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    64-bit Executables Feedback

    So no one with a dedicated gpu has done a frametime benchmark test?
  2. Historically, allied AI in Arma games had problems to follow you, the leader of the squad. They always had been slower. And it isn't like it happens if your sprint away or only in complex scenarios (like a city in the middle of a firefight), just jogging in a straight line for 300 meters towards your objective without having any combat and they wouldn't be able to follow your pace, having then to wait for them. But now in Arma 3, it seems even worse! The AI once it enters in alert mode (even if there isn't combat because I gave a no-fire order or I just saw a enemy through binocs or UAV) it will use most of the time the combat stance (C key), which is of course much slower. And then it will be stuck on said stance forever and you the player can't do anything about it. Even after someone says What options do you have? -Alert mode: no change -Combat mode: the same but the AI will use cover, look around, go prone, etc. Even slower -Safe mode: the AI will walk in a "leisure pace", which is as slow. So you can change between the options offered to your heart's content and you won't get anything at all. Can we have a fix pls?
  3. turin turambar

    BI should rework the AI behavior orders

    They walk a bit slower when tired... like the player. Given that I can lose them even when I'm tired and with a heavy machinegun in my hands, that isn't the real issue. The real issue is their abuse of combat stance when it isn't needed. It's more a cqb movement, so unless they know they are enemies in a 75mts radius, it shouldn't be used.
  4. No, no, I was talking about the 50mts condition. Given how slow is the AI, do you think people wait until the soldiers with him get to the player position to extract? God no, unless they have a good reason, they extract and imagine the rest of the soldiers also come with him, even if it isn't shown. That's why I was saying you have to warn the players. The second objective in the DSE defense, the same as the first. Objective isn't complete until all the enemies are killed, and again there are stragglers that don't attack. In every big firefight there are always some stragglers or people who run away or whatever. You have to search a way to control these objectives better, it's the fourth time it happened to me in the campaign. Payback was a cool mission, intense cqb in the storm. But, there is an oversight! It seems the enemy AI isn't activated (or at least they moved but they didn't fire back) until you go to the center and read the "note". Because it seemed an obvious ambush, I went up in the hotel and looked around with my thermal scope, killing most enemies before reaching the center. How is the last mission if you do the AAF and destroy the truck? I was thinking that if explodes, it produces a similar scenario to Ground Zero, that's why I asked. I already played S&B a pair of times and it's a long mission, I don't have motivation to do it again xD. I didn't have the CSAT officer in Meet and Greet, I thought I didn't kill him in CQB. Overall impressions. Once you squash some bugs, it's the best campaign for Arma 3 for now, with difference. Hell, once it's more polished and finished, it's one of the best campaigns done for the Arma series, including past games and official campaigns. Also there are some features that are promising but he still has to work a bit more in them. But well, it's a beta. There is also a pair of missions where I would adjust the difficulty, there were too easy or too hard. But overall I liked the plot, the variety of missions in gameplay, how the pace and scope is handled properly in the campaign, the inventiveness in the missions (from infiltrating the aaf army to get codes to kidnap people to scare a client to the encryption puzzle, to rescuing a hostage, etc) and how it all ties very well to the plot and themes, the feeling of progression in your status and equipment and the base, the idea of hiring mercs in exchange of sharing the profits, the several endings and the extra stuff like duels or side jobs clearing Stratis. My feedback to improve it even more: -Squash bugs, plan around shitty AI in some cases (it sucks, but what you gonna do), be sure all goals can be completed even if some ai soldier doesn't respond, allied or enemy. -Another pass to the missions: *Explain the objectives a bit better in some missions (like in Ransom Demand) *Recommend the mine detector in the missions with mines (like Very important Pickup), even if it isn't "realistic" for the player to know he is going to need it. It's just frustrating to blow up at random. *Recommend explosives if you choose Infiltration in Smash and Grab, it wasn't mentioned you would need it. *Eye for an eye: Put the mortar hidden inside the peninsula in the location you recommend to use it, just say a Black Arrow defector left it there for you. That way the mission can't be completed at 2 kms away. *Force Recon: maybe add another enemy squad after you pick the armored car. It shouldn't increase the difficulty a lot, because you are protected. *Close Quarter Battle: lower the skill of the paratroopers, or at a minimum, make them jump in a more distant point ~100m away, not on top of you. *Give the player an extra $1000 for the optional objectives, so he is at least rewarded a bit. -Lower the price of the chooper from $25K to $20K. Or make it more useful. -Your idea of putting tales in the firecamp that indicate treasures in the island is good, put it when/if you have time. -The duel and the blackjack games are original ideas for an Arma game, so it's a pity they disappear once you reach the Knights hub. Even if it doesn't make sense given the Knight's personality, try to put it also there. -Destroy the bandit outposts task. Finally, balance it when you have time. Give them poor weapons, and put a few ones also in Altis, which is where the extra money can be nice to unlock the vehicles earlier. You also could put a warning you won't be able to return to Stratis, but it wouldn't be very realistic of course.
