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  1. same answer, most likely an addon that no longer works, the debug tutorial does have you work through these issues
  2. The player list will be a classname in one of the gui's, if you can find the class name then maybe
  3. youve done something terribly wrong if that has disappeared. You are the first to ever state this has happened, its unlikely anyone will have a solution for you. I would look at maybe a badly configged addon or bad coding in a mission or if your server is an rpg server something to do with the database config perhaps ??? It looks like to me you've hidden the gui class for the player list somehow or you have gui code that has an error stopping the rest of the gui from loading.
  4. a server running 10 fps or less will have noticeable poor response from the AI making it unplayable A server fps of around 15 is the bare minimum that you ever want to see Ideal situation 20 or above The following can help you gain fps Define a maximum ping allowed from your clients (Client connection quality can cause serverside cps issues) The use of enablesimulation false on all objects such as sandbags etc The use of agents instead of standard ai for some units Caching system for AI units Correct setup of your bandwidth configuration Good mission scripting
  5. If you really have to define outgoing rules then try temporarily disabling those rules so you can scan port useage to try and hone down on the specific rule you need Options to do this would be Netstat https://tcpview.en.softonic.com (Allows you to check outgoing ports useage both TCP and UDP) or failing that maybe wireshark This is the first time I have ever seen a post on this subject, so maybe somewhere in your configuration, things have gone drastically wrong. Please post back your findings though in case others have the same issue. Another oddball issue might be your squad.xml itself. I had to rewrite ours over a year ago because it simply wasn't passing validation rules
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    CfgOrbats Overhaul request

    In addition update due to changes made possible in the 3D editor CfgORBATS { vehicles[]={}; /* List of vehicle variable names (NOT CLASSNAMES) that are not assigned to a specific group, but available for the CO to assign them This array of vehicles is automatically listed in the briefing under a friendly assets tab This should also include static vehicles like mortars This way detailed information about the vehicle can be extracted for a "mouse over" overlay or to automatically insert into the briefing. Much more useful than a classname */ class W_HQ // This should refer to the group variable assigned in the group composition { Callsign = "HQ"; // This could be defined in the group composition editing window ion the 3d editor Grp_Type = "HQ"; Grp_Size = "PLATOON"; m_Text = "HQ"; m_colour = "BLUE"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {W_HQ_V1}; }; class W_A { Callsign = "Alpha"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "SQUAD"; m_Text = "A"; m_colour = "BLUE"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {W_A_V1}; class W_A_FT1 // Subclass, fireteam for squad leader) { Callsign = "Alpha FT1"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "Fireteam"; m_Text = "A RED"; m_colour = "RED"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {}; }; class W_A_FT2 { Callsign = "Alpha FT2"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "Fireteam"; m_Text = "A GREEN"; m_colour = "GREEN"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {}; }; }; }; Even with the B.I functions its difficult to implement this in a way that it is functional and of use other than partially useful
  7. Apologies if this isn't the correct place for this, but lacking the feedback tracker, there doesn't really seem to be a suitable location for this type of thread In it's present state I do not feel that the Orbat Viewer, CfgOrbats class has any use other than cosmetic appeal, it lacks information and useability. Here is my suggestion for how it could be adapted for practical use DESCRIPTION.EXT class cfgOrbat { class PlatoonHQ { //id = 1 // remove, use a nested class like this example //idtype // remove, not much use, rely on a text definition listed below instead //Commander= "" // remove, use the name of the group leader //CommanderRank= "" // remove, use the rank of the group leader if its really important side = "West"; // Only needs to be defined once per nested orbat tree groupVar = "WHQ"; // from XXX=group this; defining this variable as a "string" text = "1st Plt HQ"; // (undefined value defaults to groupID / Callsign) textShort = "1:HQ"; Size = "Platoon"; Type = "HQ"; IconSize = 0.7; // The default icons are too large for map view, allowing the size to be redefined would be helpful (undefined value defaults to 1) IconColour[] = {r,g,b,A}; // Undefined value defaults to Blue (Friendly side colour) tracking = 1; // define as 1, creates a group Icon in map view and tracks the group leader (See below) ShowInfo = 1; // Hovering over the group icon pops up a window with information on the group (See below) CanInteract = 1; // Clicking/Double clicking on the group icon allows you to give that group orders class ReconTeam // Inherits from the Mother class by default, so you only need to add changes { groupVar = "WRecon" text = "Recon"; textShort = "R"; UnitSize = "Fireteam"; UnitType = "Recon"; IconSize = 0.5; }; class AlphaSquad { groupVar = "WA" text = "Alpha"; textShort = "A"; UnitSize = "Squad"; UnitType = "Infantry"; IconSize = 0.5; class Fireteam1 { groupVar = "WAFT1" text = "Alpha FT1"; textShort = "A:1"; UnitSize = "Fireteam"; UnitType = "Infantry"; IconSize = 0.3; }; class Fireteam2 { groupVar = "WAFT2" text = "Alpha FT2"; textShort = "A:2"; UnitSize = "Fireteam"; UnitType = "Infantry"; IconSize = 0.3; }; class Vehiclecrew { groupVar = "WAVC" text = "Alpha VC"; textShort = "A:VC"; UnitSize = "Section"; UnitType = "MotorizedInfantry"; IconSize = 0.3; }; }; }; }; tracking = 1; GroupIcon is created in map view and automatically updates to the location of the group leader, as a group-Icon already does now tracking = 0; disables this groupVar = ""; Rather than sync to a group via a module link, there needs to be a variable that defines what group the orbat class is pointing to. Maybe the best way here is to define it as a string in the class definition and then check if that group variable exists So in the 3Deditor you would state WA = group this; in the group configuration and then in the class definition groupVar = "WA"; Code then checks if Isnil "WA" and if it is defined creates the groupicon for it in map view or even in 3d view if groupiconsvisible has been configured that way ShowInfo = 1; Hovering over the icon, the following information pops up in a small gui window next to the icon Name of each player (Colour of text based on fireteam colour) and if they have a special unit icon, also that, eg AT or AR icons 1: Fred (SL icon) 2: John (Medic icon) 4: Andy (AR icon) 5: Fritz (AT icon) 8: Dan 9: A.I. (AT Icon) If its an AI dont display the name better to just display the unit ID iin the group and then A.I CanInteract = 1; Allows a group leader player in any tier above this group to double click to select the unit and then single click on the map to give a waypoint. In this example, it would allow the Platoon commander to order any group below him. It would allow the squad leader in Alpha to order his fireteams The following are my ideas, obviously they need further thought and fine tuning Configuration Listing this in the description.ext as nested subclasses, eg daughter classes defines the number of tiers required for viewing and what should be viewed The "showinfo" and "CanInteract" values define if this is for anything more than visual display The module simply initialises it after defining the path for the cfg orbat as is used at the moment Information for the player Briefing screen In the initial briefing screen, the player opens up the orbat viewer via a link in the briefing screen. This displays the orbat viewer as it is now, but hovering over or showing by default for each group icon is more information, such as the leader of the group and the number of units in the group (This is refreshed every time the orbat is re-opened to reflect changes in leadership and player numbers in the group etc) This gives the mission commander more useful information when planning the mission in the briefing InGame Map view The player (Or just a group leader) can hover over a groupIcon which pops up a window revealing information about that group. That information would be as seen in the ShowInfo section above Interaction Option Clicking on the icon (ALT, SHIFT, CTRL, Double click etc) allows interaction for example Click selects the group Shift-Click on map selects a Move to or series of move to waypoints for the group (Also creates a series of move to markers as a visual aid to the players groups Ctrl-Click on map selects the last waypoint and if its close to another waypoint, creates a cycle waypoint, also sends a side chat message to the receiving group that they have move ordersThis also creates a "Move To" marker as a visual indication to any players in the "ordered to move" group as well as the issuing group leader The marker disappears after the group is close to it or after maybe a time out period or if deleted by the issuing player Alt-Click deletes all the currently placed waypoints and deselects the group Something like that Or maybe a pop up gui that allows this and more functionality like setting waypointb type, movement rate, behaviour etc if the Interaction behaviour and the Ingame Map view behaviour could also work in the briefing map screen that would be very very useful indeed Something like this would then make the orbat viewer useful, in its present state it is nothing but eye candy imho
  8. there are points in that tutorial that would help you debug
  9. why do you have rules for outgoing? try to turn them off I have rules for both the binary exe and the ports for incoming (binary and ports have Seperate rules), I don't have any rules restricting outgoing Can you access your squad xml from a browser ? example https://www.zeus-community.net/squad/A3/squad.xml
  10. providing the missions you create do not require any of the dlc content, units, weapons and the island of tanoa, you will be fine the contents of the keys folder defines the whitelist of allowed content The loaded mission defines the actual addons required This means you can run an addon server, host a vanilla mission and anyone with just vanilla content can join. Apex from this perspective is just another addon/mod folder
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    This App Can't Run on Your PC [Urgent]

    just follow this....
