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  1. Turek2CDC

    Question on making new textures

    Tiger, you should use a digital camera, I do that, textures are pretty good. Next thing is remaking in photoshop (noise and dust). Thats all.
  2. Turek2CDC

    Odol or mlod

    Well, we need the "ODOL2MLOD" tool ), but will it work back ? I mean if we could change our models to "No-editable" one, can we change it to "Editable" ? Oh, BTW, Oxygen should have a "plugin performance", that we could build our own plugins (example exporting one, coz o2 cannot export, it only imports...). Ps. Forrestal, kaleczysz język angielski ) Cheers
  3. Turek2CDC

    What about...POLISH version

    that makes me giligan
  4. Turek2CDC

    What about...POLISH version

    who the hell you think you are!!
  5. Turek2CDC

    Extending license

    9 days ago I had to extend my o2 license. So I did all "ordering" things, lock codes via email. But no one seems to recived my mail... :| I wish that someone from BIS see this post coz they not answering. BTW, does anyone have the same prblm?
  6. Turek2CDC

    What about...POLISH version

    "I had a dream, that the EU peapole and EVEN(!! polish peapole can have Ressistance in the same time" (but then I woke up)
  7. Turek2CDC

    Problem with buldozer

    If you are using Polish version (or maybe another will solve too) you need custom buldozer.exe file... ill post a link here just when Ill be back home, coz now Im in Spain,..
  8. Turek2CDC


    BIS should release some tool to protect p3d's, and make it like that, only ofp can open them (I mean to play). I was plagiated 3-4 times, dont you think its enough?
  9. Turek2CDC


    Is it possible to add a flashlight to a weapon, I did the model but now I dont know how to make it working. Please help me!
  10. Turek2CDC


    very nice work, but are you sure that the flashlight should be attached to the silencer? Shouldn't it be like that: (?) [silencer]| |==== rest of the gun [flashlight]
  11. Turek2CDC


    well I saw a screenshots of a Vipersheart's HK with flashlight, maybe he found out whats going on with it... god bless him ;P
  12. Turek2CDC

    My danish ared forces

    not a problem, but next time just find out who did the work... peapole can blame you by doing such a stuff, I sure you can use this scope.
  13. Turek2CDC

    My danish ared forces

    well RavenDK, I have to call you a plagiator, this ECLAN scope is my M68 (then it was called trijcom), remaked, released, Ive got alot of prooves, ill post them in another reply. And I have to tell you something, there are still my old textures in your pbo!!
  14. Turek2CDC

    Head lights

    cool, but is it possible to add a flashlight to a weapon? Im trying to figure it out for about a week...
  15. Turek2CDC

    Those codes

    I had to send a mail for unlock codes for couple times, and they still keep changing. Just could anyone tell me why? Â Â