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  1. The Rocket

    -=Avignon Island+-

    Very nice looks great
  2. The Rocket

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    I so hope that isn´t true because that´s exactly what i feared, that they havn´t even started working seriously on ofp2 at all. If that´s true i think the game won´t make it even with release date of spring 2006.. more like spring 2008. In BISs eyes PC OFP community = 0 Microsoft = $$$ Military = $$$ Just like I was saying. Anyone from BIS care to say anything different on thier own forums? Thought not. What are you talking about? Do You really beleive what your saying? And to all others, just be happy it wont take them 5 new years for a new engine.. and wolfsbane whoever said that must be wrong, I'm pretty sure they have been working on ofp2 for some year now, of course it has taken some extra time porting for XBOX, remember the memory issue? and if BIS didnt care why would they even have patches for us or a forum we can discuss in?? grow up! And BIS doesn't have to state anything that might not even be true, it can be done earlier or later, it may look like there will be a spring 2006 release but it doesn't have to be.. Something that seems to be hard to implement now might be easier in just a few weeks!!! EDIT: oh and another thing, if BIS wanted money why wouldnt they let CM publish it, it would get more sales !
  3. The Rocket

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    Independance lost was stripped down to VBS1 if you ask me it says in IL site it is delayed until after ofp2 but let's hope it will be another expansion for ofp
  4. The Rocket

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    wow, now i want to sleep in, for a loong time.. :/ I wish they wouldnt have said anything at all... getting vbs1.
  5. The Rocket

    Flashpoint 2 10-22-04 ??

    This just got me very pissed off... ofp2 isnt released yet ! His imaginary comp? OP2 = OFP2? Alot of theese people on amazon or am I over reacting again?
  6. The Rocket

    BAS Tonali SF and BTR-T

    indeed nice, thanks
  7. The Rocket

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    I decided to not post a reply but I'll do it anyway. First, I must say that I really enjoy BAS addons and its sad such a great team will stop making addons for ofp1, I wish them good luck and a nice time off . Secondly... Even if I enjoy BAS addons more or less i DO NOT treat them as gods/kings/leaders of the ofp community, because that would be a lie. No one makes the best addons, everyone makes nice addons, so there is no need for bit**in and flaming the authors of nice addons, that's just lame. Thats a reason I and probably more people do not visit so many forums anymore Dont ruin this community ! Go make some missions! EDIT: CREDITS TO THE SMALLER TEAMS BECAUSE THEY STILL HANG OUT THERE !!! YOUR TIME WILL COME!
  8. The Rocket

    Vbs1 release

    VBS is using an improved flashpoint engine, so will ofp2 thats what I meant, and Im not looking for entertainment ni vbs, just for some great combat experience that I can't find in other games, maybe in ofp, and I really dont like consoles but because its ofp i might get it
  9. The Rocket

    Vbs1 release

    Let's hope VBS sales go through the roof and further so BIS can fund ofp2 development for more features Why would bis make features for one product and keep it out of the next product, like OFP2, I'm sure it will include every feature that VBS has and some more. I'm still considering buying VBS1 to get a little preview of how OFP2 may be
  10. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    Yeah, if the XBOX version will also be for pc, in expansion form to the game we have now then most of OFP2 features will already been added.
  11. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    I'm not sure, but it might be BAS addons converted to XBOX version, so the XBOX user dont have to download then, the addons are high quality
  12. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    Fallout it could be, we dont know for sure, could also be the XBOX version, with addons converted
  13. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    I agree An expansion would be nice at this time, actually some words from BIS too! Does'nt have to be a big campaign and alot of addons, just a small campaign with about 6-7 missions and a to-be-continued ending with some screens of current OFP2 Actually i don't care about campaign, MP missions would be nice
  14. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    That littlebird on the ofp2 site could be the one on the OFP vietnam site, makes sense to me.
  15. The Rocket

    Just noticed this..

    Lets hope so, but I think BIS would've announced something so we can pre order it