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  1. Modding something you do because you love the game and want to make it better, lining your pockets out of it and capitalizing on it just means that nobody's going to download your mods.

    By the same argument I'd suggest modders don't tend to care if 1 or 1000 people download their mod because they made it for themselves first and foremost.

    I don't see why modders would want to be "payed" for there work.

    Regardless of anything else surely you can appreciate being payed for doing something you enjoy?

  2. No.

    It's a product by Bis which come along a game by Bis which explain or give tips on a game by Bis.

    The game I have purchased anyway.

    So, at least, it should refers to object or weapon already in game.

    Pretty sure those pictures you posted are from the tactical guide which was written by Dsylexci (so essentially a community member). The game manual itself is the "field manual" available in game. (Or so I would assume)

  3. The mod looks great Stalker, thanks. Just wondering, and sorry if this has already been asked, but is there a faction that I can easily select in the editor? Thanks again for your efforts.

    Well they are listed under the UK Armed Forces faction in the editor, but I'm guessing you mean something else? (being a bit slow today!)

    @banky, nice picture, good to see a screenshot not taken by myself of them lol!

  4. Hello everyone, so to celebrate ARMA 3's release here's the first version of my British Infantry Addon.




    -MTP Uniforms representing modern British Infantry

    -Nine different infantry roles, including Squad leader, AT rifleman and UAV operator.

    -4 Variants of Mk4 Osprey Body Armour.

    -3 Variants of the Mk7 Helmet

    -4 variants of PCS style UBACS and trousers.

    -HMNVS for night operations.

    -7 Rucksack variants for different roles.

    -UK Armed Forces faction with Union Jack icon.

    -Fully functioning wound textures.

    -Configged to use Kiory's SA80 addon.

    -Working icons for each item on the inventory screen.

    There's still a number of issues with the addon as I haven't had much time to work on it. I've done my best to make sure that everything that is include functions as well as possible (and is as complete as possible). Main issue is that there are no extra view LODs so performance may suffer slightly for the time being. There's a couple smaller things like no clan tags or the grenadier not having a grenade launcher (as I'm using Kiory's SA80s). I will also add that I haven't tested since last night so the release update may have messed with things!


    -Thanks to Sabre for his MTP pattern and work on the PCS uniform texture.

    -Da12thMonkey and Tupolov for backpack assets.

    -Fox '09 for a pouch used on the models (released under the WTFPL)

    -Johannes for using bits and bobs from his Army SF samples.

    -Euan Mitchell, "tigg", for the E-mag.

    -RKSL Rock and others from his forums who helped me with info throughout the process.

    -BIS for the tools and great examples.

    -3CB for multiple edits for .3/4/5





    Anyway, here is the link to download. Hopefully when I get more time I'll work firstly on sorting out a few of the issues with what I've already made before moving on to adding extra content. I've set up the addon so it's already in a mod folder so you should only need to add -mod=@STKR to steam's launch options or a desktop shortcut an then place the folder in your ARMA 3 directory. Or feel free to do it one of the many other ways, there's an Armaholic install guide link in my readme for reference.

    STALKERGB's British Infantry v1.5

    STKR Bikey

    Requires Community Upgrade Project (not included in my download).

    Armaholic DL

    Thanks, and enjoy!


  5. @Dirty Haz,

    The code relating to vests that I use looks like this:

     class STKR_Osprey_R: V_PlateCarrier1_rgr
     scope = 2;
     displayName = "Assault Osprey R";
     picture = "\STKR_BritMTP\icons\Osprey_R_ca.paa";
     model = "\STKR_BritMTP\equipment\Osprey_R";
     class ItemInfo: VestItem
      uniformModel = "\STKR_BritMTP\equipment\Osprey_R";
      containerClass = "Supply100";
      mass = 50;
      armor = "5*0.5";
      passThrough = 0.7;

    I'd assume that by inheriting from the "V_PlateCarrier1_rgr" instead of "Vest Base" I've avoided a lot of errors so it might be worth trying your end.

  6. Do you know what's they latest word regarding that? If this is the case, I'd rather wait then and just practice modeling with maya and 3d max.

    Depends what you are making tbh, like I've found that using the ARMA2:OA tools I've had no issues creating a full compatible (as far as I'm aware anyway lol) infantry mod (created mainly in modo). I;d imagine it's similar for vehicles if you have the right references for models.

    I'd imagine the biggest difference would be for world builders but I've have literally no experience with that so cant really comment.

  7. Purposed solution.

    Now here's were i get necky and cheeky.

    I don't want to tell you how to make your mod as its you're train set. But have you considered making two sets of armor?

