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    Armed Assault - development suggestions to BIS

    Well, I´m back, I´d like to leave my opinion. I think the important thing is that you focused in improving the gameplay and AI rather than graphics, I still think that the grafics and effects should be at least up to this date. What I also hope is that this time, the game turns out to be mission-based rather than addon-based. Addons at Ease didn´t work, so you must think something else. I think this is important so this time we don´t have 1000 one-man MODs that never get finished. Don´t get me wrong people could do what they want, but I think that mission-making should be more important than doing your countries army mod (that BTW wasn´t involved in any significant conflict) Collision-detection should be flawless this time. I think there is nothing more for me to say that hasn´t been mentioned already.
  2. The Sharpshooter

    Again sad news

    I did learn a lot from him, and he seems to be such a nice person. I will miss him, get well soon Klink ! Sharpshooter
  3. The Sharpshooter

    Malvinas |news|

    Please explain yourself and quote the criticising statement. Thanks.
  4. The Sharpshooter

    Red Hammer Studios

    Now supose you are under attack and are retreating to a Helicopter. You get close to the helicopter and the "Get in" action pops up below the "Raise Goggles" action so in the rush you activate the "Raise Goggles" instead of "Get in" and in the confusion you still ask yourself what happened you didn´t get in the chopper or instead you try again. By that time you may be dead. Even worse you get close to the chopper and the action "Open Door" or "Open Window" pop up plus the "Get in" and the "Raise Goggles" action, now you have quite a problem there.
  5. The Sharpshooter

    Red Hammer Studios

    Who talked about the action slowing down the computer ? I talked about gameplay, what I´m referring to is that you have this Action in your action menu that serves really no major purpose in the game. It is positioned on the top of your action menu and when you really need to do a REALLY important action that is below it you tend to miss, and lose time so when you are in life-or-death situation you tend to die. There are other useless action in the menu like "Put your gun on your back" but this action is on the bottom and cannot be erased without changing the game engine.
  6. The Sharpshooter

    Red Hammer Studios

    I agree with that, I see no problem if they are static or at least make them so only mission makers can activate them when they want.
  7. The Sharpshooter

    Red Hammer Studios

    No ! Please don´t add that annoying and useless action "Raise Goggles" and "Lower Goggles" Looking good sorry....useless?? BAS made them useFUL!! they added a scirpt that effected the soldier if he was or was not wearing them. Thats a nice little feature. They arent useless. Don´t think I didn´t see that before, you think it´s useful I think it´s sacrificing gameplay above a minor little feature that adds a bit of realism.
  8. The Sharpshooter

    Red Hammer Studios

    No ! Please don´t add that annoying and useless action "Raise Goggles" and "Lower Goggles" Looking good
  9. The Sharpshooter


    Didn´t know that one, I´ll have to try it. My apologies. Thanks.
  10. The Sharpshooter

    Interface discussion

    Also it would be good to have hand signals when commanding your squad. Imagine you are deep in enemy territory and you can´t even talk to your radio, so the only option that is left is to make signals(mimic) with your hands. You know like those they do on movies, move forward, I see XX men XXmeters away, take cover, ect. All that with mimic
  11. The Sharpshooter

    Interface discussion

    Please find another way to pick up things and get in vehicles, the Action Menu is rather annoying and its use should be minimized. To get in Vehicles assign a Hotkey rather than use the action Menu, it could be like in BF1942 or implement another idea. Make it possible to users to be able to assign hotkeys to some Actions or "bind" if you prefer that term. Also make it possible so MODs can add new action/functions to Hotkeys... Thanks for your attention.
  12. The Sharpshooter


    I´d like to see a chat interface improvement when OFP2 comes out. The channels are OK but the chat itself is uncontrollable. For example if you were away for 2mins you can´t catch up with what´s going on on the server because all the chat dissapears after few seconds. Moreover, an admin of a server told me that you can´t keep what has been chated on the server. Also I´d like to see the clan system improved. The way it is right now you have to have a Webpage with the clans members player IDs and nicknames. It could be a little easier to do, especially for the clans that don´t have a Webpage(haven´t tried on Free Web Spaces) or don´t know how to do it. Also the clans logo apears on every vehicle the player gets in to, in CTFs this can get a little annoying because it makes you easier to spot an recognise. I mean if you have this clan system and get into a vehicle, it´s the same that if you went out screaming "I am an enemy shoot at me, you can´t miss !" The voice over the net system should be also improved, reduce the lag and increase the system compatibility as some users complian the can´t get the voice system to work. I haven´t read the whole thread so forgive me if this was already suggested. Thanks for your attention
  13. The Sharpshooter

    Better damage system for vehicles

    Yes, it would be nice if BIS could improve the engine in this area. I´d love to see the helis "windows" brake when you shoot at them, a plane´s wing braking off or a blown up tank turret...just as examples, there are lots of things you can do with this. And please make it modable so if an addon maker wants to create a new tipe of damage on the vehicle he is able to do so. Thanks.
  14. The Sharpshooter

    Malvinas |news|

    We gave it a second thought, we _may_ have a little surprise for you when the beta is re-released...stay tuned...you´ll just have to hope
  15. The Sharpshooter

    Malvinas |news|

    Yes, you are right about "Royal Army". It´s an interpretation mistake and will be corrected soon. This Gazelle is done by one of our modellers and it´s very similar to the french one. In the Falklands the British of the Army Air Corp and 3rd Command used the Gazelles equiped with Rockets on their sides and other with an MG mounted on one side.