  5. Well, you should clarify this point to the player. How does it work, the hostage has to be close enough to the player when he calls extraction? Then maybe Raif should comment "I have to be sure the hostage is with me when I call for extraction". Or something like that. I really like how the interlocked endings work, great job there. I play with the interface in small, in 1920x1200 res.
  6. Uhh I could swear Ben Kerry was alive in my game, we escaped fast, I did that mission without problem. And I was killed on RoI. :( ---------- Post added at 13:26 ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 ---------- One of the DSE guards in the meet & greet mission reaaaally hated tmy atv and opened fire against it. Lol. ---------- Post added at 13:29 ---------- Previous post was at 13:26 ---------- terrorist thread should be terrorist threat (euroforce dialog). Also, are you conscious that some dialogs aren't shown entire in your dialog window? The longest ones appear cut and I don't see any scrolling functionality.
  7. Once I got Drazên in the atv, escaping from the base and into the woods worked perfectly. In fact I played it twice without problem because the first one I clicked by mistake in "replay" not in "revert". Goodbye Altis also worked fine, I almost think it lacked a bit more of action: if you are doing this, it means you also skipped the final defence mission and you just drove away, and the Nikos men were easy to kill with my scoped lmg, so ideally if you could have another firefight maybe when you find the boat it would be perfect. spoilers
  8. I thought Ground Zero was just an ending cutscene, not a mission. I just completed it :) Now I will try the buddy one again, I was "interrupted" because I wanted to blow up the damn truck as I made my escape, that's how I "discovered" Ground Zero :P.
  9. Meanwhile I stealthed surfing ROA, and yeah it's doable, the west side is much more empty. Using again a second satchel you can do it perfect, with the alarm sounding only when the two objectives are done and you are chilling in the water already. edit Yeah I solved it parking the atv at his side and then ordering to mount. Right now I'm seeing the ground zero end XD.
  10. http://i.imgur.com/LVbVv38.png See the 6? It was a Kuma with the full crew and passengers. I destroyed it, mission done. What was he doing him there? Who knows. And let's not talks of the solitary men even further away. God I think AI is even more glitchy than in Arma 2 times. Now to see if I get other endings. ---------- Post added at 07:43 ---------- Previous post was at 07:02 ---------- Case of Defence - escape with Stavrou version: he won't move. He joins my team but he seems blocked, he always stays between the building and the tempest. I tried move orders, action orders, and general "return to formation", nothing. I restarted the mission and tried 4 times, both stable and dev version.
  11. I walked all over the perimeter and I only found a single soldier in the NE hills, I killed, but nothing. Is there any debug command to know what's happening? I have my save too. ---------- Post added at 22:11 ---------- Previous post was at 21:50 ---------- Some comments inside, in bolded
  12. I'm stuck on the third phase of the defense mission (when they say to defend the seaside). I destroyed a number of troops, choppers, boats and even one plane but it doesn't want to advance. :/ Do I need to kill everything?