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    Help playing Multiplayer

    Only DLC You will need to buy at this stage is the Apex (Tanoa) DLC, its very much worth it and is by far the best terrain BIS have ever created. On top of that get teamspeak installed (Nearly every milsim server uses it) Then try and find a decent public vanilla server, get on their teamspeak and from there once you have played with them, a bit they will help you with your addons if they have an addon server There are a lot of servers that are poorly run, best way to find out is find a populated one and try them out. Whatyever you do, do not go on a team killing spree just because you get frustrated, that will get you banned. Be patient, communicate with the squad leader, introduce yourself to the group leader using voip and do as they ask
  13. All about MinErrorToSendNear This thread is part of a much wider discussion on server bandwidth optimisation Tutorial: Server Bandwidth & Optimisation Useful Links BIS WIKI: basic.cfg Read from this post to the end of the thread What the BIKI states What is known The engines runs calculations on objects comparing the perceived state of an object to the actual state of an object. The outcome of this calculation is an "error value" When the error value is greater than the value set by MinErrorToSend data is sent across the network to update the clients or server about the state of the object Typically the type of data that is being checked in the computation is velocity, vector, position and distance to the player object etc To give you an idea of the amount of movement that can occur before these objects are updated by this monitor For the default value 0.001, an object at a range of 1 km can move 50 metres 2km can move 200m In reality the actual distance it moves before an update is sent is likely to be much less as the velocity, vector and other object data is likely to change forcing an earlier update. The gaps between these updates are filled using a simulation based on last known values and smoothed by interpolation (introduced in 1.60, before that you could see the jumps caused by the estimated simulation not matching the real object position). The Minerrortosendnear defines the minimum error value that has to be returned by the error calculation on the object before updates are sent Increasing this value decreases the amount of data being sent across the network Setting the value too high creates a "warping" effect where you see moving objects teleport instead of smoothly moving Relationship to other settings The calculation also takes into consideration another setting called MinErrorToSend What you are trying to achieve Setting the MinErrorToSendnear as high as possible without seeing any teleporting and maintaining what visually appears to be smooth movement The default value is 0.01 How to test the value You could perhaps test this by having a test mission where AI at failrly close distances, 50m perhaps are running across your path left to right and vice versa and view their movements through binoculars Increasing the MinErrortosend from default until you start to see non smooth movement, then reduce the setting a little What we may need to know: Would this value need to be lower for PVP compared to COOP Would the optimum value change depending on the number of players that the server supports? Anything else else ? Calculation Formulae This is an internal engine calculation and not a calculation you would use to set your value
  14. this should be a simple text file, try recreating it or changing it to .bat instead of .cmd
  15. 1) Does this occur for any mission you try and you have tried many including B.I missions. (Ruling out a mission editing issue) ? 2) Does the same issue occur if you launch the server through a desktop shortcut (Ruling out a TC admin issue) If the answer to both of those is yes, then you are probably looking at a vitualisation issue. A clean, newly created & complete .rpt file would also be useful. (Logged up to the point where someone connects if possible.)