    One with pouches just on the osperay lower down and and slightly rounded to the front but still maintain the clear plate policy for mounted op's

    And one with the webbing belt gear for dismounted general warfare dutys?

    Because its unpractical to wear your kit with some on the osperay and some on the webbing with exception to admin panels and Personal role radios?

    It's something I may consider, like anything I'd have to weigh up creating multiple versions of (for the most part) the same thing, and that becomes a case of deciding if bloating up the addon with extra choice is worth it (put against space/simplicity etc).

    Either way a change like that wouldn't make it into the initial release (mainly because I don't have the time before the 11/12th) but yeah like I say, it's something I'll look into!

  8. Also how many Load-Carrying variations have you got planned?

    Currently have 4 variations in game:



    I plan on having some more but won't be part of the initial release due to time limits etc.

    are there any plans for the ability to 'setObjectTexture' to put on Unit flashes and badges?

    Have been talking to vade101 about working on different flashes/badges for different units, again won't be part of the initial release and it's something that needs to be implemented without being too complicated as far as I'm concerned. I imagine something like it could be implemented in a few different ways so it'll be working out what works best.

    If I get some time before release (still probably the 12th, maybe the 11th) I'm going to get to work on adding the blanking plate to cover the velcro on the arm pockets, I might ad the clan tag selection in the mean time to it so there is at least that functionality.

  9. Looking good stalker.

    I have only two critiques thou.

    1) The pouches on the Osperay cummerbund obstruct the guys ability to get to his mag pouches and kind of looks a bit "AmericanGasho". :)

    2) And finally rolled up sleeves? big no no. ( preventative measure for Flash Burns, Malaria risk reduction, Camo and concealment and most importantly.. to stop us scuffing our elbows :)

    But I love the textures and the trousers, any chance of making a PCS Lightweight Jacket or Smock? :)

    Could you explain the first point in a bit more detail? (being a bit slow today lol), all my body armour models have mag pouches on the left hand side of the armour (at least, for the primary weapon) so I assume you mean in getting to the magazines on the "battle-belt"?

    As for the rolled up sleeves, although it might be a big no no, there's a fair few pictures of soldiers with rolled up sleeves, admittedly not all are in a combat situation and they are at least below the elbow in some of those, half of those are the lightweight jacket too. For the sake of variation it'll probably get left in.

    Speaking of the jacket/smock, it'll possibly get done at some point, like everything it depends on how much time I get lol

  10. scrim and helmet foliage is good, but not enough volume.

    Yeah there's not too much I can do about adding extra volume unfortunately.


    The way it's built is using "flat" pieces of geometry, so a lot of 2D triangles and squares. I assume the BIS scrimmed helmet was done in a similar (if tidier) manner. I could create 3D quares/pyramids but that would only lead to an already high poly count increasing. It's something I'd look at if I get more time.

    By volume I assume you mean you'd expect it to look more like this: http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b629/jssmitty96/B27FA335-B30C-410E-B44D-D67C3EF8395A-35617-000007404FADC445_zpsb2117983.jpg

    That said, there are some examples of less volumetric scrim setups or at least something I can say I based mine on :P

  11. God these look great! Is the L85 (Kiorys?) coming with it or is it just for show?

    Nevermind, just read the other post, doh!

    Haha yeah to clarify, kiory's sa80 won't be included with my download but will be required for the add-on, as mentioned above there appears to be an error with the add-on giving a message about a missing thermal map and AFAIK it wasn't fixed with any updated version of his rifle. I believe some other sa80s are being worked on and I'll probably switch to using them when they get finished.

  12. Looks awesome cant wait for these - dont know if you have it planned but are you putting any tags/patches like so...http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/10/17/article-2218653-1587E240000005DC-864_964x640.jpg

    The plan would be to have clan tags working but I dunno when I'll get that one, I still need to do the blanking plate that covers the velcro on the arm pocket but I'm pretty limited on the time I have to work on them so it'll be done when it's done

  13. Bit of an internal changelog to show what I've been working on prior to getting these out the door.

    -Fixed all wound textures, now functioning on every unit.

    -Added thermal maps for each texture (although a knock off job tbh, will re-do when I have time)

    -Added gloved uniform model (placeholder gloves though)

    -Added rolled up sleeves uniform model

    -Added MG/AR body armour setup

    -Reworked scrimmed helmet (was changed after a BIS update as I reference their texture for it, still has no RVMAT yet though)

    -Added second scrimmed helmet for some variation

    -Moved HMNVS from left to right eye, no real real, just "feels" better I think.

    -Modelled a Motherlode(ish) rucksack. Still have some other rucksacks I'd want to do.

