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  1. Hello everyone,

    Bit of Bad news I'm afraid, as of this morning I seen to have had a complete HDD failure on my main computer. That means all my ARMA work has been lost as far as I can tell. I thought I'd backed it up on my laptop (in fact thought I'd copied it over twice, must have deleted each copy thinking the other was still there!)

    With that in mind for the foreseeable future I'm declaring myself "out" of modding, really just don't have the will to start over at the moment...

    That doesn't mean that I won't return at some point to modding but it's not at the forefront of my mind these days, sorry to anyone who still was looking forward to any possible updates on my infantry.

    To anyone who had requested permission for modifying my work, for personal/clan/group use feel free to re-do the config or re-texture the addon, based on what I've written above I can't exactly offer any of the source models anymore (sorry guys!)

    All the best,


  2. v1.5 STALKERG British Infantry

    Another update from 3cb more than myself, will quote from the changelog:


    - added armour values for Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests

    - added weights for Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests

    - slightly increased the carrying capacity of the @stkr_bi Osprey vest

    - adjusted the weight and carrying capacities of the @stkr_bi backpacks

    (based on... Predator: 45l/2.4kg; ECM/Comms: 40l/2.2kg; Motherlode: 36l/2.0kg)

    - corrected how backpacks work in the Virtual Arsenal (now only empty backpacks are shown)

    Will also update frontpage of this thread.

    Any uniforms of smock/ lightweight jacket type? Instead of UBAC?

    It's extremely unlikely from me at the moment, for all intents and purposes I've stopped modding. Just no time these days to sit down and do anything, every now and then I have some time to help others with little things (mainly weighting) but nothing big. The last few updates to this pack have been done by 3CB, I've done little more than upload them.

  3. Sorry it's been so long, haven't had any time for anything recently, here's an update to swap dependencies to the CUP (community Upgrade Project), all the work has been done by 3CB. Apparently the Trixie's Weapon pack was suffering from a crash of some sort due to one of the scopes.

    Here's a link to the download:

    V1.4 STALKERGB British Infantry

    The pack includes the base addon as well as my (very old) L129A1 that was also used in Trixie's pack as well as the new dependencies.

    Addon requires Community Upgrade Project

    Hopefully it all works, I haven't been able to do any testing but 3CB have most likely put it through it's paces prior to sending it over to me.

    If there's any issues let me know,



  4. Hello everyone,

    So there is another small update for this, more a quality of life change than anything. The guys over at 3 Commando Brigade have been working on a much improved config for the addon:



    - replaces Kiory L85 with Trixies British Weapons (L85, L86, L110, L129, L7A2)

    - adds appropriate scopes to rifles and fixes bug with L7A2 (GPMG)

    - creates additional infantry classes

    - adds placeable Editor Groups to match British Army / Royal Marines Sections

    - adds Zeus compatibility

    - adds @Alive compatibility

    Thanks and credits go to the 3CB/Apollo/Nemiuk for cooking this up.

    The biggest change there for most is the weapon dependency switch to Trixie's Weapons. Hopefully adds a more full selection of British equipment for everyone to use. There's also a couple new infantry classes as well as groups available in the editor.

    Below is the link to the WHOLE mod (including the unchanged textures and models), beneath that is JUST the new config which can overwrite what you have previously download if you already have the mod:

    v1.3 British Infantry

    v1.3 Config ONLY


    Trixie's British Weapons (Kiory's SA80s no longer needed for the mod)



  5. Hello everyone, just a little update to fix the armour and passthrough values of some of the equipment that had been brought to my attention:

    V1.2 Config update

    Nothing but the config has been updated so it can just replace the current "stkr_britmtp_cfg.pbo" and relevant bisign.

    I have also updated the link on the first page to the WHOLE mod to include the new config: STALKERGB's British Infantry v1.2

    I'm also aware of an error: "No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons/kio_l85a2_base/Single.StandardSound" but I believe that is to do with Kiory's SA80s and that he's working on sorting it out (correct me if I am wrong).

    Sorry it's nothing major, haven't had much time recently and have lost much of the spark for sitting down and modding at the moment...

    @Raz0rLëgend, if it's for personal use then you are more than welcome to fiddle with the config.

    All the best,


  6. Im having a glitch, not sure if its your mod or the l85a2, but i think its yours, the medic and AT soldiers are the only ones spawning with an L85a2 and have no mags for it

    Hmm, sounds like you need to update the SA80 mod you are using, I've configged my units to use default magazines with the SA80s and AFAIK it wasn't until the second update of Kiory's SA80 that he included the ability for them to use default magazine. TBH been out of the loop for a while so he may have since update again.

    @ProGamer/anyone else, I can't actually follow the link you provided so would it be possible to either send me an image of the page or a different link?

  7. @Frogtop and Imperator_Pete, not sure what would cause that but I'd suggest making sure you are using the newest version of Kiory's new SA80, haven't followed it closely but I think he merged his original release with the SUSAT addon. The download currently linked in his release thread here is the one I tested with.

