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  1. Someone pointed out that the last mile (26th) was dedicated to Newtown. That was only 0.2 miles from the finish, close proximity to where the explosions occurred. apparently some Newtown families were in attendence in that particular area according to AP. Hopefully just coincidence.

    They found a bomb at a library? That rules out the Right Wing, they wouldn't know where the library was.


  2. planning on adding the helmet scrim dreadlocks? ;)

    If that's what you're into I won't say anything... :p But in seriousness... well sort of... the scrim will be coming in a few variants if I have the time.

    One request, is it possible to replace the default Arma 3 NVG by the one used by British soldier (if model available off course)?

    I do plan on adding proper NVGs when I get the chance, currently the BIS one's don't fit my NVG helmet clap (too high up the helmet) so it's something I need to look at.

  3. Cheers guys, glad I've finally had time to make some progress on them. Still, a long way to the finish line yet though!

    @Messiah, "cracking" might be a little optimistic, more like "limping along" with these :P Still, having them in game is something to show for what time I have been able to devote to it.

    Probably planning to add sidearm holsters, pouches and any other thing I can model for the vest/belt area soon...

    EDIT: Oh and adding the blanking patch for the pocket, by the way, do squad.xml's work the same in A3? Not had a look to be honest. Will probably use the whole blanking plate for people to use for their clans (unless people have a better idea)

  4. ironic, considering that all i see from the vets are a bunch of reskins and the modders actually doing originally work are relative new comers.

    btw, if it takes you 10 hours to texture one wheel, you're doing something wrong. maybe improve your workflow.

    All the "veteran" addon makers are sad panda now. :(

    Either way, creating something from scratch takes far longer than re-texturing existing objects, for every previous version of ARMA it's been a similar pattern, super ambitious "original" content won't happen overnight.

  5. Hello!

    So, it's been a while since I did anything. I have now done something. Sort of.

    Firstly, everything I have done so far is subject (and almost certainly will) change. Especially the MTP texture, can't seem to get the damn thing looking good. The "base" model is slowly being pushed about until I can get stock BIS vests fitting to at least a decent standard too.



    So far I've gotten the PCS uniform base model, Mk7 helmet, (Mk4?) Osprey Armour, MOLLE/PALS belt and Pelvic Protection working nicely in game.

    The Mk7 helmet has been updated to new regulations, ie no tape round the rim, the new strap layout on the helmet and scrim on some of them. Obviously added as an independent item in game too like the BIS stuff.

    Completey re-modelled the Osprey Armour, needs to have pouches and what not strapped on but the armour itself is coming on.

    Added one of the backpacks used in my 3 RIFLE mod for ARMA:OA (originally from Johnny's samples). Seems to be working fine in. Although I can't pick it up if I spawn it in on it's own for some reason...

    The PCS is working in game as a uniform item, a few little weighting issues I need to sort but other than that the model is pretty much there.

    Like I say, still got lots of changes to make. Mainly MTP texture related! on't have a whole lot of spare time these days so don't expect them to be released next week. Will have to take my time with them. With that in mind though, is there anything you guys specifically want added or would like to see in the mod? I don't really have a formal "to do" list so any suggestions are very welcome :)

    Oh and in case anyone didn't know, SA80's by Kiory :)

    Might post another screen or two if my computer feels up to using screenshot worthy in game settings lol.

  6. why are you basing it around the low lod model? use the highest lod level so you can get a more accurate shape and more flush around the body

    EDIT - Derp, reference was to hat...

    To elaborate further on Cross888, the highest LOD is only for an unclothed soldier anyway, so you'd still have to take the uniform into account (hence leaving the gaps), so without the uniform to use a reference in O2 it wouldn't make a huge difference which LOD is used really.

  7. I am building a custom unit that doesnt require the regular hands or the head. So is there a way to hide the hand skinning? For the head it was neough to remove the bysta proxy.

    P.S. Stalker your message box is full :)

    Hmm, if you haven't added the arma hands to the model then there shouldn't be any appearing AFAIK...

  8. Bit late to this whole discussion but still...

    Personally I won't be using Steam Workshop in it's current form if I released anything for Arma 3. Most of the reasons have already been discussed by Rock et al. On top of that though, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to modding these days. The last thing I'd want is having to waste time trying to get a mod removed from SWS because someone else has uploaded it without my permission.

    On top of that, with the current SWS setup, what would happen if you uploaded a model that used part of a BIS sample? Would you be "giving away" their own IP by uploading it?

  9. The cop with the gun pointing at her head also seems very augmented,wonder why she went ballistic and he didn't.

    Looks like her skull is also augmented(and bulletproof),if everything is augmented then I wonder if she's a cyborg like in video description or android.

    Although I'm far from familiar with the Cyberpunk 2020, and as CameronMcDonald was getting at when someone suffers from "Cyberpsychosis" cause by "Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome", Max-Tac (informally called Physco Squad) frequently respond to deal with the situation. Often they recruit from those they deal with and "reprogramme" them to work for Max-Tac.

  10. ingame videos.

    Although the video is CGI CD Projekt have apparently stated that it's their target render quality for when it's released, which although there's no date, I'd imagine, is in 2015. Gonna be interesting to see what kind of avenue they take, wonder if you'll be part of MAX-TAC...

  11. Well, most every clan I know of uses modified addons, cattered specifically to the clans needs. By personal use, I ment personal clan use. And that's the thing, it's tolerated not allowed... why is this island so special? If every addon maker with some licensing, got mad and wanted to sue someone when others edited his or her content, and placed the version on server(s) that are being payed for then we'd have 1823713 threads and alot of lawsuits.

    I can only speak from my personal experience but in the past I have been contacted numerous times by a variety of clans wishing to make small edits to my work, (normally badge changes etc). So actually I've found most seem to go through the "proper channels" before making any change. Obviously it's not always the case but still, not everyone is just editing things behind addon makers backs.

    This whole thing feels somewhat similar to what HFB Servers are doing, they list a number of different community made maps as part of the server deals:


    Feels like they are cutting a very fine line at best, certainly doesn't seem morally right though.

  12. I have only really messed about with modding a game that used unity but it certainly seems a decent engine. I have a feeling though it doesn't support multi-cores (although I think Unity 4 fixed/fixes that?) Either way Kerbal Space Program is made in Unity and it's already an awesome game in alpha!

  13. Way over 6 million. This is incredible. I would have thought that they´ll make around 3 to 4 but not way over 6....

    This is a big kick in the nuts for all traditional big publishers.

    Their decline has started.

    They are not needed anymore

    A PC Exclusive, a Space sim! (A genre thought dead) easily raised over 6 million.

    True, it has been amazing but Star Citizen does still use 10/11 million in private investment too (not sure where I heard that figure though)

  14. I don't know about Mark Hamill. He actually looks older than Harrison Ford :P

    True he hasn't aged well lol, but maybe a cameo from him and Ford would be nice. Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see who they cast for the film in general...