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  1. this should be a simple text file, try recreating it or changing it to .bat instead of .cmd
  2. 1) Does this occur for any mission you try and you have tried many including B.I missions. (Ruling out a mission editing issue) ? 2) Does the same issue occur if you launch the server through a desktop shortcut (Ruling out a TC admin issue) If the answer to both of those is yes, then you are probably looking at a vitualisation issue. A clean, newly created & complete .rpt file would also be useful. (Logged up to the point where someone connects if possible.)
  3. addons always follow the same directory format @MyModfolder \ addons \ addon.pbo so all you need to do is recreate such a strucxture and load the addon with -mod=@MyModFolder in your command line parameters
  4. daft question, you do have voip enabled in the config right ?
  5. then you need to take it up with your service provider or find a new one that is more helpful
  6. this is a mission editing question, not really for these administration forums. This is all down to the quality and optimisation of the code written for the mission Every script can be shut down/only run on a specific type of node using the following commands or alternatively the "!" NOT equivalent If(Server) if(IsDedicated) if(HasInterface) Code can utillise the same thread, where everything is run in series Code can be run parallel to other code The answer to the question is basically YES But will require revistiting the code and rewriting it There are other ways to optimise it Only having AI present when within viewdistance of the player DO NOT Host for such a high number of clients (It isn't about getting the highest number you can for bragging rights, , it should be about offering good quality of service) Reducing the number of objects on the map Switching the net traffic off on some objects Limiting the maximum ping a player can connect with Using precompiled functions loaded into memory Better configuration of your server bandwidth settings Get a better processor Use a headless client
  7. Am not sure what the question is, seems to not be specific The dedicated server packages that we use from steam have a lot of client required only files ommitted (Sounds, graphics etc) making this a smaller footprint, that's why we use it. But you don't have to use this You can instead use your client install, it has all the required content (Minus a few config files that you need to create and customise to your own requirements) If you want a seperate server install, you can simply copy the entire client arma folder to another directory and launch the server.exe that comes as part of the client install It sounds like you are wanting to run 2 exe's on the same network, machine, if that is the case you will need to set up the dedi server to use non default ports. The other issues you will have is configuring your router and firewalls correctly. I would then use a desktop shortcut to launch the server, with a customised set of command line arguments for it, such as -port, -profile, -mod etc which are placed at the end of the target line in the desktop shortcut The tutorial I wrote was for setting up a dedicated server on a standalone machine, eg at a data centre and has not been written with a dedi/client install in mind You will be able to find all the required config files listed and examples of, in the first post of this thread. Using a -profile switch pointing to the server root install will also create some blank config files that you need to edit, so follow the tutorial except the downloading bit, replace that section by simply copying your client install to the location you want your server then follow the tutorial from there Hope that answers the query, if not can you be very specific
  8. you could write a batch file that automatically 1) Updates all your mod content via the steam browser 2) deletes the content of lets say 4 existing custom mod folders (Which will house all your mod content), these should reside in your arma root folder @MyIslands @MyUnits @MyEquipment @MyMiscellaneous 3) Then copy in the content of the Workshop named mod folders you have just updated to any of the 4 custom mod folders You then load these 4 mod folders This will cut down the number of mod folders you need to load in your par file There are some addons that must remain in their original mod folders to work, Task Force Radio is one of them CBA, ACE, RHS, Alive, Cup can go into custom mod folders This would fully automate the entire process via one click of a batch file That way your servermod line would look like -servermod=@MyIslands;@MyUnits;@MyEquipment;@MyMiscellaneous instead of the monstrosity you have Writing Batch files isnt very difficult and there are plenty of resources on the web to help you.
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    by contacting BIS using the contact button on the bottom of one of the pages I linked you too that you must not have read.