  13. I'm near the end, the defence mission. Smash and grab goals worked fine, I did it from the "infiltration" stand point. Well, "fine" in quotes, the framerate fall sometimes in the mission to 10fps, and I have a good computer :S. But that's Arma 3 for you in any big infantry fight in a complex. I was thinking now there was no chopper mission in all the campaign, even if you got to put a tank mission and a plane mission :(. And also, tangentially related: the chopper you can buy is super expensive and it's barely worth it, it would be good if you give it to the player as the rest of vehicles and he can fly it and try to land wherever he wants, instead of being just automatic insertion point. Hell I already had a chopper to insert me in some missions in the first hub and it was free :P. And this sounds counter intuitive but... it's punishing to have only a mission where you defend the base. Why? Because since the second hub you invest most of your funds on the base, having only one mission where you benefit of that investment isn't enough "reward". I was thinking that it would be better if in the middle of the second part of the campaign there was an earlier defense mission (with less troops of course) where one of the two armies discover the base and attack, and you have to defend it (at that point you should have a pair of defense upgrades but not everything). Not that you can create it with a snap of fingers of course.
  14. What I noticed is that now the sandbags are indestructible. It seems tanks can go and topple brick walls, fences, trees etc, but they get stuck on normal sandbags with a waist-level height. Bohemia... I lose that stuff the same way I mentioned it before, it seems the script that stores and retrieves your equipment when you return to the hub has problems with the mounted accessories of the weapons (magazines, scopes, silencers, etc). Sometimes it counts 1 less than it should, so you pass from 3 magazines to 2, or from 1 scope to 0. I know binary, and modulus... and subtraction! :P Enforced cooperation. A mission with several options, nice, but I have to say it was a bit weird because if the mission was kidnapping him, I expected for the npc to join my squad or at least follow me, like in the previous mission where you have to contact the spy, and here he just stayed where he was while I ran 1 km and then extracted myself alone. Ah, and the npc, the Spanish guy who works on the research facility shouldn't say pendejo, Spanish people don't use that word (is used in Sudamerica), but cabrón or gilipollas or capullo.
  15. I did bring one of the smaller explosive charges apart from the satchel, because I didn't know how much I would need to bring down the boat. So having it as spare, I planted it in the room with the captain, I went to the east with the intention of triggering in the border of the possible radius (~295 mts) and then run away. But I saw a civilian little semi I could drive nearby a enemy strider. So I got it, I drove over the nearby soldiers to avoid them firing me once the alarm would trigger, then I triggered both charges, and drove east, with the car hull protecting me from some shots. edit: god I could swear the AI drives tanks not better, but worse than in Arma 1/2. ---------- Post added at 14:07 ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 ---------- I lost an expensive TWS scope, 2 PCML missiles ($800 each), several magazines and a sniper scope with the stash. Not funny. :( ---------- Post added at 15:44 ---------- Previous post was at 14:07 ---------- A question. Is there any incentive to do the optional objectives like the mission with the A10 or the tank mission where you also can destroy the AAF base? And the whole encryption thing... 95% of people are going to google it up...
  16. Done the surfin' mission. I wonder how . I was thinking that maybe the captain should do a little patrol or something, so maybe some people could try to snipe him from a tower or something like that. Diplomatic Incident. Ohh again with problems clearing an area as one objective wants. I cleared the big FIA base, the allied squads already came in, patrolled a bit and went away, I looked in the buildings, I walked all the perimeter (and it's a 100x400mts area), my mates are in "safe" mode as they don't see or hear any enemy, and nothing, the goal won't comply. And a tank crew has to come right? edit: worked in the second try.
  17. I wanted to ask you for a while. http://i.imgur.com/MkfZppP.png (754 kB) What's the deal with these short pants? I have seen in several missions, in both the hub and the missions themselves, in soldiers, bandits, mercs etc. Intended, or a bad name in a config file?
