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  1. there must be more to that message.......

    Also the time when you are kicked would help, eg on joining, while in the lobby, after joining etc


    some reasons for being kicked

    • Battleye timeout issue
    • You don't haven the addons for that server (3rd part or DLC)
    • Ping too high
    • wrong version of game
    • You didnt respond to an admin so he kicked you
    • You have a hacked version of the game


  2. I've explained the priority of the setviewdistance command and also where issues may lay. (This information should have led you to think about running a vanilla test server to rule out an addon issue)

    The link I gave also explains how to reset the viewdistance, something else you could try

    I've also explained that 12000 is an invalid value. (I have no idea how the engine reacts to an invalid value for viewdistance in the various areas it can be defined)

    You've proved that the setviewdistance command works and your able to return the actual distance that is set with the hint code command on your client

    You should now have the tools and the knowledge to debug the issue and return the values for the server by logging the viewdistance to the servers rpt file  < diag_log format ["Viewdistance is %1",viewdistance]; > and run your hint using the debug dialog on your local machine to return the viedistance for your client

    Unfortunately, there is nothing else I can offer, the issue lays  somewhere within the information I have already given


    So its either

    • Config error
    • addon
    • code in a mission

    Just as a tip


    run the following code on all nodes from a pre init function, so it runs as early as possible

    This will log the viewdistance to the rpt on the server and the client, you can then look through the log, it may give you an idea if and when the viewdistance is changing and if it does the time it will change will point to where the issue could be.

    diag_log format ["Viewdistance is %1", viewdistance];
         while {time < 20}do
              diag_log format ["Time: %1 - Viewdistance: %2", diag_tickTime, viewdistance];
              sleep 0.01;




    Max view distance you can set in Arma is 5km (5000m)   <<<< Thats your issue



    that's a 12km viewdistance your trying to set. (Even if Arma allowed that No one is going to have a rig that can do that with a decent frame rate and i have absolutely no idea what impact that would have have on the AI and the server cps if it were a valid value

    Running the code in the debug console will have the highest priority, even over a mission script, that's why your seeing the impact


    Here is a more detailed order of what can be run to effect the view distance, in the order that they would effect it, (The higher the number the higher the priority, eg overides any previous defines for viewdistance)


    1. Client config
    2. Server config (which will overide client config)
    3. Addon (With any script thats sets the viewdistance) if it is defined as a pre init function
    4. Mission (any script that is run at time == 0) eg before the mission is started, (Pre init or when mission.sqm is run or from the init.sqf)
    5. After that any post init code from an addon or a mission script or in your example from the debug console





  4. The priority for setting the viewdistance is as follows


    Mission setting(Highest priority)

    Server config (Second highest, if not defined, the default setting will be assumed)

    Client setting


    You haven't stated how you know what the viewdistance actually is, are you guessing or have you run something like the following code a few seconds into the mission?

    hint format ["Viewdistance is %1",viewdistance];


    You may think you are running the profile, however are you ?

    Take a look at your rpt file at the very top, it will state your actual command line params.


    If everything returns okay then I can only assume your server config file has an error some where in it


    Here is a copy of my ***.Arma3Profile

    class DifficultyPresets
        class CustomDifficulty
            class Options
        class CustomAILevel

  5. @Computer that is not correct

    The first thing we need to do is split anything at all to do with skills into 2 seperate categories

    1. Addons
    2. Anything else


    If you have a unit addon for example New_units_Mod.pbo, and that addon redefines the CfgAI skills then any unit that inherits from that skill value config will use that new  value instead of the BIS Vanilla CfgAIskill preset

    So a 3rd party addon takes precedence over a BIS vanilla addon (And that is specific to the node (client, server or HeadlessClient) where that addon is run). Typically these are run on all nodes so every node has the same value



    Any other settings eg scripts in missions, mission.sqm, server configs, client configs adjust these cfgAI skill values somewhere between the minimum and maximum allowed values defined in cfgAI skills class in whichever addon takes porecedence

    However there is a practical and sensible priority 

    1. Highest Priority is the mission, this overrides anything the server or the client configs define
    2. Second highest priority: Server (Overrides anything the client sets)
    3. Lowest priority: Client (Values will only be used if the mission or the server doesn't define anything (And as there are default values on the server if no values have been defined, this simply wont happen)

    So if the server and the mission are set up correctly then the client cannot possibly effect the AI

    and even if they weren't, the only AI the client would effect are those local to the client which is generally AI in the players squad if he is the leader of the group. (There can be a few oddities where this general rule does not occur, but are beyond the scope of this topic)


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  6. afaik, most you can do is log it to the rpt and if you wanted to auto kick via a server command. There are no battleye commands to log team kills so it's not likely to be possible. It would be possible to write a dll for it to send it to an external app, but then you have to write that yourself and get it past whatever BE criteria it has to pass

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  7. I created an addon that can effect the main config values directly, basically I added the cfgAIskill to a userconfig so the values could be tweaked without rewriting the addon and only needing a server restart

