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  1. Website: http://www.sasklan.com Teamspeak Address: ts3.sasklan.com Games: ArmA 3, Battlefield, DayZ Standalone, Star Citizen • Long time clan that began in 2003 playing Battlefield and still play it till this very day. • We are not looking for drama, it's just a game to escape our good/bad daily lives, and enjoy some military gameplay. • So if you enjoy Battlefield and the ArmA series, then your play style is similar to ours, so check us out! • Hop in our TS3 and play with us, no need to join the clan right away, if you enjoy our community, feel free to apply. • We also play DayZ, and Star Citizen (with an Idris-P ready to go!) ☢ As a reminder - our clan stands 10+ years strong against hacking/glitching, and also item duping. ☢ We are also looking for someone to help lead our ArmA 3 division
  2. Trunkz Jr

    Project Reality Development

    I haven't played much ArmA2 lately but I've always loved the PR for BF2 and I'd totally jump in game to play this for ArmA2.
  3. Trunkz Jr

    Open building doors (crazy question)

    sad that doors are glitchy in this game :(
  4. Trunkz Jr

    ArmA 2 Soundtrack

    oooo found it thx
  5. Trunkz Jr

    What Mouse For ArmA2?

    I have 2 computers, both with ArmA II. One uses Razer Death Adder, the other has G9 mouse. I prefer the Death Adder tho, it just feels really nice on the hand (don't get me wrong, G9 feels pretty nice also) but my personal choice when feeling both is the Razer Death Adder. Also with the G9, pressing down on the mouse wheel feels funny and the side buttons aren't as big as the Death Adders, mouse wheel on death adder (scrolling it and pressing it) feels very nice also compared to G9. Now, if the Razer Lachesis is the same mouse as the Death Adder cept the extra buttons on the front middle, i'd totally get the Lachesis then.
  6. Trunkz Jr

    Should I buy this game?

    Nope, you can do both. (hit the numlock Enter key and you'll go into 3rd person for player, armor, chopper, jet, etc) that is if the server has it enabled, some have 3rd person disabled, and you don't start in 3rd person, 3rd person is good for when your driving (is what I usually use it for) Other then that, you'll want to use first person to do all your killing, but again others might like 3rd person also, just a nice option to have. Also, like the other said this game is TOTALLY not like the CoD run n gun series you might be use to. There's a good amount of people that give up on ArmA II cause it's NOT like that, their not use to the slower gameplay and they get killed and wonder why and get angry, etc. This is more serious mature type of playing (it's the kind of love, bullets that kill) but yeah, try the demo out, you may or may not like it, sure beats buying it THEN not liking it ^^
  7. Trunkz Jr

    No dedicated server on MW2 as well...

    You should see the IW forums, people already ringing in with complaints and regrets lool only been 2 hours since PC release.
  8. Trunkz Jr

    ArmA 2 50% off this weekend on Steam.

    I just bought a new computer (cause I play side by side with a friend) and I already have ArmA II and was considering a second copy, this was just too good to be true, 50% off, thats an amazing deal.
  9. I'm thinking of picking one up
  10. Trunkz Jr

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Okay then, I admit the game is nicely optimized for single player. with that being said: I admit the game has no lean I admit the game has no dedicated servers I admit the PC version of the game feels entirely ported I admit driving anything feels like driving on ice. I admit the cheating will only grow without anything anti-cheat device. I admit the game is easily pirated due to no MP CD-key I admit the spawn camping can be worse then BF2 (yes, I said it) I admit I can do this all day Sorry, I followed OFP:DR for so long, info, then screens, then videos, then finally the day it comes out, and WTF? I can't imagine what this game looked like when they wanted to release it June-July. When I revive someone as a medic, I feel like I'm reviving someone in zombie mode from CoD5. I'm not saying this as a ArmA 2 fan either, I'm saying this as a gamer, they told us this game was made of chocolate and I feel like I bit into a chunk of sh!t. What makes me mad most of all, is they used the name "Operation Flashpoint" to sell the game, they knew many of us fans of the original would come check their game out, how sad we are.
  11. Trunkz Jr

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I'm still laughing at the man exploding from a propane tank exploding like it was quake 3 LOL realism hell no, nice video tho Watch at 1:53 hahahaThen you see a chunk of meat bouncing on the ground like it was a tire XD Sorry, but as amusing as that is, I'd still rather take the explosion in ArmA2 and seeing a man fly sky high ;)
  12. Trunkz Jr

    This game is amazing

    Yeah I also like Realism Games (at least as much as possible) As to the nit picker, do you remember the reaction you got when you first played OFP? This is what this guy had with ArmA 2 so don't be jerky about it, it's a great feeling I know where he's at, I still remember playing the OFP Demo when that came out with friends on gamespy, that was just awesome.
  13. Trunkz Jr

    Demo activation with license key?

    That or he's laughing his way to the bank