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    Getting in vehicles

    thankyou!!! i didn't want vehicles on rails i wanted the ability to walk around them, like SynpaUk pointed out
  2. Tibby595

    Helo parachuting

    if we get " walking around planes" like we all want then you could dump you para in the corner and rush to it when your going down... actually, makes me think of para camping now!
  3. Tibby595

    Interface discussion

    i read somewhere: "i wish ofp was more vocal" visit my idea
  4. Tibby595

    Call for support

    using my idea which is HERE in an organized multiplayer game you could radio the co-ordinates of the enemy base to your airfield/pilots back at base
  5. Tibby595

    Mix your perfect game

    i also saw a screenshot for some ww2 game it was a loada soldiers shootitowards you, but to the left of the screen so if you was in ofp it would DEFINATELY make you turn around! anways the caption said " shoot anything, but not if it's cow shaped" which made me laugh and wonder have animals? like horsies in fields, cows too, and birds if some shots were fired in a jungle BTW DO NOT TURN THIS THREAD INTO AN ANIMAL THREAD
  6. Tibby595

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

  7. Tibby595

    Mix your perfect game

    You've gotta take a bit out of MOHAA's AI the way they panic when you chuck a grenade shooting blindly from behind doors limping when shot in leg falling over when shot in foot >bang< that's it, lights out- dying effects when shot in head Battlefield1942 I know when shot by Friendlies you start yelling "Hey! i'm on your team!" and on a console game when hit by FF you go " hey! guys! i've found a spy" I don't know where but: Hand Signals DFBHD: Enemies cowering when shot at you've gotta remember, they were only civilians with guns... ALSO! see my radio idea:(which no-one has replied to) (link at bottom) if you don't like it plz say if you do, say so if you think it could be helped say so! -Tibby Radio Idea
  8. Tibby595

    Radio idea

    Alright, here's my idea Anyone played Tribes 2? when you press esc you're taken to a lobby, with options and the lot... Imagine, that in ofp2, to have a "un-gaming chat" you press, i dunno, f11 and a new screen comes up in this you have a "everyone" box (from) and a "team" box (from) you have 2 smaller boxes underneath these where you chat with me so far? well, Â that;s the "un-gaming" chat the "ingame" chat (eg. being shot at, you need to yell summat quickly) needs a mike if you're on Shout channel anything you say thru ur mike is shouted out into the game, like a gunshot if your on talk, it's only heard by people around you but those dang VC can still hear you saying summat from 10 metres away... if your on radio, your message is heard by everyone maybe include other channels like squad, platoon or "airfield" you could make it that you could make channels via the screen on "un-gaming chat" making new channels requires you to select who can talk to you and vice-versa also, as well as having your name you have a "role" so if your role is " bomber pilot" and you are "scout", you could make a channel for you and your squad to talk to him, who could tell the other pilots the co-ordinates to napalm.... get me? you like me idea? of course only one person could talk on a channel at once and admins could delete channels if too many are on... i like my idea because if you decide to yell "go right and flank them!!!" on the shout channel, the VC could hear you and chuck stuff that way... or chuck stuff at where they heard the voice... i know no american's can speak vc and vice-versa but they could hear a "voice" and shoot the "voice" please tell me what you think about this... ********************************************* EDIT ********************************************* Maybe make it so only your "radio" soldier could use the radio idea, and only he could yell for back up maybe you could make it, so that if you press the "transmiton" key, and there's gunfire on behind you, then the other guy can hear it? or will that make it lag alot?
  9. Tibby595

    Carry the wounded!

    yeah but like the guy before you said it'd be like watching ruskies at a stag night put the cat out!
  10. Tibby595

    Ai thread

    i've been told that's how they drive in 'danger' mode just in case there's mines on the road, so they drive on the road as little as poss.
  11. well just look at planetside.... and people are gonna pay 30 quid and then 8 quod a month for 5,000 people to fill up their connection... if ofp can do that with 64 ( ok, under that a bit) players it's all the more reason to buy it! and if people don't like 'vietcong, central europe and southern afirca' just mod it! also, if they get all the stuff we want in it, they're gonna be rich!
  12. Tibby595


