symbolic links, but I can't figure out how to get it to work. I can get the editor to access different folders through symbolic links, but since the missions are in .pbo format, that doesn't help much.
  18. That's a great idea, thanks! Will give that a try.
  19. Thing is, I've got a setup where I'm sometimes using the office PC as a dedicated server, and I've saved the missions on a network drive; on the dedicated server, I've linked the mpmissions folder to the network folder that the missions are on. I'd prefer to keep things more flexible on my gaming PC so I can check and test missions more easily, so I wouldn't want to do the same on that computer, but neither would I want to need the office PC to be on all the time so I can access the mission repository on the network folder. Does this make any sense?
  20. I'm currently putting together a sort of lobby mission for my coop group, a place where people can hang out once they've logged in, check if all the mods are correctly installed and have some fun with weapons and vehicles. I've added a crate that acts as a Virtual Arsenal - but I'd quite like to be a bit silly and have a Virtual Arsenal sheep, since our Steam group's logo is a military sheep. Unfortunately I only seem to be able to create a module that in turn spawns sheep, rather than create a single sheep and add the Arsenal code to its Init field. Any tips (from people who are okay with a break from milsim realism ) how I could spawn a single sheep and turn it into a Virtual Arsenal?
  21. Brilliant, I'll add this ASAP. ... of course, the first thing my guys did when they joined the lobby mission was shoot the sheep. Still, even when dead it could be used as a Virtual Arsenal - and I'm not sure it's ickier to pull guns from a dead sheep than from a live one.
  22. How did you set the conditions? Just with cursorObject or did you use anything else, e.g. proximity? If so, could you post your code, please?
  23. Yup, that worked. I tried to add a double condition - cursorObject and proximity to the sheep - but couldn't get the latter to work for some reason. Still, it works well enough just using cursorObject. Thanks!
  24. Cool, will try that. Thanks! Edit: I just tried it, and unfortunately the command to open the Arsenal just doesn't open. This is the code I've got in the Init field (copied from a Steam discussion): this addaction ["Open Virtual Arsenal", { ["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; }];