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  1. V.02 (Date: 24/5/2020)

    Removed the requirement to #include "Txu_Info\CfgBaseDefines.hpp"

    This file has been completely removed.

    The default Gui class bases are no longer inherited from, this makes it much easier to import this into existing missions that define their own GUI Base classes

    and should not conflict with any existing Gui definitions


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  2. Have i seen scripting errors in rpt files ? Yes.

    Have i seen that error? No

    Where is it, ? Don't know do a mass search for a string in the mission file. _OldCompat.

    Addon scripts are failing because i presume you are calling them incorrectly, syntax errors, missing ";" at end of lines etc



    0 spawn compile preprocessFileLin

    Looking at the rpt am assuming somewhere you are trying to add an  Eachframe missioneventHandler

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  3. I have a neat little system that opens external links from your mission briefings page.

    Most important use I can think of and is working.

    Teamspeak AutoJoinServer

    1. Click on link to join teamspeak.
    2. Starts up their teamspeak app if it is not already running
    3. Auto joins them to your teamspeak server
    4. Adds a bookmark to their TS client


    Can also be used to

    1. link to your addons or community page
    2. Direct link to a download such as a clientside pack



    Only drawback it has to be inserted into a mission, there is no way to auto inject the code as it uses config classes defined in the description.ext

    ENJOY !!

  4. What is this.

    Example MP  mission that has 4 working configurable clickable buttons in the briefing.

    Purely VANILLA, no addons

    These buttons can be configured to

    • Open an external web page in your default browser
    • Start and connect a client to your Teamspeak server ( If they have Teamspeak installed )
    • Download a file
    • And most likely also allow you to link to your discord channel (not tested)


    No issues found while running with an anti virus and doesn't interrupt Arma

    (Tested in full screen mode with multiple monitors)






    Download Example mission and source code

    Following download has  a working packed (pbo) mission file

    and the source files


    (see changelog)


    The example mission will (If you click the links)

    (Please don't spam them)

    Allow you to

    • Join my teamspeak server
    • Open up the teamspeak client download page
    • Open up our website front page
    • Download our clientside addon pack



    1) Copy the TXU_Info folder into the root of your unpacked mission folder

    2) Add the following lines to your Description.EXT


    #include "Txu_Info\CfgControls.hpp"
    class cfgFunctions
    	#include "Txu_Info\cfgfunctions.hpp"


    If your CfgFunctions class already exists then just copy the "#include" line as seen above

    3) Open  the TXU_info\CfgControls.hpp

    Edit the txt= and url= entries for the 4 button classes in there

    and your done.


    Also if your mission doesn't have a briefing like for example OPEX, you can comment out the 

    TXU_INFO_FrameEHId = addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{[] call TXU_INFO_fbriefingEH}];



    //TXU_INFO_FrameEHId = addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{[] call TXU_INFO_fbriefingEH}];


    so that it doesnt attempt to display in the initial briefing screen



    You can ad parameters to your Teamspeak URL

    For example, automatically add a bookmark to the players Teamspeak Client as well as passwords, default channels etc


    Complete format:

    • ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc?port=9987
    • &nickname=UserNickname
    • &password=serverPassword
    • &channel=MyDefaultChannel
    • &channelpassword=defaultChannelPassword
    • &token=TokenKey
    • &addbookmark=SomeBookmarkText

    Parameters are optional. In most cases, specifying the host and port should be sufficient. Nicknames usually should not be specified, leave this to be configured by the users in the client. So a common URL would look like this: ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc?port=9987

    Or simplified if only the port is given: ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc:9987



    The orginal concept and a working example was by Larrow
    His original post 
    He is the one that deserves the credit for this.

    His original version only had 1 button and wasn't available in the initial briefing screen.

    My version has 4 buttons (I cant see you needing more than 3 really)



    The system uses classes to create buttons that are defined in the Description.ext environment.

    This is the only way I can see to pass an external  URL link.

    For that reason it cannot be injected into the client using a serverside addon.

    So the only way to get this to work is as part of the mission file.

    That's a lot of editing for server admins and their mission devs



    If someone better at coding than me wants to rip this and optimise it more, feel free, I'll happily update the example mission and re update it.


    ENJOY !



    V.01 (Date: 18/5/2020)

    File: TXU_info\f\fmapEH.sqf Line 20

    Changed from    






    V.02 (Date: 24/5/2020)

    Removed the requirement to #include "Txu_Info\CfgBaseDefines.hpp"

    This file has been completely removed.

    The default Gui class bases are no longer inherited from, this makes it much easier to import this into existing missions that define their own GUI Base classes

    and should not conflict with any existing Gui definitions






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  5. Great Find, thank you Larrow.