  18. Ok, I found the bug. We will talk about my honoraries later :P. Force Recon is a special mission where the merc system is ignored and you are escorted by Ian, right? Well, if in the hub mission previous to Force Recon, in the right side of the merc pool (selected mercs) you have the named mercs, they will be erased from there, instead of deselected or "moved" to the left list. I had all of them selected in the right list because the game remembers your selection from the previous mission, so if you don't bother to check out that screen, you will find yourself without pals in the next mission. I solved replaying the hub again previous to FR and deselecting everyone, but you know, they shouldn't disappear. Also, search for the string text "waist too much time" from a debriefing, and replace waist with waste ;)
  19. I lost the ability to use the "free" named mercs, even if they are still alive. They are chilling in their favorite place. Is that normal? I'm after Force Recon but before Surfin ROA and Diplomatic Incident.
  20. The question, if I drop a weapon in the ground in the hub, will be there when I return next mission? And goddamn the close quarter battle end was hard. It was a good mission, some stealth entering and exiting the city carefully and with planning, after some combat in the beach and in the road to the power plant, but I had to play 6 or 7 times the last part with the paratroopers falling from the sky on top of you. ---------- Post added at 22:33 ---------- Previous post was at 21:29 ---------- Force Recon on the other hand was too easy, maybe you should add a pair of infantry patrols on the main road, one before reaching the town and other after (and it isn't like most people won't drive around the town itself). At least Ian drove pretty well. You should check out the script that save the weapon's attachments. I did see weird things happening like smg silencers and magazines I had equipped losing themselves in between missions. omg I forgot to buy a rebreather for the "wet" mission...
  21. I used the car insertion (actually, it was the quadbike). Which btw, I discovered you have take care of it! If you extract in a mission without the vehicle is lost. It makes sense and is more realistic, but somehow I imagined you didn't buy a vehicle but a base upgrade that gives you that vehicle in the garage always. I was wrong. If you can't change the capacity of the box, at least put a second one, that should be faster and easier ;). It would be another object you have to track across missions but that should be easy as the same code will serve (unless you hardcoded everything :P).
  22. Give me spoilers. Which one is the commander vehicle, the "Ace of Spades"? Does it have to come in a convoy to the city? is the one parked near the government building? I shot with missiles a few vehicles in the city and nearby but didn't have luck. And I'm pretty sure I also blown up the vehicle parked in the front area of the building. In the end, I was shot down and the pilot was rescued by myself. But the mission has a few problems: in one of my tries I switched back to the main character and he was standing up and being shot by the enemy! I was killed in a few seconds, of course. I checked it again and yeah, the dumb AI stand up alone when you switch between soldiers, so he can attract enemies while I'm with the pilot flying around. And in another occasion, while I was restarting again the mission, enemy soldiers spawned super close of the starting point and started firing at me even while the cutscene hadn't finished! A pair more of questions and pleas. -Are you supposed to hear tales in the campfire of the first camp? I got nearby a pair of times, but I never heard anything. -Please increase the amount of "volume" or weight assigned to the stash, as I already got problems to store stuff. If you have a pair of AT launchers, a MG, a pair or rifles, and ammo for everything, you already got to the maximum, and can't even store stuff to sell it later. And it would be nice to be able to collect a good repertoire of weapons and accessories with time, just because.
  23. And now it works ;) The surprise was when I saw why you did the cutscene... because you change roles with the pilot! Cool, I feared there wouldn't be any air part in the campaign because the merc scope doesn't allow it (in special I like choppers). And btw I can see the cutscene fine, before it was superdark, maybe it was related to where the hell was the plane spawning.
  24. turin turambar

    Spawned Plane Crashes Instantly

    I'm one of the reporters, and it happened always for me. Well, the six or seven times I tried :P.
  25. If for some people it never works like me, and you don't have problems... well, what's the difference between one version and the other? I would start looking at stuff different between versions that *in theory* shouldn't affect anything, like different languages. Do you have the game in English? Do you test the compiled version apart from the one in the editor? Did you test the 2 versions, steam and normal? Etc I'm a professional developer, believe me I have experience with inexplicable shit that can't be debugged. :P