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  1. That seems to be a local command though. Would it work in a multiplayer setup?
  2. I'm always somewhat overwhelmed when a mission gives me access to the Virtual Arsenal. I tend to stick with the weapons I'm given, but especially when there's no scope I always stare at the list of scopes without a clue as to what to go for. Is there an all-purpose scope that people here would recommend for standard rifles? P.S.: For the record, I've got all the DLC as well as the CUP and RHS mods, so my scope cup runneth over even more...
  3. It's a good idea, but sadly it didn't help in this case - I moved Fallujah to the very end and still got the error. Though perhaps it'll be restricted to Fallujah missions? We'll see. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. True, Fallujah is loaded. Thanks for clarifying this! It makes sense now when the error began popping up. I'm afraid I don't really know anything much about Arma and load order. Would it be best if I put Fallujah further up or further down? And I assume the same would have to be done on the server as well as on all the clients, right?
  5. Not sure if this is a CUP issue, but it's been happening to me on CUP maps, so I thought I'd ask here - plus the CUP team certainly knows Arma exceedingly well. Lately I've been having an error popping up that bin\config.bin/CfgCloudlets.housedestructionsmoke is missing. Any idea what this could be and whether it's connected to CUP? I have to admit that I can't even tell what component of Arma or of any mod that path refers to. If this has nothing to do with CUP, my apologies. P.S.: I'm learning to appreciate Zargabad much more thanks to the great work on this mod (especially in combination with the TRGM2 mission).
  6. Is there any way when playing on a dedicated server to list all missions, preferably with the mission titles as in the single-player Scenarios menu, rather than various lists according to map?
  7. This looks great and like a worthy replacement for TADST. Has the issue regarding workshop mods been resolved, though, i.e. can we adjust where the program looks for mods? For me, that's pretty much the make-or-break issue.
  8. At the beginning of the year, we started using the Dynamic Recon Ops mission for my group of 4-8 people. At first we had great experiences: missions that felt alive and challenging yet manageable, but recently we've been having a more frustrating time: vehicles spawned into buildings or tents and blowing up immediately, clumps of deadly enemies, mission setups that feel pretty random. (Obviously there's a random element, but I've played DRO missions where everything came together well.) Do people with more experience of DRO have any tips on how we can increase the chances of a generated mission being fun, and decrease the chances of the mission starting with our designated vehicle blowing up in our faces? Are there objective types to avoid? Are there locations on the maps that are better than others? Any tips would be much appreciated, because I'm slowly starting to lose patience myself with Arma and DRO, especially after seeing so many recorded DRO missions on YouTube that look great.
  9. Sounds great! I have a question concerning the upscaled textures: does this cover interiors as well? I'm asking because I just jumped into Dynamic Recon Ops and asked it to give me a mission with US Army units and HMMWVs, and the interior textures looked pretty low-res - but perhaps the upscaler can't do much with those textures to begin with.
  10. After growing frustrated with a lot of downloaded missions that don't work well due to updates, bugs, broken scripts and balancing issues, I've been trying out Dynamic Recon Ops with my small group. We've had two sessions, one on Chernarus, one in Fallujah, and they were great fun, so I'm thinking we'll probably play DRO and TRGM2, which I've heard good things about, more regularly. We're also about to add the RHS mods to our modset, which leads to my question: I have to admit I'm somewhat overwhelmed with the number of factions at our disposal, and the number of vehicles we can spawn in DRO. I've always been bad at remembering the names/abbreviations for all the military hardware, and adding RHS hasn't exactly helped in this respect. Therefore, can people here give me advice on what combinations of maps (or perhaps map types - we have all the main Arma 3 ones, as well as those added by CUP and Fallujah), factions and starting vehicles work well? We're a fairly small group, usually with 4-6 players.
  11. thirith

    co10 Escape

    Cool, thanks. We've had some good sessions with the Escape missions, but the majority of games we started were massively deadly, to the point where we couldn't get an enjoyable game going. I'll make sure to check the parameters and see if that helps, and I'll see that I can check out your mission.
  12. thirith

    co10 Escape

    Thanks. Those tips would definitely be helpful, but yesterday we really never made it more than a few dozen metres away from the prison. The guards surrounding it were too good and too quick at murderising us.
  13. thirith

    co10 Escape

    Yesterday I tried playing the Altis version of this mission several times with two friends but each time we were cut down by the soldiers outside the prison within a minute or two. What's the suggested strategy for the beginning? Killing the soldiers around the prison or just running for our lives and dealing with anything else later?
  14. I've been looking for a fun vehicular patrol mission for up to ten players but haven't been able to find any that is close enough to what I'm looking for. To be more precise, I'm thinking about something along the following lines: Two teams of four, one vehicle for each team (e.g. Humvees with machine guns) A team of two and an AH-6X for Close Air Support The mission should take the units from their camp to various villages and/or compounds, clear them out, and then back to camp or to another camp My questions are as follows: What's a good mission framework for such a mission? (Ideally it should be able handle JIP, tasks and some dynamic spawning, see the next question.) What are good ways, both technically and in terms of design, to make this replayable? I know well enough how to place enemy units and fire teams, but ideally there should be a dynamic element, e.g. a village may or may not have hostiles in it, there might be ambushes along the way. Any balancing tips? Does it make sense for the enemy to mainly consist of rifle and RPG units? How do I make sure that the helicopter is useful but not overpowered? Any additional tips, ideas, words of warning?
  15. Thanks. I will definitely check it out, but are there also options that I can more easily turn into missions that don't require additional server- or client-side mods?
  16. Is the mod something you use on the fly or do you prepare the missions? Is the mod needed on the server and client computers, or is it just needed to create the mission?
  17. Are there any conversions of the MP (in particular coop) missions from Arma, Arma 2 and the DLCs? I know that we'd need CUP, but I remember some of the official coop missions being pretty good for smallish groups. If converting the old missions is explicitly prohibited, my apologies for asking the question. I'm assuming that since Bohemia is okay with other content from the older games being converted, the same would be true for the missions, but I may well be wrong on this.
  18. How could I forget them, Varanon? 🙂 I have to go through them again, though; if I remember correctly, there are also a few that require mods beyond just CUP, and some seemed to be designed to be run with someone on Zeus duty.
  19. Exciting stuff! Is there a list of missions somewhere that requires CUP but nothing else, ideally for groups of 4-10 people?
  20. thirith


    We've now played our first game of Warlords. It was fun, but it felt different from our usual coop, especially since everyone could spawn in their own troops. Which brings me to my questions: Is it possible to form a squad, ideally with all Command Points for every member going to the leader? Is there any way to leave behind spawned-in troops so they can garrison captured sectors? Or is the only option to have one player stay behind and spawn in a squad with which to guard the sector?
  21. thirith


    Question from a complete Warlords newb: how easy is it to pick up and play with a group of 4-8 players looking for a 2-3 hour coop session? Anything I’d need to know to run such a session?
  22. thirith

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Has anyone adapted the script to work with the CUP units? I think I'll find enough information in the thread to do so myself (when I get around to it), but if there's already a version of the script that would allow me to populate an area with Takistani insurgents at random, that'd be great. Another question I had is this: in practical terms, if I just want to do something along the lines of populating an area with units of one faction, would I use the militarize script or the ambient combat one?
  23. By the way, I've uploaded the current version of the mission my questions were about to the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1341443196 It's a simple transport helicopter training mission that allows for one or two players (pilot and co-pilot); I thought the latter might be useful if a more experienced pilot flies along with a relative newbie, to give feedback on their flying etc.