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  1. T J

    official complaint to BIS

    Do you seriously think, they don't know about most of the bugs? There is always some point in development, when you have to release it, simply because you have some contract or because you have no money for development. So while are you complaining, did you thought about scenario of canceled project? What do you think? Isn't it better to have it as it is (it's playable yet buggy) and patched, than do not have it at all? Or have it perfect as STALKER or Duke Nukem Forever... Imagine the slating an addon maker would have gotten if they had released such a buggy addon, and that for FREE. Let's not forget that this is a game they have (supposedly) spent YEARS in the making. Sure, some, no, a lot of bugs will only show up after repeated playing on multiple systems of varying specs. I'm not talking about those. Rather the type of bugs that should have been spotted at their birth, eg, the wrong viewpoint in the trucks, noted now by BIS as a bug. Things like that should never make it into a final release. It would be interesting to take Marek aside privately, and ask him if he was happy with the level of pre-release Quality Assurance. My guess would be No. Seems to me, they took OFP:E, ported it BACK to PC, added some extra graphiccy stuff, probably from work on Game2, threw in some kit and models from VBS, and hastily mixed them all together. (without noting the mix up of kit between US Marine & US Army etc) Follow the screenshots released over the months and you will sort of see that happening. Dont get me wrong, I like the game, with all its quirks. But it could have been so much better. Should have been. It would be very nice to see BIS launch a topic "ACKNOWLEDGED BUGS" just for BIS staff to post in, showing that they have noted each one, and an approximate timescale or something for the fix E.G: Next patch. Im sure they know all about things we are yet to discover, but it would be nice to have an official forum acknowledgement, dont you think? Cheers TJ
  2. T J

    Hilarious ARMA Moments

    In the 20player Co-op MP map, I took a littlebird over the town, and ejected under fire. On landing, jumped into one of the enemys vehicles, with the AT-5 rockets on top. Enemy opened up on me with small arms fire, firing full auto, clip after clip, so I turned the rockets on him. WHOOSH, BANG! Nothing, still there, still firing. Again, and again, he was impervious to the AT rockets. And it took several hundred rounds and finally a bmp to stop my vehicle in its tracks. And then on the 20player FF mission, the pickup that is near the target flagpole (blue pickup) seems to be mostly bulletproof. Again the AI fired several clips at it before it even got a puncture, and I was able to survive intact without a scratch sitting in it while they fired upon me. Love the bouncing truck though. Cheers TJ
  3. Dont get me wrong, I hate hate hate the way the helicopters 'fly'. (esp. the mi17 - what is it with that?) BUT, I have found the footage that BIS used to model the flying characteristics on, and I have to say, they have got it perfect, the helo's in AA perform JUST like the ones in these vids! Small helicopter handling... One thing I would ask though, if the skids could be made more like the ones in This Clip then we would stand a better chance of surviving? TJ
  4. T J

    official complaint to BIS

    Finally somebody notices! Did you notice the mashup of equipment? This console game, supposedly years in the making, (although I believe it to be a hybrid of OFP:E and some elements from game2, patched together in a matter of months) feels very much like a half-assed attempt. Doesn't seem to be any commitment to quality control, and the game is laden, laden, laden with bugs. Really obvious and bad ones. What kind of beta tester misses the glaringly obvious things such as we see? No wonder they didn't put a demo out. As for somebody who said, "which models were better in OFP?", I strongly suggest taking a look at the BAS Blackhawks and Littlebirds, where you will find more polygons, more animations. (the current cockpits suck). I think, but dont know, that the uh60 and littlebird models are actually similar to the BAS ones, just dumbed down a bit. Somebody will know? Then take a look at the other major addon releases. I was hoping for something at least as good as, but hopefully far exceeding the best of OFP addons. Maybe BIS could pull it back by doing a major update along with the 505 release, like patch 1.3 was for flashpoint. Lots of new content, missions, and BUGFIXES please! TJ
  5. T J

    German Version out!

    Nay, if YOU could read, perchance you would have noticed that my post was made 4 seconds after yours, thereby indicating that is was being written concurrently with yours. Capisci? Does anybody have both the CZ version and the german version, on the same machine, to do a direct comparison? As the version numbers are identical, then the copy protection must be the cause of the problems? And if a fix comes from Morphicon and not BIS, then it also seems protection based. If the problem is the protection, I would be interested to know if the securom workarounds eliminate the problem for you guys, until you can get it fixed? What is quality control coming to these days? TJ
  6. T J

    German Version out!

    So what IS the deal? is the german version WORSE than the CZech version ?? IS the German version 1.00.5087? Is the problem just the copy protection? If so, as long as you have your CD Key for your legitimate version, what is the problem in using the 'trial version' (without copy protection) until the patch is released? Cheers
  7. T J

    ArmA Photography

    Good. I hate perms. Great pics everybody!
  8. T J

    German Version out!

    The Czech version number is given as 1.00.5087. Please confirm FULL german number Cheers
  9. T J

    Performance Tweaking Experiences

    In the players settigns and cfg file, there is a setting for HDR isnt there? On Low I think it is set to 8. What if that was set to 0 would it make any difference? I have not much idea about that sort of thing....... also, what sort of maxmem settings are you guys using with 1gb RAM? My spec P4 3.4Ghz 1Gig Ram Nvidia 6800 256mb Cheers TJ
  10. T J

    Helicopters in AA

    On the subject of heli's has anybody had the bug in the blackhawks, where the miniguns just empty themselves as soon as you press fire? While your finger is on the mouse button they act normally, but then continue on in a wierd way until all ammo is spent. And the 'ammo' that is fired off unintentionally, doesn't hurt anything/one. TJ
  11. T J

    German Version out!

    I'd take issue with that, "as it should be" I do a lot of shooting and have never, ever, even on pests that have had their throat slit, seen blood as bright red as in Arma. I have no idea as to why those textures would have been chosen for the wounded/KIA models. Just lessens the realism does it not? Anyways, isn't the RUSSIAN version due out today? (28/11/06) We still dont have a definitive answer as to whether the CZ and DE versions are the same version?
  12. T J

    German Version out!

    good point. What version do you have on the german copy? Is the blood still grey?
  13. T J

    Helicopters in AA

    yes, did the same last night testing many different attempts and actions. Interestingly it seemed a lot easier flying in first person view, less tempting to roll the thing sideways perhaps. At any rate, once the downwards rush to the ground started, there seemed to be very little I could do to pull out of it. Would be interested to see what Deadmeat could do with the models and adjusting the c.o.g. etc (Hint Hint ) TJ
  14. T J

    German Version out!

    I too was surprised to see that its out already, and now can send my minions to go get some
  15. T J

    New fire texture addon

    Well done, much better. Some time ago, when working on the BAS blackhawks or lb's cant remember which, I used the fire texture from DF BHD to produce a similar effect to what BIS has done with arma, but I was dissatisfied with it, so it never got any further. For similar reasons the default BIS fire textures dont look right, the flames arent to scale or something, I dunno, but something is wrong. Anyway, your new ones are much better by the look of it. Well done. Now all we need is someone to redo all the soldier models to get rid of that disgusting red paint. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF 'ARTIST' WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? <end rant> keep it up TJ