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  1. @[Chris], yeah i can remove the 5.56 on the webbing, just kinda got bored a while back and wrote it on to make it more "personalised" but i dontthink i have actually seen it on webbing either.

    @PSYCHOSIM, Yeah there will be versions with bush hats in the recon units i will be doing, will get pictures up as soon as i can.

    @maza94, you might need to be a bit more specific on what you mean by SAS, the term SAS covers a heck of a lot of different specialist groups. Did you mean like counter terrorist SAS with gas masks and dark blue overalls? (if that made sense) kind of Iranian Embassy siege style or just SAS more generally i.e just with an SAS badge on the side of the arm?

  2. Hello!

    Just some pictures of some generic UKSF units i am doing at the moment, still tons to do on them and these are only the Assault element, there will be a recon element too but i have only just started on them.

    Done the weapons too, dunno how accurate to C8 SFWs mine are but they are just there to give you an idea.





    As i have said there is still loads to do and i went a bit overboard with the kneepads but i hope people like smile_o.gif

  3. @Daniel, the 4 rifles will definately get an update, will try to change the Woodland DPM slightly and do a couple other things ontop of updating the models.

    @the_shadow, yeah i will make them in Woodland DPM when i have time as i said earlier. The only reason there is no woodland version at the moment is because there are far more reference pictures of up to date Desert units and i couldnt fit in doing a Woodland version with my real life. Will get there in the end smile_o.gif .

    Currently working on something else but it shouldnt take too long then i will be back to the 4 rifle/3 para stuff (and RMC). smile_o.gif

  4. cheers for all the praise guys, glad people like what i'm doing.

    I will definately replace the LAW-80 with the M136 in my next update and i will take the thing about webbing under the osprey into account.

    And yeah the choc-chic pattern was the closest i could get to the thing the troops actually wear, or at least for now anyway.

  5. As it stands these are only available in desert DPM but if i can find the time then maybe i will make a woodland version.

    As for updating my other units they will in time be updated, the 4 rifle addon most likely getting the highest priority, as for the irish units i lost most of that when i swapped to my new comp (just completey forgot about them) but hopefully i will get an update out for them at some point. The RMC will also be updated when i do the 4 rifle update (but again with all of this its only if i have time).

    Glad you guys like smile_o.gif

  6. British 3 Para Addon By STALKERGB and Bigstone


    Finally i got round to finishing off these units after a short stay in hospital. Unfortunately in my hurry to finish them i saved over alot of the work i had done. The only real noticeable difference because of the accident is the loss of the Engineer class. (or at least i hope that is the only thing)

    Differences to previous addons.

    -Added 3 Para badge to arm.

    -Re-did all the models (some only slightly).

    -Reworked the Osprey body armour (completely independant from body).

    -Added a PLCE type load carrying system (not accurate to PLCE though).

    -New helmet texture (although very poor)

    -Machine Gunner class added.

    -Added radio with wires to headset.

    -Added Paraband.

    Requires UKF weapon mod.

    Expect there to be alot of bugs because of me not playtesting and saving over most of the stuff i had done.

    Cheers, And Merry Christmas!

    Download Link 3 Para

  7. @ [CAS] Daniel, the camo value has been changed back (or at least it seems to work fine for me,). I know what you mean about the DPM, i have been trying to make it a bit darker and so far haven't done very well but will keep trying smile_o.gif will definately make it look a bit more worn.

    As for the kneepads i think i had a small kneepad fetish when i first made the troops smile_o.gif most likely will only have a couple units wearing them.

    @ ruff, so far no plans to make SAS/SBS but was thinking of making some "Elite" type Royal Marines or something. we will see....

  8. I have finally got round to doing a bit of work on my units, i have completely seperated the body armour from the unit models and been fiddling around with the backpacks on some units. Still looking to try the scrimmage (is that right? vegetation on helmet like one of the pics in this thread).



    Hope people like smile_o.gif

  9. Hello peoples!

    Couple pics of my Brit units, have redone the body armour (completely seperated it from the unit model and resized it a bit), have also fiddled around with some of the units backpacks. still tons to do and i am very short on time atm. The units in the pics are of my Squad Leader and Support Rifleman (will most likely be renamed marksman).

    Might even try to sort the blood effects out this time tounge2.gif



    Comments very welcome smile_o.gif

  10. The backpacks might be updated i have just been mucking around with the BIS one and seeing what i can/can't do.

    @Para-Trooper, sorry do you mean this by OTV


    Can i ask if anyone else doesnt like this cause at times i have had my doubts... if it seems most people dont like it i can go back to the old version.

  11. hello everyone... i haven't had any time recently but have added a few thing to the regular infantry (glasses, radio wires, PLCE etc) might certainly give the foliage thing a go. Most likely will release a 3 para mod (mainly desert dpm might do temperate too) but am upgrading the 4 rifles at the same time.

  12. @RM Snipe,  didn't know about the AI thing so thanks for telling me, will get right on to changing the camo values.

    and as for the kneepads i am keeping it about half and half on who has them and who doesnt,  tounge2.gif

    can i ask what do people think of the DPM pattern i am using, does it look ok, i know that the TDMG units have a much darker pattern so i wondered what people thought


  13. WIP pictures of a small update to my british units, dont know when i will be able to finish them as i am very busy at the moment.

    Have added:

    radio wires to headset,


    a plce type thing,

    redone the knee pads,

    changed the trousers so they are not tucked in,

    added a black band round the helmet (known as a paraband i think)

    Redone units who have rolled up sleeves.

    think that is everything...



    Might add a few more things but it depends how much time i will have.