  10. If you feel that the aforementioned server has broken the rules on monetisation/donations then you need to contact a B.I Rep directly, this is a public discussion forum and I would suggest this should be dealt with more covertly. If that server had broken the rules you have now made the issue publicly aware and given them chance to hide their misgivings
  11. your client and the server can not use the same ports if on the same machine If they are different machines and you are hosting from your home network, then i would suspect your server is not configurred correctly on the router Set the server up to run on non default ports and make sure the upnp box is ticked and read up on how to set a dedicated server up on the router you are using (They all have their idiosyncracies)
  12. well here is what I would do Make sure the target line of your -mod and -servermod arguments are exactly as per the mod folder names (Case sensitivity) (The first part of your rpt states exactly what you are running, this is why its extremely important. If you run any mod folders that use any dll's like task force radio, they will most likely have to remain in their originally named mod folders Ask your host how to access the full contents of your rpt files, If you restart the server, a new rpt file is created maybe you can access the first part of the rpt file that way and then if your stuck follow this guide....
  13. THIS IS PART OF YOUR RPT FILE What ?????? So how come you managed to copy an extract from it if you wasn't able to find it ?
  14. Make sure you dont have any spaces in the file name eg co 23 mymission name (Otherwise it will rename the mission to co%2023%20mymission.altis.pbo and pack just the mission.sqm up without any other additional files such as the init.sqf) so instead use co_23_mymission then in the mission editor select "Export to multiplayer" This will create co_23_mymission.Altis.PBO filename in your root MpMissions folder The .Altis.pbo extension will be automatically added by the engine when you export the mission in this way It is this that you need to upload to the server After you have created the .pbo you can then rename it if you wish, adding a version number for the mission and removing the underscores to make it more readable in the mission selection screen eg co 23 mymission v001.Altis.pbo
  15. You really need to upload the entire file,the first few lines are very important... infact it all is Example These files can be fairly large so if there is a B.I limit, upload them to a pastebin site and link to it from the post
  16. No RPT file no can help. I am assuming you arent actually loading CUP even though you think you are. The rpt file would prove/disprove this
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    Reads the links I gave you. If you think the rules are being breached let BIS know
  18. try listing the arma64server.exe in the game server firewall as well as the normal ports
  19. FYI afaik, when you initially boot up the server it doesnt read the MpMissions listing. It only does this when the first player connects, it then reads through all description.ext files and any files #included from it and will stop loading if it finds an error So if the server fails to load after nothing apparently has been done to it, this is the most likely issue because if a mission is uploaded while the server is running, it wont show up as a faulty mission until the server is next rebooted and someone logs into it, often misleading an admin into thinking nothing has changed
  20. Maybe the server is not fully loading rather than not responding to #missions command If this is the case try clearing out all the MpMissions and rebooting the server. Your rpt file will be worth reading through
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    You are pointing out Monetisation rules which are very different from donation rules and there is a clear distinction between the two. Here are the links for all of this information: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/faq#c2
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    Looking for a developer

    try the scripting forums
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    According to the BI Rules on monetisation, donations are allowed providing they are given as a gift "without any counter value" which reading between the lines means The donator does not receive any special privileges, equipment, special access or any perks of any kind that are not readily available to those who do not donate. This is how most open arma communities fund their servers. We have been running of donations in this way buying our own servers and colocating since 2003 and without those that do donate we would not have survived for as long as we have. We are currently starting to save up for the next gen of ArmA whenever that will come and that server for our expected requirements is gonna be the most expensive server we have ever bought. I would suggest if you find yourself on an Arma community server that is run well, gives you quality of gameplay that you should consider offering a small monthly contribution towards the running costs. £$5 is peanuts and easily found for most people, and if a decent bunch in the community all chip in it helps a lot A 1U rack server can cost a few thousand $, £, Euros to buy dependant on the hardware and then £50 + for colocation Rented slot servers vary in price from as little as £15/month Rented full dedicated servers can cost anything from £80 upwards Windows licenses aren't cheap and then there are additional apps such as Firedeamon and websites that also need to be funded
  24. follow this to the letter... as for the rpt entries it will take time for you to learn what to ignore and what is important. You should prove a vanilla install before you start adding 3rd party content. That way you would know what the issue is as it would have been caused and become evident as the last thing you did to the server. (This included uploading missions)