    -Instituted properly functioning faction class (so it will use the UK Armed Forces faction shared by a few different addon makers)

    -Other little bits of tidying work on the models/textures/rvmats/configs/modelcfgs etc.

    -Configured unit to take advantage of the UAV stuff.

    So, currently I have a Squad Leader, Rifleman, UAV Operator, Radio Operator, Automatic Rifleman and Grenadier. Issues with that being that the Grenadier doesn't actually have an underslung on his SA80 (using Kiory's addon). I think there is an issue with his SA80s too, I get an error about a missing ti_ map, might be something I'm doing though.

    Anyway, I'm sure pictures are more interesting than text lol.









  14. Will any units be gloved? Bare hands give me nightmares...

    Will hopefully have a gloved character seeing as it's not too much extra work.

    Despite the fact i keep hinting/subtly trying to recruit him

    RE UKAF - Nothing changes its still go for ArmA3 as far as i am concerned.

    Just not enough cookies on offer :P Good to hear the faction should carry over!


    As for releases, seeing as ARMA3 comes out on the 12th I'm tentatively giving myself the same date as a deadline. That said, I am still a long way from what I'd consider complete, as things stand I have a Squad Leader, Rifleman and Grenadier working fine in game (minus the thermal textures and wounds IIRC).

    With that in mind, would people rather I release something containing maybe, 5 or 6 different soldier classes that *should* be largely complete, or delay until I have more of the whole thing finished. Things like aircrew/tank crew would be stuff that I'd add later with more time as well as obviously more infantry classes and groups etc.

  15. It becomes derivative content when you import it into game. Source files for models and things like that are yours of course, but then the problem is that it's too easy to de-pbo content from the game. Anyone can rip the stuff out very easily :\

    It's not derivative if you've created something from scratch, if you'd edited/copied/modified say, a BIS sample model then yeah it would be but AFAIK BIS have always maintained that the IP for a mod remains with the creator.

    As for ripping, well that's against the rules anyway.

  16. I think you have the wow wrong. This is a game... You are not a developer.. you are, at best, a modder... If you are here for fame and fortune you are in the wrong place. go start your own indie title and get all the attention whoring you like.. Simply put, you are making an EDIT of someone's game, not reinventing the wheel. Realize that and we can all move on to a better game play experience with expanded reach through a universally adopted file sharing source built into an engine that already supports it.

    Get over yourself.

    Most modders do not do it for the fame MassAsster. Most make stuff because they want to make something for themselves, just so happens a lot of the time they share that with the community. How and if a content creator chooses to share their work is completely up to them.

    Simply saying they are just editing the game is unfair too. I wouldn't categorise spending 10's or even 100's of hours modelling say, a new aircraft, followed by texturing and configuring it "just editing" the game. Almost all of that was done separate from ARMA.

  17. could u make regiments, like under groups ya got welsh, english, scotish, irish regements?

    Possibly, will certainly have groups, as for what I end up naming them I'll have to see!

    Is this going to be part of the UKAF pack by RKSL? Or is that arma 2 only...

    As ROadKi11 said, I'm independent of RKSL with regards to the actual addon making but hopefully (and if nothing changes for ARMA3) it'll all come under the same UK faction so as to keep it all tidy in the editor.

    EDIT: As for a little update on the addon, I haven't had much spare time to do anything on them since the last time I posted pictures. Although I'll need to fix a few things the last ARMA3 patch broke (backpack stuff mainly) before continuing on. Have done a tiny bit more work on the shadow LODs but nothing major really.

  18. Hmm, I would suggest copying your model into a new LOD then remove all the selections for one arm at a time, (so delete LeftArm, LeftArmRoll, LeftForeArm, LeftForeArmRoll for example). Like I said in my overview, it's not really possible to teach someone how to actually weight models in O2, it's mainly a case of trial and error.

    That said I would suggest taking the advice of using a reference model (either the arma 1/2/3 samples) so you can see how much each area should be weighted along the arm:


    Also, rather than doing all 4 arm selections at once, I'd try to get LeftArm working first, I tend to work from the shoulder down towards the arm when I weight models in O2. I'll also say, it's definitely not a quick process, it can take weeks to even get it looking vaguely correct before the fine tuning starts.

  19. When can we expect these guys to be released?

    As was mentioned, whenever they are ready. Don't get much time to work on these so I can't really put a timetable on it. I will say though, there is still a lot to do.

    maybe after the units are done vehicles next? :P

    Not really my realm, have modelled some vehicles/objects before but don't really have the time/expertise to do it.







    Most of the rucksack assets I'm using are courtesy of da12thmonkey and tupolov. :)