    If you use missioneventhandler oneachframe, this will allow the link to work in the initial briefing, not after the mission has started


    Am dabbling with this and have success passing an auto start teamspeak and link to my teamspeak button

    Need to remove the oneachframe EH after succesfully adding the button and some more tweaking




    Now have a working example for easy integration into your missions..




  6. 1 hour ago, usamarine6600 said:

    a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf..., line 10



    so at either line 9 or 10 in that script a value is being expected for a variable that has not yet been defined

    so something like

    _a = _b;

    and _b has not been defined so _a has no value


    You may be better asking the question in the scripting forums or on the exile mission thread

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  7. There isn't much of a pvp scene anymore, at least not in the sense of anything like the old cft, c&h leagues that used to be run during OFP times.

    You will be able to find the odd king of the hill style server but afaik I have none to recommend that I think are run well

    Even the milsim side of things isn't as strong as it used to be, there is a lot more casual game styles like Altis life and other stuff i never even look at.

    If you want good coop there are still a lot of decent communities around and the game engine itself is way better that OFP with the exception of the AI not following orders to the letter like they used too.

    The latest island Livonia that BIS released is by far their best yet, and the previous jungle one Tanoa is also very very good, so I would recommend the DLC's just for that.

    Teamspeak is still the most popular comms system for milsim, with some communities trying to do it on  Discord.


    Hope that gives you an idea what to expect

  8. Bug report v1.9

    File:  Units\UnitClasses.sqf

    Line: 475

    Var name should be a3e_arr_ComCenDefence_lightArmorClasses




    This is the var for the next DLC if then statement


    so getting undefined var error and no marshalls spawning etc


    a3e_arr_ComCenDefence_heavyArmorClasses = [
        if(Param_UseDLCTanks==1) then {
            a3e_arr_ComCenDefence_lightArmorClasses pushback "B_AFV_Wheeled_01_cannon_F";

  9. If you have the GM Mod and are looking for some multiplayer, we are running a port of Roy 86's Patrol ops 3.1 tonight at 18:30 hrs UK time

    The server is run by a well established milsim coop community and is well adminned, so sensible players only


    Details are

    Game Server

    Direct connection
    or search for zeus on the server browser

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  10. sounds like a network issue caused by too many packets only way to debug this is start with vanilla and slowly add mods until you find the culprit.

    Also use a known stable mission, could also be a mission script if you run the same mission all of the time

    Just because a mod is pretty doesn't mean it is good, there is a ton of crap out there, most of which do not bring anything to the game so might as well strip it down to brass tacks.

    We run an addon server and we are very finnicky about which addons we run and each of them gets tested quite a bit before they are added to our pack

  11. according to your rpt file your server is up and running.


    There is a tutorial at the top of this forum to help you solve issues with your server.

    There is also a set up guide that if you work through will get your server up and running.

    Baby steps is the way to go.

    Nowhere does it suggest installing a server, adding a load of mods and then try it.

    Start with vanilla and go from there.

    Take 1 step at a time, prove it before moving onto the next

    If you had done that then you would have proved a vanilla server and then after adding mods realised it was a mod issue




    The rpt lines 

    "18:45:56 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303
    18:45:56 Steam AppId in current environment: 107410
    18:45:57 Connected to Steam servers"


    tells you your server is running



    This is your actual  start up parameter (Launching with 6 addons) that the server is reading (Found at top of the rpt file


    == "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server\arma3server_x64.exe"  "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server" "mods=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server\@CBA_A3;@9TH ODST PACK;@Madrigal Terrain - Operation Trebuchet;@Operation- TREBUCHET;@Operation- TREBUCHET First Contact;@Pandora;" -config=CONFIG_server.cfg -ex?thread?s=?1 -port=2302 -world=empty


    mods param should be





    if you look at all your other command line arguments they all start with a "-"


    what the hell is 



  12. This is an assumption, I may be wrong....

    Having problems with high numbers of players (50-60) which comes about on free weekends. Server itself is not overloaded, missions being run have been proved before in the past with more than these player numbers....seems to be a battleye server issue not coping with the players.

    Been happening on  and off over the weekend.

    My thoughts.

    If possible Can you increase the BE server capacity whilst these free weekends are running yplease.

  13. If this is a dedicated server then........

    server runs missions from "***arma3 root***/mpmissions folder

    They have to be either

    1) Manually selected by a logged in admin

    2) Automatically loaded in a cycle using the "    class Missions {  };    " listing in your ******.cfg file found in your arma3 root folder


    You can run a mission from here that has not been pbo'd ie still in an unpacked folder which you can copy over from your user folder


    No Idea if TADST does this differently as i have never used it

  14. Their server. If your not happy the way they run things, you have 3 choices

    1. Use another server
    2. Run your own server
    3. Stop playing 

    The one thing that wont help you is complaining on a forum that is specifically for Server admins and server administration expecting sympathy from the very people that give you a free gaming platform using their own time and efforts and often at their own expense.