    I'll just label you 'newbie' because you can't spell for shit. Â ----------------------------------------- Major Gripe Quote I thnk he means you are a newbie as far as parachuting is concerned! He's the one that didn't know about static line jumping. Tibby595 Quote i woz just kidding man that's why i put !!! marks... If anything, "!!!" marks mean you're serious. sos man... the first one made me laugh and the 2nd one: sorry, can we reset the record? can you not have a grudge?
  13. Tibby595


    i woz just kidding man that's why i put !!! marks... i'm gonna be classed a newbie now aren't i? even though i'm not, i'v played all the no.1 games and been a respectable leader... sumtime's i'm thanked for playing even remembered it feels like magic!
  14. Tibby595


    yeh! newbie! i like the 'suicide' option for newbys... it also brings the option of 'when' into play if i do it now, i'll go too slow now, i'll die oh crap.. i'm dead
  15. Tibby595

    Walking on moving vehicles...

    i clicked yes cuz: huey's can hav ppl that shoot outta them, u don't just 'sit' also, what;s a daredevil like me to do without airwalking? what a waste of air miles!
  16. Tibby595


    wheneva i tried using scripts it cud neva find them..... even though i did wot the walk thru did... i don't want BF1942 in ofp 2 just if i'm dogfighting 10,000 feet up ( a bit excagerrtaed,, but i do fly high) but i mean free fall for a bit, or make the para's a bit FASTER
  17. Tibby595

    Limited vehicle maneuverability

    hee hee! i'd use the rolling technique as a weapon!!! i'd be called sir rols alot or a moron in a tank!!! i'd only use the brakes so i don't roll off hills or i cud be blasted off hills in a jeep and then jump out! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....etc etc
  18. Tibby595

    Put down bagpack

    war, and mafia they both feature russians...
  19. i agree y isn't there a ' GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!' button?
  20. Tibby595

    All men are not created equal!

    awww... anywho, most people wud choose fit, small and camoflauged colored ppl...
  21. Tibby595

    Navy poll

    the a/c addon for ofp 1 and teh sub addon as well were absolutely crap... i want a modern BF1942 a/c... now that wud be good
  22. ( I'v only played the SP demo) i liked the sounds ur mates make EAT LEAD COMMIES! followed by 30 seconds of machine gun fire 3 by him the rest by me... oooops i did like the aiming and that, just trying to take out sumbody 15 m away was difficult ne way i liked the cut scene, sept the jungle detail was shite i cud just make out m gun fire coming from a tree but trees don't hav guns... ne who if BIS fit all the things we're asking for we're gonna get game of the CENTURY.. nm year wot BIS need is to look at all he uva games, listen to it;s public and then they'v got a good game.. it's not much, is it?
  23. Get summat better! I've been looking around, and have found the OFP.Info interview with Marek Spanel, one thing i'd like to raise is: OFP.info: Some people asked about animals, to create guards dog to improve immersion during Spec Ops missions for instance, would you take this in consideration ? Marek Spanel: We would like to introduce animals in OFP2, that's all I can tell you now. ----------------------------------------------------------- Not bad... i'm gonna try and find sum sites saying which weapons and which vehicles were used... it's not gonna be proper OFP2 stuff, just it cud be sumat which BIS is using as a source, so it may be featured now all say ooooh that's better... brb wiv sum info **************************** Found a sitr for weapons of the Vietnam war : http://www.173rdairborne.com/weapons.htm
  24. Tibby595

    Crash landings

    that would be good.. also being able to bail out when ur pretty high and maybe an alarm for the back ( transport planes/helis) so many times hav i died from trying to tell the crew were going down, only to find i'm the last one on there... also, there cud be a kinda 'on fire and falling' period except from a direct hit which will take u down, most shud just disable you
  25. Tibby595

    Weapons & ammo

    hav u guys been playing bf1942 and vietcong? they hav the arty and the trap things u wer on about and they actually do it quite well except from wen u get a newb or a jackass on it then the messyness factor goes way up