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  1. Alright, I've hit a bit of a stump. Regarding the backpacks on the Marines and not being able to access them. Currently, you cannot access them when they are alive.. but if they are dead you can. I can't seem to figure out how to get it to where you can access them while they are alive. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, please let me know. Really, that's all that is holding me from releasing the update.

    By "access when they are alive" do you mean if you have it on your back and go into the gear menu you can't access it? Or that if you place a rucksack on the floor in the editor, you can't interact with it?

  2. +1, the US Marine and US Infantry 2005 has the same problem, any backback(including BIS backpacks) on their back will pop up and pop out from some distance.

    Sounds like a missing backpack proxy issue on some of the LODs, although I'm sure Bink would know that anyways :)

  3. I would contact STALKERGB as he would know more about female models and the like.

    Might as well jump the gun and post here :)

    What I've been messing around with doing is, for lack of a better word, shoehorning a female model I've worked on to fit the male BIS skeleton. I know a lot of games only use 1 skeleton for both male and female models but the problem is that BIS's one doesn't seem as gender neutral as those (and to be fair, it is a MALE skeleton lol). Below are just two quick shots of a male model and female model that I'm working on. As you can see, the female looks a bit ungainly, although, in game it isn't too bad. The main problem is that I find the shoulders seem too broad as well as the arms too long, I'd also like to be able to make the model shorter but that messes things up so the females will have to be as tall as the men...




  4. But, one thing you should ALWAYS do when mucking about with characters in O2 is intermittently apply a .rtm to the LoD's so you can visually confirm that the points/verts selections are being moved by the appropriate transforms in the .rtm.

    This. I cannot stress enough how helpful it can be to use an .rtm to check weighting or selections :)

  5. On a slightly different angle, do you think DayZ would be released as a standalone game like some news sites have been suggesting? I think seeing as though a ton of people have bought ARMA to play it they might not be too happy about having to shell out for a "full game" on top of their previous purchase.

    As for the the mod itself, the only thing worse than zombies, is humans. :) For me at least, the likelihood of someone shooting you seems to have increased recently. (maybe they just dont like me!)

  6. It won't be that they have obtained any models, it's probably a hex-edited retexture, AFAIK you need the (binarized) models to do it although BIS prefer people using the hiddenselections seeing as thats what they are there for.

    Basically, if you aren't changing the model itself these days you don't need access to the model in O2.

  7. Imagine there were some tutorials to make transition form A2 to A3 modding easier. What would You need to know? There is a plenty of devs around reading every post on the forum :icon_twisted:

    From a purely selfish point of view, like b00ce mentioned an explanation of the customizable clothes/helmet/body armour would be wonderful.

    I've already been thinking about how you guys have implemented it and I imagine with a lot of digging, guessing, errors and luck modders could figure it out but to have a simple explanation with maybe a tiny bit of example code for the config and a proxy example for the model (if it is done that way lol) would be absolutely excellent!

    I think overall, most people would be very happy with one sample/tutorial of each type of model and possibly a corresponding config/model.cfg entry. Messiah's suggestion of something like a changelog would be awesome too :)

  8. So.....the only use for O2 is to edit Arma 2 MLODs and not to create new models? :j:

    I think wipman was meaning that (like with A2/OA) the process for getting fully functional, working models in game takes longer without samples/tutorials as reference.

    Personally I'm not going to be in any hurry for BIS to release tools when A3 is out. Actually would rather get a good amount of playing in before I get down to the modding. That said, I'm sure I'll see how easy it is to dump an OA addon into A3 right at the start.

  9. Is there no one making character models or is everyone just weighting the stuff in oxygen ?

    There are people making character models but for the large part they will probably be derivatives of BIS models so require much less weighting. My newest Brit models have almost completely had to be re-weighted as I've changed most of it over the last year but I've done so in O2 for lack of an automated/better solution.

  10. people are greedy and wont share their secrets.

    lol hiddenselections aren't really a secret. That said, they can be confusing to a newcomer, or someone such as myself who has less use for them. The people reskinning the Delta models won't actually have the models in MLOD format. I hadf a very quick search and this was one of the things that came up, it seems to explain hiddenselections pretty well,


    Allows you to assign a texture to a hidden selection which will be visible once the simulation is started (instead of being hidden). The ordering matches that of the hiddenSelections[] array. (So, the first hidden selection will take the first texture listed in the hiddenSelectionsTexture[] array, and so on. HiddenSelections elements without a corresponding entry in the hiddenSelectionsTextures array will remain hidden.).

    hiddenSelections[] = {"swap_bdu", "hide_teamcolor"};

    hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {__CurrentDir__\data\civ_suit_black_co};

    In the example above, the hiddenSelectionsTextures applies the first listed texture to the first selection in the hiddenSelections array, i.e., the “swap_bdu†selection is textured with the “civ_suit_black_co.paa†texture. “hide_teamcolor†remains hidden since there is only one texture listed in hiddenSelectionsTextures.

