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    Arma server Freezes

    as Stanhope suggests, this is can be a mixture of 1) Poor Configuration, eg hardware, bandwidth, connection, arma config settings, addons in use 2) High Expectations, eg number of clients you are trying to host for, too many AI 3) Poor mission design The advice i give to everyone is. PROVE THE SERVER WITH VANILLA CONFIGURATION AND VANILLA MISSION before you add anything else. Without doing that you have no benchmark to compare performance when adding 3rd party content and end up guessing as to what the cause is, when ideally had you not tried to run before you could walk, you would already known the cause, eg the last change you did You also gave us a zero information to help you with
  2. terox

    Arma 3 - Dedicated Server Problem

    so which one have you done 1) Disabled your router security temporarily and then had a 3rd party see if its listed on the game browser ? 2) Not disabled the security, linked to a screen shot which shows you haven't disabled the security and listed your router in the hope there is a magical answer for you I guess 2 :-) This wont be solved without you putting in the leg work
  3. terox

    Arma 3 - Dedicated Server Problem

    Your router is most likely the cause, some routers require more than just ports opening, temporarily disable all security and then check if the server can be seen. If it can, then its time to start reading the tech manual that came with the router
  4. terox

    -mod allow no mods!

    That isnt how it works The -mod and -servermod defines what addons a mission can use (Or rather what addons are loaded by the server when it is started) If there is a mission loaded, this defines the requirements for any clients joining the public keys (Bikeys) in your server/keys folder define what -mods the client can join with, however they will need the -mods that the current mission is running (This allows them to use such addons as "Shactac" and sound mods(Client-side addons)
  5. terox

    New Stratis Wasteland server! Join Here!

    Your probably better off trying to recruit in the Multiplayer forums, the only folks you are likely to get here are server admins and there is also a specific forum just for this
  6. There are scripted in game gui systems for this that can either automatically set the vd when piloting or allow you to set it
  7. Follow the procedures in the first post in this thread (It should lead you through everything) The number of players you can cater for will be determined by bandwidth and cpu. Arma servers love fast cpu's, the faster the better. They are not truly multicore, they tend to use 1 core for the AI processingand 1 core for everything else He will be able to run a server for more players if he is just wanting this for PvP. If he wants to run A.I. the players he will be able to host for will be considerably less For a server run from a typical home connection your son would be looking at hosting for a handful of players at most (If wanting to run A.I.), the choke point normally being the upload bandwidth. Large player number servers are run from data-centers From a hardware perspective the only components that you could upgrade that would make a difference to performance is the CPU but probably not worth the money for what will most likely be a passing whim once your son learns how much time is needed to run a server properly :-) and am assuming unless you have an exceptionally good connection performance bottleneck will be the bandwidth anyway The disk drive only effects boot up of the server, so don't need to do anything there and you have more RAM than will ever be needed. Arma servers dont run any graphics or sound so you dont need to be concerned about any hardware for that As a comparison I run older Dual X5675's (3.07Ghz Hex cores) from a datacentre. I mainly run Coop servers, and for each server I cater for around 50 players with a cap on or about 200-300AI With the duals I can simultaneously run at least 4-5 Arma servers, sometimes more plus all the additional apps such as teamspeak, databases, web etc Hope that helps
  8. At a quick glance this may be some form of power saving mode on either a switch, router or the hardware side of the server. It sounds like it isnt listenbing for any incoming connections after a certain time of inactivity Go through all your settings including the BIOS and make sure you don't have any eco modes turned on and see if that solves the problem
  9. we run some old xeons, X5675, we dont use HC in A2 we could run around 700 AI with 50 players. A3 is a different beast, we cannot run with half that amount, especially on the larger islands such as Altis Our sensible limit tends to be around 200 AI (This was many moons/patches ago and I haven't run any bench testing to see if that has increased, although it most likely has) I wouldn't be too concerned about what from most would be inaccurate bragging by many of those who run servers. They seem to think quantity is more important than quality and boast 150 player servers to try and encourage players to join. Me personally I would prefer a smaller number of players and a better quality gaming experience with a decent cps/fps The number of AI you can have in a mission is very dependant on what mods you run, the quality of the mission scripting and most definetley the number of players you have connected and their connection quality and ability to process the network data quickly. You can increase the number by using headless clients if you have spare cores or some form of caching system that removes and reinserts the ai when players are near. BI have also recently added some network saving commands that put the AI in a kind of stasis. Your bandwidth settings , rate and size of packets sent can also effect this Most important thing and the aim of the mission design is to maintain a minimum of 20CPS on the server for the number of players you want to host for. Dont believe everything you hear :-)
  10. this is likely a scripting issue to do with locality. I would advise you ask this in the scripting forums and post your re-equipment scripts in there
  11. somehow you have corrupted some of your altis mission.pbo internal files, hopefully you made a backup before you edited them. Make a copy of the backup, edit that copy and try again. Make sure you do not change the filename when you are resaving it in the editor, if you wish to change the file name do so after it has been re pbo'd
  12. The only proven solution to this, like on any privately owned server is to have mature and consistent admin presence with limited but fair tolerance to those who like to negatively effect other players experiences. This may or may not be something B.I can organise/accomplish as it requires a lot of time spent on the servers looking for the right attitude in a person who you can then offer an admin position to. This is most likely something Dwarden, who already puts his heart and sole into this community cannot find any time to do. In addition and in my experience, typically those who want to be selected as admin, normally are not suitable for the role. It is those reluctant to do the task but want a better quality online experience that tend to make the best admins, backed up by a fair and resonable set of server rules that are not a wall of text where those unsuitable players like to push the boundaries and look for loopholes. You also have to bare in mind that these servers are run for free by B.I and I assume are used as an initial stepping stone into the ArmA world
  13. Have you checked their IP's are they hiding behind a proxy or connecting direct via their ISP: If they are NOT using a proxy, i would suggest null routing them across the board, eg web server, game server etc, they most likely will never figure out why they can no longer connect or wont spend the time trying to figure it out. Alternatively ignore them, its probably your reaction to what they are doing that makes them come back, eventually they will get bored and move on
  14. why aren't you banning them through battleye ? That way they need to buy another ArmA3 game from steam, win win for all of us failing that ban their IP directly on the server firewall or route their incoming connection to a null point, which will confuse the hell out of them
  15. terox

