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    Dedicated Server Random Crashes

    Had a look through your rpt nothing stood out other than the exception, e.g. C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at FBB20210 (Which basically means it didnt like the instruction it was given, for example trying to divide 0 by something or having a null value) .Your going to have a nightmare debugging this with all the addons you run First thing would do is rebuild your mission a bit at a time, checking and debugging all the scripts as you go very methodically You would then need to debug all your addons by adding 1 or 2 at a time until you can reproduce the issue consistently. That btw is hours and hours and hours of work.
  2. This is downloaded with all the rest of the arma files when you download the game via steam typically this is ??:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3server_x64.exe If you are using the batch file from this tutorial then it is wherever you point that batch file to install ArmA3 Default is D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master
  3. Glad to be of help. If you change the global variable names can you define the one that stops the addon version loading, otherwise we would end up with 2 sets of actions
  4. "Advanced Towing" by Duda is a system that already exists. It comes as a fully scripted system for integration into missions , or optionally as a serverside only addon which injects the code into the clients He also created "Advanced rapelling" and "Advanced sling loading", which also comes as a serverside addon or scripted system. This would be your better option if you want additional functionality. We use it and I highly recommend it and the others he makes It is useful when you need to send a player back to collect vehicles, they can chain them together and bring 4 trucks back with one driver etc (If you config to allow that) It is good for recovering stuck vehicles (On walls) or vehicles that have turned over after bouncing of a 1 inch rock The beauty of the system is its simplicity and functionality. You walk up to the towing vehicle and via an addaction you collect the rope which then "attaches itself to you", you then walk up to the vehicle you want to recover and you attach it via an addaction, job done. Weight/Mass of the vehicles effect towing speed and towing capability and it does have a decent immersion factor Also you would now have another mission option. "Recover vehicle" @Roy, if you haven't seen these addons/scripts, they are definitely worth checking out and are so easy to use and implement I have no idea what sling loading system you will have in PO4, most likely a derivative of the PO3 system, this would replace that and dare I say be an improvement..Defintely worth checking out.
  5. No, its nothing to do with the description.ext, its an entry in the mission editor that writes to the mission.sqm It's Attributes -> General -> < PRESENTATION > Title
  6. There is a priority system. If the name has been defined in the editor (Forgot what field its called, used to be somewhere in the intel section) then it will use that Otherwise it will use the filename For our server, I prefer the file name option, that way I can easily edit it if it doesn't follow our file name convention. Otherwise I have to de-pbo the mission and edit it internally which is a pain in the butt
  7. here is your error line, ErrorMessage: File cfg\Users\server\server.Arma3Profile, line 6: '/DifficultyPresets.': '�' encountered instead of '=' '�' encountered instead of '=' languate/character configuration issue ? check the syntax... copy the file into notepad then copy it from notepad to your config file, omitting everything else
  8. This is my *.arma3profile file with just the one difficulty class, custom viewDistance=1000; preferredObjectViewDistance=1000; terrainGrid=25; class DifficultyPresets { class CustomDifficulty { class Options { reducedDamage=0; groupIndicators=0; friendlyTags=0; enemyTags=0; detectedMines=0; commands=0; waypoints=2; weaponInfo=1; stanceIndicator=1; staminaBar=1; weaponCrosshair=0; visionAid=0; thirdPersonView=1; cameraShake=0; scoreTable=0; deathMessages=0; vonID=1; mapContent=0; autoReport=0; multipleSaves=0; }; aiLevelPreset=3; }; class CustomAILevel { skillAI=0.85000002; precisionAI=0.5; }; };
  9. this is your error (Missing addon requirement) 18:06:49 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. bloodsplatter You can ignore the a3f_character missing addon requirement, this is a BI error nothing you can do about it also read through your entire rpt its a mess, some of those addons are outdated, especially the ones required CBA_XEH your selection of addons needs to be revisted Its not all about shiny looking addons, they need to be configured correctly too and a lot of those arent
  10. ignore, for some reason this double posted
  11. its a setting in the server config https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg
  12. if its any consolation, after waiting the 6 months it took BIS to release the Linux server for ArmA 1 and causing us a lot of effort to rebuild our community because we missed out on that initial influx of new players, I confined myself to always have a windows server. We aren't a rich community, however we own our own server and colocate with our own licensed windows 2012. If you shop around, you are likely to find a cheap license for yourselves which may be a cheaper option than renting the use of the license. The other option is to run the 6 month server trial period and hopefully drop on a cheap license during that time
  13. You may have more than 1 firewall, eg not just the router, windows and possibly some AV application The rpt file most likely will not show anything Turn off all firewalls and AV's temporarily to test If that fails, its most likely a router issue I have no idea what port you are using for the dedi, but to be on the safe side, make sure its not the default one that the client will also use Also recheck the firewall rules (See the first post, They have changed slightly over the last few months, maybe you missed the changes) and make sure the required steam ports are also open ALSO add a firewall rule specifically for the 64bit server.exe, this has caused some issues
  14. On the surface it sounds like a firewall issue on their end, however voip uses the same port as the game, so this may be some form of network filtering, antivirus, anti flood control ? Based on the fact that if the dedi server crashes, in some circumstances players can still communicate via voip, it can be assumed that voip may be peer to peer. With this in mind I would contact the provider, as you stated, you proved voip in an environment you have control of which worked fine, but at the data centre it doesn't Good luck with this. If you find the issue can you post the solution for others in a similar predicament
  15. The only solution for this is to write a custom set of script to save the data and then reload it You could make a fairly decent quick fix "Pause" method by locking the A.I's waypoints if there were no players on the server. This gets a little complicated if you have headless clients connected This can be achieved in the following way something like if (HasInterface)exitwith{}; // only wants to run on a server or headless client _PauseEnabled=FALSE; // Define the bool as False initially, when mission starts ai will be active // now the constant loop check for players while{true}do { sleep 10; // Are there no players on the server ? if(count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")==0)then { // The check has determined there are no players on the server if !(_PauseEnabled)then // the current state is "NOT Paused" so lets enable the pause (lock the ai waypoints) // If it was already paused we wouldnt need to do anything, this would have occurred on a previous loop { {_x lockWP true}foreach allgroups; // locks the waypoints for every group that is local to this machine _PauseEnabled=TRUE; // We now define the state as in the "Pause" mode so we can check on future loops } } ELSE { // ELSE if there are players on the server, we need to check if "Pause" is enabled and if it is, un-enable it // If pause is not enabled we do not need to do anything if (_PauseEnabled)then { {_x lockWP FALSE}foreach allgroups; _PauseEnabled=FALSE; }; }; }; There are other issues that you also need to cater for. Flying vehicles running out of fuel and crashing land vehicles running out of fuel You may need to run additional commands on the AI like DisableAI "MOVE"; any timers or incremental counters you have in any of your scripts will need to be paused (You could use a global var TXU_PauseEnabled instead of the local var for this so any scripts you may have running could also be placed in a "Paused" status loop by placing the following code somewhere in them while{TXU_PauseEnabled}do{Sleep 10;}; You could edit the scripts so that the server broadcasts the TXU_PauseEnabled as a publicvariable and the headless clients have a sleeping Publicvariable eventhandler waiting for the server. This will allow for good synchronisation and the HC's would then run a much simpler script to simply lock or unlock the waypoints
  16. unfortunately there is no consistent way that mod and addon creators offer their content. Sometimes the mod comes with a bikey, sometimes it's hosted seperately and when it does come with one its not always in a keys folder. So unfortunately this is a hands on job and cannot be fully automated for all and sundry. Client-side mods are not updated that often so it isn't really a burden on resources and management time If you want to save on bandwidth, subscribe via your client, unpack and then upload just the keys from your client to the server
  17. I would imagine because others havent reported an issue with von installed on that o/s maybe you havent done something correctly. what are the von settings your using etc. A bit more info might get you a better response
