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  1. Tune from babylon ad, the movie was pretty meh though

    Always wondered what that song was called! I actually quite liked the film too lol,

    Anyways, something a couple years old but still good all the same...

  2. With it finally confirmed that STALKER 2 is no more. The team have got hold of some funding and moved on to development of Survarium.

    To quote their site:

    Survarium is a free2play MMOFPS game set in the near future. The game focuses on a mass-scale ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind vaguely known.

    Impassable woods advance onto cities from every side, maddened animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power plants. Strange plants and mushrooms grow through concrete and steel. Scientists all over the world haplessly try to cope with the anomaly sprawling across the Earth with terrifying speed. Countries collapse, anarchy spreads throughout the world. Now force dictates who to survive.

    The game is developed with a new proprietary Vostok Engine technology and is planned for release on PC at the end of 2013.

    Apparently they will be answering questions on twitter in the next day or two so hopefully a bit more info will emerge then.


  3. There is a reason I avoid politics threads but oh well...

    People see what they want when they read articles. I know they do. Half of my job is making sure they do just that. Some people will see the monitoring story as "great we will be safer!" news others will see it as "the evil regime is here!" news. I've not read enough about it so won't take a personal stance but I do wonder sometimes why some people apparently think EVERYTHING the government seems to do is to fuck us over.

  4. @SaOk, something kinda cool about the song you posted, probably not what I'd consider to listen too normally but thought it was actually pretty good :)

    @PurePassion, man Gary Clark Jr. is well good!

    A couple things I have been listening too...

    James Vincent McMorrow - Sparrow & The Wolf, kinda reminded me of Fleet Foxes/Bon Iver etc .

    Hanni El Khatib - Come Alive, just a badass sounding song.


    The Coppertone - Nighttime Wishes, always loved The Coppertone/Amanda Zelina, such a brilliant voice, and awesome instrumentals, just hits the nail on the head!

  5. @Skippy, at this point they can't, something that I might sort for any future releases.

    @folgore_airborne, haha yeah I know all about them, been using them for quite a long time :P

    @Nike619, might need to be a bit more specific than "doesn't like to play nice", that said I can't guarantee my addon will work with all other mods/addons. I don't know how Robalo's configs affect P:UKF weapons but if it changes the classnames then that's probably the cause.


  6. As da12th was saying, pattern is what I'm really after, one day what I make looks too multicam, the next day too DPM then next day "Ouch I should stop hitting my head against this wall!"

    A front and back of the Jacket/shirt would be a big help if at all possible, preferably in the most neutral light you can find, although I suppose it's sort of the point, it's hard to find a definitive "colour" to MTP.

    Anyway, any imagery people can provide is helpful, it all makes a difference :)

  7. Simcity Societies was pure crap,I don't have high hopes regarding this one.When EA gets something right it's usually the exception to the rule.

    Societies wasn't made by Maxis though was it? Apparently Societies is one of the games EA don't like mentioning because it wasn't all that good.

    Anyway, so far 5 looks like a good return to the better days of 3000/4 (at least, they are MY favourites)!

    @.Taffy, where did you find that info on the price? Does sound a lot but if it's worth it... :)

    EDIT: Oh and although I love the "everything you see is actually happening" approach, I hope they still have some good old graphs for me to stare at :)

  8. @All, for anyone who can get them, I'd love some decent shots of MTP, I know there are tons of images with it on the web but I'm still bashing my head against the wall trying to get it looking right, as it stands my last attempt is looking like this but I've literally lost track of what I felt has looked better/worse etc lol. At the moment I'm re-doing all the the lower half as I'm not happy with it, might be annoying weighting it all but oh well! Once the "base" model is done, work should speed up. As da12th said, he PM'd me about the helmet stuff and although I'd rather have scrim/tape etc on helmets, if it turns out the regulation is followed I'll do the same. Won't change anything until there is a good amount of picture evidence though.

    EDIT: Oh and the helmt will be changed too, needs a little tweak on the shape...


    better quality if needed


    better quality if needed

  9. American scientist finds cure for cancer? Fuck him he's American and probably stole it from someone else.

    Lol I doubt that would be a "normal" person's reaction. I can't imagine most of the world would label him/her a thief.

    who else in this world has them on mass and also who actualy has used them so far? 1945 anyone?

    I think that the US use of nuclear weapons is/was different to a contemporary use of them, I mean if Japan possessed a nuclear capability in 1945 I think that would have made the decision to use nuclear warheads a very different one.

  10. Thought I sent you a link to one of the early betas with just the CWS, some time ago amongst all the other random shit I send you. Maybe dementia's setting in.:D

    Otherwise, I figured you might have played around with them w/r/t your sig.

    Looks like I'm the one with dementia lol, yeah I remember you sending over the beta, been one of those days for me! You sent it over in the pm with the TRF stuff :)

  11. He's already played around with the my KITE sights

    Have I? :confused:

    Anyway, as da12th says, the AN/PVS-27 MUNS is what is used on the L129A1 at the moment, I did have a picture of it in use somewhere but can't find it at the moment. Anyway I did make one when I first used modo to get to grips with it (was the first thing I made in it in fact). The thing is, my L129A1 was just meant to be a placeholder "thing" until a better one appeared, it's not all that accurate at all so I don't have a huge need/want to add to it lol. Anyway do excuse the lack of proportion/accuracy in the image below, basically all of it has been hacked together.