     (This has a much greater impact on the AI skills than the tweaks that the editor and the difficulty settings can have) but if you get it wrong it can really screw things up


    This main config skill setting looks like

                1st element Lowest skill setting (eg mission skill editor slider set furthest to left
                2nd element Skill value at lowest skill setting
                3rd element Highest skill slider setting
                4th element Value at highest setting

      class CfgAISkill
        //aimingAccuracy[] = {0,0,1,1};    BIS Default dev version 0.72
        aimingAccuracy[] = {0,0.2,1,0.45};
        aimingShake[] = {0,0,1,1};
        aimingSpeed[] = {0,0.2,1,0.6};
        endurance[] = {0,0,1,1};
        spotDistance[] = {0,0.2,1,0.45};
        spotTime[] = {0,0,1,0.45};
        courage[] = {0,0,1,1};
        reloadSpeed[] = {0,0,1,1};
        commanding[] = {0,0,1,1};
        general[] = {0,0,1,1};


    I'm not sure how the server Difficulty setting values effect this (But can assume whatever value you select will be somewhere between the minimum and maximum values defined in cfgAIskills

    AFAIK the mission editor slider if say set at 0.5 will select a value midway between the minimum and maximum values of the 1st and 3rd elements of the cfgAI skill arrays


    It would be nice if BIS could clarify how the "tweaks" actually effect the real value.


    BIS also use a precedence system on a lot of their settings. For example if you look at viewdistance. the higher priority is the higher number

    1) Default value (Lowest priority)

    2) Client setting

    3) Server setting

    4) Mission setting (Highest priority)


    So based on this, it may also be the same for the skill settings, the mission setting may take priority over the server difficulty setting (But this is just conjecture and may work differently)

  8. youve done something terribly wrong if that has disappeared.

    You are the first to ever state this has happened, its unlikely anyone will have a solution for you.

    I would look at maybe a badly configged addon or bad coding in a mission or if your server is an rpg server something to do with the database config perhaps ???

    It looks like to me you've hidden the gui class for the player list somehow or you have gui code that has an error stopping the rest of the gui from loading.

  9. a server running 10 fps or less will have noticeable poor response from the AI making it unplayable

    A server fps of around 15 is the bare minimum that you ever want to see

    Ideal situation 20 or above


    The following can help you gain fps

    1. Define a maximum ping allowed from your clients (Client connection quality can cause serverside cps issues)
    2. The use of enablesimulation false on all objects such as sandbags etc
    3. The use of agents instead of standard ai for some units
    4. Caching system for AI units
    5. Correct setup of your bandwidth configuration
    6. Good mission scripting

  10. If you really have to define outgoing rules then try temporarily disabling those rules so you can scan port useage to try and hone down on the specific rule you need

    Options to do this would be


    https://tcpview.en.softonic.com (Allows you to check outgoing ports useage both TCP and UDP)

    or failing that maybe wireshark


    This is the first time I have ever seen a post on this subject, so maybe somewhere in your configuration, things have gone drastically wrong.

    Please post back your findings though in case others have the same issue.


    Another oddball issue might be your squad.xml itself. I had to rewrite ours over a year ago because it simply wasn't passing validation rules

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  11. In addition update due to changes made possible in the 3D editor


    /* List of vehicle variable names (NOT CLASSNAMES) that are not assigned to a specific group, but available for the CO to assign them
    	This array of vehicles is automatically listed in the briefing under a friendly assets tab
    	This should also include static vehicles like mortars
    	This way detailed information about the vehicle can be extracted for a "mouse over" overlay or to automatically insert into the briefing. Much more useful than a classname
        class W_HQ            // This should refer to the group variable assigned in the group composition
            Callsign        = "HQ";            // This could be defined in the group composition editing window ion the 3d editor
            Grp_Type        = "HQ";            
            Grp_Size        = "PLATOON";    
            m_Text          = "HQ";            
            m_colour        = "BLUE";        
            m_size          = 0.6;            
            vehicles        = {W_HQ_V1};    
    class W_A
            Callsign        = "Alpha";
            Grp_Type        = "INFANTRY";
            Grp_Size        = "SQUAD";
            m_Text          = "A";
            m_colour        = "BLUE";
            m_size          = 0.6;
            vehicles        = {W_A_V1};
    		class W_A_FT1	// Subclass, fireteam for squad leader)
            	Callsign        = "Alpha FT1";
            	Grp_Type        = "INFANTRY";
            	Grp_Size        = "Fireteam";
            	m_Text          = "A RED";
            	m_colour        = "RED";
            	m_size          = 0.6;
            	vehicles        = {};
    		class W_A_FT2
            	Callsign        = "Alpha FT2";
            	Grp_Type        = "INFANTRY";
            	Grp_Size        = "Fireteam";
            	m_Text          = "A GREEN";
            	m_colour        = "GREEN";
            	m_size          = 0.6;
            	vehicles        = {};



    Even with the B.I functions its difficult to implement this in a way that it is functional and of use other than partially useful

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