  18. Bi processor server would be a server run on a motherboard that supports and has installed 2 physical processors, eg Dual Xeons Xeon E5-1620v2 is a single quad core processor,, having 2 of these installed would make it a Bi processor server. If you only want to run 1 ArmA server and maybe a headless client and teamspeak server, this single processor is enough for your requirements Hope that helps Windows v linux argument Historically windows has always been better supported by B.I When a new version of ArmA is released, the windows server.exe is the first dedicated server to be released. Linux in the past has come much much later. As for performance, there probably isn't much difference anymore unlike years ago when linux could easily out perform. (Others more knowledgeable may have a different opinion) So in my opinion at the present moment in time, with no new ArmA version for some time, its probably more beneficial to work with the o/s you are most comfortable with, also taking into consideration licensing costs There are other benefits to running windows such as the vast array of apps, noticeably Firedeamon which I wouldn't be without There has been an increase in performance since we switched the arma server exe from 32 to 64 bit on our windows server, however I wouldn't like to say by how much. It is however pretty stable. 64bit is more to do with maximising your memory useage than anything else, so its not a magical super boost. For the 64 bit to be truly would most likely require a complete engine rewrite If your after high AI numbers, this can be achieved either by a caching system or if you want,a headless client setup which will require a bit of coding in your missions Maybe your instability is caused by the mission you are running, whats it like when you run stock B.I missions ? How many AI are you wanting to run and for how many players ?
  19. try removing the folder that is basically a lot of numbers and letters then rerun the updater if that fails delete your ArmA3 install and redownload
  20. your missing the userconfig\ocap\config.hpp it even says that this should reside in your root arma folder so the path should be arma 3\userconfig\ocap\config.hpp
  21. try loading the BI mods as well in your -mod= line
  22. i'd second that its gonna be an error with the mission, clear out your mpmissions folder and load a default BIS tanoa mission if there is one to prove that
  23. taskforceradio will only work in the default mod folder name it comes in
  24. Based on the following quoted lines in your server.rpt, your server is up and running and waiting for an admin to login Our stable version is Yours is Version: 1.68.141205 Maybe I missed a patch? When I run our master install (Which is not used as a server, more as a file repository which we copy from) which has no profile set or any missions in the mpmissions folder, that server responds as does yours. Our production and test servers all of which have content in their MpMissions folders does not post the following lines in the rpt file So you should be able to see your server in your client browser a few minutes after stating it providing your firewall port forwarding has been set up correctly (Temporarily Name your server something weird that's easy to scan for like "ZZZZZ" in your CONFIG_server.cfg) Then you need to connect to your server using your arma client (Most likely just see a blank black screen) login by opening that chat channel using " / " and typing " #login PASSWORD " replacing password with whatever it is you have set it for After a few seconds (be patient as this can take quite a few seconds) You should then see an on screen message which states you are logged in as admin After that type the following into your chat channel " #missions " be patient after a few seconds, you should get a list of all the default BIS missions which you can then select and load
  25. terox

    Random rubberbanding?

    @Claws01 The values you have posted as I stated before are the default values which in turn means they are or were most likely already used. One can however only guess at this because this information has not been given by Acoustic Infact very little info has been given, not even an rpt file which tells us exactly what he is running. Dev Stable, 32 bit, 64 bit, addons etc Maybe he fixed his issue, maybe the von setting was causing the issue ? (VON now uses the game port and it can cause issues however the only ones we see since they fixed the stuttering effect are when we have more than 50 players on the server which causes VON clients not to be heard while in the briefing. So my posts have given possible causes, nothing definite because I cannot possibly even give an educated guess with so little to go on. How can you be so confident with so little info and do you not think any of the other options I have listed could also be of concern. Which ones can you rule out ?