  16. addons always follow the same directory format @MyModfolder \ addons \ addon.pbo so all you need to do is recreate such a strucxture and load the addon with -mod=@MyModFolder in your command line parameters
  17. daft question, you do have voip enabled in the config right ?
  18. then you need to take it up with your service provider or find a new one that is more helpful
  19. this is a mission editing question, not really for these administration forums. This is all down to the quality and optimisation of the code written for the mission Every script can be shut down/only run on a specific type of node using the following commands or alternatively the "!" NOT equivalent If(Server) if(IsDedicated) if(HasInterface) Code can utillise the same thread, where everything is run in series Code can be run parallel to other code The answer to the question is basically YES But will require revistiting the code and rewriting it There are other ways to optimise it Only having AI present when within viewdistance of the player DO NOT Host for such a high number of clients (It isn't about getting the highest number you can for bragging rights, , it should be about offering good quality of service) Reducing the number of objects on the map Switching the net traffic off on some objects Limiting the maximum ping a player can connect with Using precompiled functions loaded into memory Better configuration of your server bandwidth settings Get a better processor Use a headless client
  20. Am not sure what the question is, seems to not be specific The dedicated server packages that we use from steam have a lot of client required only files ommitted (Sounds, graphics etc) making this a smaller footprint, that's why we use it. But you don't have to use this You can instead use your client install, it has all the required content (Minus a few config files that you need to create and customise to your own requirements) If you want a seperate server install, you can simply copy the entire client arma folder to another directory and launch the server.exe that comes as part of the client install It sounds like you are wanting to run 2 exe's on the same network, machine, if that is the case you will need to set up the dedi server to use non default ports. The other issues you will have is configuring your router and firewalls correctly. I would then use a desktop shortcut to launch the server, with a customised set of command line arguments for it, such as -port, -profile, -mod etc which are placed at the end of the target line in the desktop shortcut The tutorial I wrote was for setting up a dedicated server on a standalone machine, eg at a data centre and has not been written with a dedi/client install in mind You will be able to find all the required config files listed and examples of, in the first post of this thread. Using a -profile switch pointing to the server root install will also create some blank config files that you need to edit, so follow the tutorial except the downloading bit, replace that section by simply copying your client install to the location you want your server then follow the tutorial from there Hope that answers the query, if not can you be very specific
  21. you could write a batch file that automatically 1) Updates all your mod content via the steam browser 2) deletes the content of lets say 4 existing custom mod folders (Which will house all your mod content), these should reside in your arma root folder @MyIslands @MyUnits @MyEquipment @MyMiscellaneous 3) Then copy in the content of the Workshop named mod folders you have just updated to any of the 4 custom mod folders You then load these 4 mod folders This will cut down the number of mod folders you need to load in your par file There are some addons that must remain in their original mod folders to work, Task Force Radio is one of them CBA, ACE, RHS, Alive, Cup can go into custom mod folders This would fully automate the entire process via one click of a batch file That way your servermod line would look like -servermod=@MyIslands;@MyUnits;@MyEquipment;@MyMiscellaneous instead of the monstrosity you have Writing Batch files isnt very difficult and there are plenty of resources on the web to help you.
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    by contacting BIS using the contact button on the bottom of one of the pages I linked you too that you must not have read.
  23. If you feel that the aforementioned server has broken the rules on monetisation/donations then you need to contact a B.I Rep directly, this is a public discussion forum and I would suggest this should be dealt with more covertly. If that server had broken the rules you have now made the issue publicly aware and given them chance to hide their misgivings
  24. your client and the server can not use the same ports if on the same machine If they are different machines and you are hosting from your home network, then i would suspect your server is not configurred correctly on the router Set the server up to run on non default ports and make sure the upnp box is ticked and read up on how to set a dedicated server up on the router you are using (They all have their idiosyncracies)