    Ai Skill Settings?

    i would have thought and also believe to be true that the ai's ability to see at night is already catered for with BI hardcode, just try run a night mission and see how easy it is to crawl up to an ai with no NVG
  16. terox

    Ai Skill Settings?

    You can only redefine a config class using configs in an addon, a script runs in a different evironment and will not effect this What you can do is have an addon that loads a file in the userconfig folder which is part of the addon that then defines these values
  17. the rpt is reporting mission scripting issues not server issues, you need to take this to the scripting forum
  18. based on the question you are asking this has no bearing on the o/s Once you have installed and configured your server, running the addons etc login as admin in the game by opening the chat box and typing #login PASSWORD then type #missions then select the mission you want to load
  19. @Boss and Pierremgi, If your approach was to methodically work through the tutorial on the initial post in this thread (Which I can assure you took many hours to write/rewrite, tweak and update) until you get to a point that you do not understand and THEN ask a SPECIFIC question about that instead or a general rant about how B.I do things you might actually get a decent answer and achieve something. and by the way I am a gas fitter that works full time with a family, I am not an IT techie, I dont even work in the IT industry, nor Do I work for BIS yet somehow with the help of others I have managed to keep an arma community going since before 2003 (15 years now). If I can do it the only thing stopping you doing it is your attitude and lack of patience. I even recently learnt how to code in C# by putting the effort in knuckled down to it and tried until I got it right. Spending time learning instead of whining is far more productive than the appalling attitude you are displaying right now. Imagine if a would be employer saw the post you created, Would he give you a job based on such unconstructive ranting?
  20. only if you write your own debugging system
  21. well first and most obvious thing to do is create a vanilla instance of the server without ANY mods and create a test mission and see if you get the same issue. There is absolutely No point in trying anything else out until you prove a stable and working vanilla server Once you have proven that, introduce cba first, replay your known working test mission Then add AIS, repeat the test mission. If that all works, its your working mission that is at fault
  22. with a little effort on your side
  23. terox

    Server Stress Testing

    only way to truly stress test a server on the network side is to get human player connections You can stress test the server itself by creating an AI group creation loop until the server cps gets below say 20 but that doesn't really reveal how the server is likely to perform over the wan If you need to test the server itself and not a specific mission that you are developing then load something that is popular such as patrol ops or KOTH. You will need to admin it though and do some legwork to entice the first few on there until you reach a threshold that will entice others to join