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    I know on BF1942 my "move" wudn't be dun with OFP's parachutes i fly up so high i lose control of my plane, jump out, drop a few satchels and then free fall to the ground if i fly up on top right of map i can land on the bottom left of map eventually wiv ofp's parachutes i'd open it and sit there for a few days! falling! so, do u wont to hav a button to open ur parachute? not after jumping from plane but after a while??/ ( i no this shud be a poll really)
  2. Tibby595

    What do you look for in a campaign

    big sale operations are the best exept for when you only have limited weapons radio messages make you feel like you're in a big scale operation as well
  3. Tibby595

    Johnny the ofp messiah

    d/ling right now i made a video mission about guba it's somewhere on my site: This one btw i can't get camera.sqs to work i launch it but by [] exec "camera.sqs" do i need to do it like this: [player] exec "camera.sqs"
  4. Tibby595

    Channel islands mod

    I can find info and do mission [ i think they're quite good, except i get bored and add rocket launchers to every unit ;) ] So i can help with the missions and i know where to get info and any help we need i can't make addons with oxygen so i'm going to try and find something else to make them with i might try using breathe( the other one) to make islands just an idea ;) but i can make missions -tibby
  5. Tibby595

    Black hawk down campagin

    not focusing this on you but can ppl make their mission more user friendly ? i've got res 1.75 and a 56k i can't sit here till christmas d/ling all the patches and then 16MB worth of BAS Delta Rangers!!!
  6. Tibby595

    Have an idea

    try finding karrillion and emailing him he MADE the rts missions and OWNS sos.... i'll go away now
  7. Tibby595

    Terror in malden campaign

    do you have a higher version than the others? could just be the campaign's ai benefit of the upgrade ??
  8. just read all the options and i've gotta say why choose get an arty system? check the codesnippets on OFPEC for arty and you get great results
  9. Tibby595

    Invasion 44 mod mission by me

    This should be in the mods section really thinking about it but at least it'll be seen in two places instead of one... THIS! Is my introduction for my upcoming invasion 1944( demo only sorry) Sp mission it's, actually, very small but i wanna know is it good? or is it poo enough to stop doing it now, right now any suggestions post it here, i'll be checking it alot You need the invasion 1944 demo ( check www.invasion44.com if you don't have it) and you need resistance 1.75 (check your local brain surgeon if you don't have that) to play nothing else... except this: http://www.geocities.com/tibbysmissions/counterattack.i44_abel.zip of course!!! it is a sp mission so extract it to there, if you are newb check the readme for instructions on where to place it have fun and enjoy!!!
  10. Tibby595

    Civilian random activity

    its faster to click quote then scrolling down or up for the reply button. i agree
  11. Tibby595

    Navy poll

    looks nice
  12. Tibby595

    Weapons requests

    she wasn't a chopper pilot she was just a veteran soldier and yes i reckon it set on flames cuzza the fuel but i'd like it so maybe you could shoot out of helis maybe lose weight (dropping fuel) and make oil canisters actually explode some of that is unreal but you know what i mean
  13. Tibby595

    Helo insertions

    *thinks of omaha beach landing mission on medal of honour* *sighs*
  14. Tibby595

    Something id like

    i'd like a SIMPLER addon maker i can;t even make a box! anyway the reason i want this is because i've found out how to use the scripts and i feel like an ofp master now plus if i wanna be part of a website crew i wanna do everything!!!
  15. shoot the viccar other than that use reedkiler's idea
  16. Tibby595

    Script idea

    get an "spy" addon from ofpec or www.opflashpoint.org and make him shoot baddies
  17. where do you find an arty script for use with 1.75+ NO ADDONS if you can give it to me in .txt form that would be best thanx in advance
  18. Tibby595

    Making a sound come from

    where do you place the sound? in codemasters/users/tibby/missions/3rd crap one/ or in descript (plz say first one!) and does that have to be a .ogg sound file?
  19. Tibby595

    Music composer

    i like the music it has now but i want some more hard rock for when your mad! and green! and i love the ability to put your own music into a level i'm gonna find a copy of "on the road to hell" and shove it in one of my missions!!!
  20. Tibby595

    Music composer

    i like the music it has now but i want some more hard rock for when your made
  21. Tibby595

    Weapon jamming

    my friend watched this program called ak47 vs M16 and apparently the m16 jammed in vietnam just cuz of it clogging up with mud! and apparently they used condoms to make it so no mud got in is it true? if so can we have it so you need to take a condom everywhere with you?
  22. Tibby595


    in bf1942 you can do things SO MANY TIMES plus you can airwalk and do loop ala loopies!!! which makes it good oh it's got napalm and knives!!!
  23. Tibby595

    Implementing music

    yeah i wanted to make like an omaha beach level, but on land and you#'re going somewhere else your in a truck, you look out the back and you see planes coming and heli's getting shot down... it's raining and they've not told you what your doing after all to this tune of "on the road to hell" which begins with alouda rain and then the song would be soooooo coool!!!
  24. Tibby595

    Damage effects

    i want: more realistic gore AND ( i don't know it's name sorry) but on mohaa, shoot tyem in the leg and they fall over, shoot them in the head and it's lights out shoot them in the knee and they trip shoot them in the arm and they're not so good at aiming shoot them in the torso a thousand times with a bar and they seem to like it! i say like because they start dancing and howling!!! other than that, plz, no gore we don't need SOF3 on our hands... and if ofp2 IS an 18 i don't think many of my friends'll be able to get it... i would, cuz my dad loves ofp too!!!
  25. Tibby595

    Latest indirect news on ofp2

    Lucky them huh? I would like to hear how good the xbox version is from a xbox owner, its going to be painfull to play opf for another year and a half knowing that a superior version of it is available for console users, and i aint buying a console just to play a better opf, thats for sure . that's what you make LOTS of friends