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    Carry the wounded!

    i agree wiv ..ummm.. oh yeh, time wiv da adrenaline thing i actually agree wiv all da things ppl hav sed sept u shud be able to LIFT and DRAG dragging wud be slower yet less vulnerable but lifting means faster and climb over things too also the ablility to roll.. iv seen it dun on one game where maybe like a peek and strafe wud mean u roll that way.. maybe i also like the 'not heal but stop the bleeding' healing only happens in american war hero films hey, being as this is nam will u be able to walk while in a huey? rather than ' get in' u 'get on' then u can shoot off it and there;s a barrier to stop u falling off and u hav to 'action move' fall out sumfing along those words i got the idea of BF1942 wiv being able to walk on the deck of the carrier
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    i dunno if this has alredy been sed but: how many animals hav u seen in vietcong jungles? wiv all dose ugly men walking around? also, wot do u wont? sumfing else to shoot or the game out soon? u can shoot trees instead of animals why not cut urself and make a picture of a tiger outta ur blood that's sayving the americans ALOTTA time