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  1. Well, we need the "ODOL2MLOD" tool wink.gif), but will it work back ? I mean if we could change our models to "No-editable" one, can we change it to "Editable" ? Oh, BTW, Oxygen should have a "plugin performance", that we could build our own plugins (example exporting one, coz o2 cannot export, it only imports...).

    Ps. Forrestal, kaleczysz język angielski wink.gif)


  2. 9 days ago I had to extend my o2 license. So I did all "ordering" things, lock codes via email. But no one seems to recived my mail... :| I wish that someone from BIS see this post coz they not answering. BTW, does anyone have the same prblm?

  3. well RavenDK, I have to call you a plagiator, this ECLAN scope is my M68 (then it was called trijcom), remaked, released, Ive got alot of prooves, ill post them in another reply. And I have to tell you something, there are still my old textures in your pbo!!