    Where this parameter is powerful is the ability to now add another person class with a different colored suit, using the same p3d model, e.g.,

    hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {__CurrentDir__\data\civ_suit_greystripes_co};

    When I get the chance I might have a look at them for myself to see how they work.

  11. Have you seen the news where Syria army supposedly buried some poor victim alive (less than 1 month back)? All major (= brainwashing) sites had articles and they were totally sure it was Syria army. Have you noticed that audio was completely fabricated (the man still talks without problem even when he has sand in mouth and the audio was recorded in room)? I'm amazed how easily can people accept anything that's on major news. Syrian terrorists are such bad movie makers...

    After a quick search on Google News and BBC/Sky I found no mention of this story being carried, not to say it did/didn't happen or was/wasn't faked but still.

    stop supplying weapons/money to al-Qaeda terrorists.

    I'm by no means saying the Free Syrian Army is "good" (they abandoned Annan's ceasefire as much as anyone) but could you honestly say that ALL of the "rebels" are terrorists? I wager that the majority are Syrians who want regime change.

    As for the term "freedom fighter" or "rebel" when I spoke to Stephen Cole (Al Jazeera English presenter) he said that a lot of news sites will avoid using the terms as much as possible as both imply a political/morale stance on the site's view of a conflict.

  12. I wonder why some Arma2 army faction mods are not porting more eagerly to PR custom factions. On top of their own mods, their work gets more publicity and the makers still retain the credits. Win win imo. I would like to see FDF, Swedish Army, IDF, Germans, Russians etc present in PR. Just like PR:BF2 has about 13+ factions.

    From having worked with Project Reality, the way things run are certainly much more.. for lack of a better word... professional, a lot of modders (for any game) work in their own time every now and again when they get the chance so they being part of a much larger organised structure doesn't always appeal.

  13. Ah that's an excellent couple of suggestions Max, I'll have a look at trying some of those! To be honest, there will be a point where I could live with a small amount of alpha texture filtration (depending on where and how big) so hopefully your suggestions will help get me to at least that point.

    Thanks for the help! :)

    edit: It actually looks like this alpha problem has more to do with the headset... It's hard to read if that's a strap or just some coincidental alpha disturbance. Is it a proxy? Try moving it to the bottom of the alpha stack and see what happens.

    At the moment, the headset, and hair/head are still part of the infantry model, the headset straps do pass under some parts of the hair (as you can sort of see on the picture from buldozer). I might remove the headset and see what happens with regards to the alpha issues

  14. So... I have been working some more on a female rifleman for an addon I'm working on at the moment, which hasn't proved too difficult for the most part:


    But what I have wanted to do is create a version without a helmet on. I wonder if I'm digging myself a bigger hole but I've found some dodgy alpha issues with the hair (in game) as per the image below:


    Larger if you need it

    So far I haven't found any solution that provides a better result, I did try changing the texture from _ca to _co which sort of fixed the issue at the cost of making the ends of the hairs much more pixelated. I kinda have a feeling this is just a limitation that I'm not gonna find a solution to but any thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated. I also tried just completely removing any alpha channel which solved the problem while obviously removing that softer finish to the shape of the hair.

  15. How are they related to model performance and what is the desired amount of sections in a model per role?

    Desired amount for any model will always be as low as possible, for infantry models that is normally from about 4 to 10. After having a quick look at some BIS samples from ARMA1 the vehicles tend to be 15 or less. (But dont take my word on that!)

    As with everything, it varies from case to case.

    Interestingly, the BIS Hilux model has 29 sections which sounds very high to me. Or at least in the ARMA1 samples it does...

    In terms of lowering the count, one tip I use is putting an existing texture/material onto any proxies in use. Should knock the section count down by 1 if nothing else :)

  16. That surely might be a bigger problem, esp. when there are no samples provided anytime soon.

    Although this is all (probably dangerously inaccurate) assumption from me, I'd guess the customizable gear could be done via proxies on top of a "base" model. So I suppose you could (with a lot of guesswork) figure it out. That said I think it will be a case of waiting until a tutorial/samples are provided. (Which we will all start demanding the second the game is out as usual lol)

    Still, infantry might work without the customization "active" as a feature on them. So you could still see a interim version from me if this is the case.

    Anyways, I probably missed the mark by a mile but I'll have to wait and see :)

  17. I actually think that regardless of the "do they don't they?" over combat roles. If nothing else it makes a nice change in terms of a story (or just playing) to once in a while having a female soldier/officer/etc...

    And obviously it's more than possible to not overdo the model, or over-sexualise the whole thing like in most games with women. To be honest, the more variation in game, the better if you ask me. (But then I'd also like to see different heights/weights possible too).

  18. Well, my newest Brit units will be in ARMA3 (and maybe ARMA2 if I'm not lazy!), as close to day 1 as possible (otherwise I'll draw the whole thing out for too long). Of course, will need some SA80's at some point :P I imagine the basics for infantry is pretty similar, it will be the customizable uniform/gear stuff that might crop up as an issue.

    Will be bringing over the "other" thing I'm working on too I imagine.