    @Corporal_lib, i intentionally left the BIS stanag mags on my units so they can pick up other weapons and still have ammunition to use them, Kiory's latest SA80 version works with default stanag 5.56 anyway doesn't it?

  8. UPDATE:

    I've had very little time to sit down and do any much of anything recently but I have managed to update my config a little:

    -Makes use of Kiory's new SA80s (specifically the SUSAT and Standard Iron Sight variants)

    -Have changed the classnames for backpacks, have replaced ALL "Brit_" prefixes with "STKR_", annoyed that slipped through into the first release.

    Anyway, below is a link to the new config which is all you will need if you already have the addon, just overwrite the previous files:

    New Config for Infantry (4kb)

    I've also update the whole addon pack to use the new config so that's here if anyone wants to download it, it also contains my .bikey in case anyone couldnt find it on OFPEC:

    Whole Addon with new config and .bikey (97mb)

  9. Also what is modo? Is that expensive like 3DS?

    modo is a modelling program like 3ds MAX although both have their areas of speciality, AFAIK it's not *as* expensive as MAX but isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination (unless you are using an educational license).

    I imported my p3d into blender if it would work with the already exsisting arma1 textures already assigned to my p3d

    I'm not sure to be honest, I've never really ported a model from O2 into it so I can't say how well it carries over, I' assume if there is a community p3d pugin for blender it may well work but otherwise I'm not sure. Sorry I can;t be more help with that.

    Speaking of not being much help, I'm afraid my knowledge of vehicle modelling for ARMA is very very basic so probably wouldn't be any good at finding any flaws with your work, have only briefly looked at modding vehicles in personally but I'm sure others would be able to help.

  10. Glad it helped,

    I've only got very brief experience with it but I would imagine blender has the ability to do something similar to what I suggested, I mainly use modo and in that you could easily add edges through things like loop slice/edge slice so it might be work looking for features with similar names in blender.

    As for if it retains the UV information, I know that if I edge slice in modo it will add that new edge to the correct position on my UV map, unfortunately I've never done anything involving UVs in blender but it wouldn't surprise me if it did something similar.

    With regards to UV mapping itself, O2 is very slow for anything other than small/simple areas (at least for me it is!), 3rd party programs tend to be faster and I imagine that goes for blender too :) With limited experience in modelling and no budget to spend blender is probably the best bet for someone looking to do some 3d work, it has a bit of an odd layout if you've used something else and aren't used to it but for a beginner that shouldn't be as big of a problem. :)

  11. Hmm I guess thats "rounding" the wheel as opposed to sharpening the edges.

    I don't think it would be possible to do what you want in O2, not without having to re-UV certain areas of the wheel itself, just to clarify I assume you want to do something like in the image below?


    So to make the wheel more round, add edges in the middle of each face and then "pull" them out so the wheel appears more round?

    You can certainly achieve this in other modelling programs as most allow for edges to be added without much effort, afaik in O2 you'd have to do it another way.

    You could delete the faces between the points and the copy/paste those points, then rotate the new points so that they sit between the old ones, you'd then have to create new faces between the points (which would mean UV mapping it all too). Hopefully that along with the image make some sense:


    It's not really the fastest method but for O2 it's the only one I could think of I'm afraid.

    Hope that helps slightly (or that I;ve even answered the question you asked lol!)

  12. Have you guys figured out wound textures yet for custom models?

    I had no problem with them in A2 but somehow they won't work for A3. I have the selections defined in the model itself as in the model.cfg of the A3 example files (Body_Injury, l_leg_injury, ...) and linked them in the unit's CfgVehicles entry:

    However, ingame none of them will show up. Blood will only appear at the skin texture (which uses BIS A3 wound rvmats) :raisebrow:

    Sounds like you had the same issue I did, the selections on your model for injuries have changed in ARMA3, it's now:

    "injury_body" for you units torso,

    "injury_hands" for both arms,

    "injury_legs" for both of the legs,

    As for stuff like "l_leg_injury" being in the model.cfg, I assume they are either used on models other than the main soldiers or that it's just a legacy thing and they've been left there.

    Hope that helps :)

  13. Not to mention that metacritic doesn't aggregate EVERY game review out there. There could be some really positive (and some really negative) reviews which aren't being added to the average...

    Metacritic weights certain reviews more heavily too, so if two major publications had negative reviews and say, 4 smaller reviews were positive, the overall result would possibly be more so-so than expected. I never liked their star-to-score conversion either. I mean, in terms of movies, when I see "4 stars" I don't expect a movie to be perfect and yet metacritic scores that at 100.

  14. ^^ You ALWAYS HAVE and HAD that RIGHT, to the extent that is deamed reasonable. "Rights are best exercised instead of claimed"

    But you say "utopian" even considering that currently exercising the above right is or may be in many cases impratical?

    Not the right to monetary compensation, all addon/mission makers really have is the right to being credited for work they have done/help they provide that others then use.

  15. @InstaGoat/AMS Agent 000,

    Thanks for the explanation, like I say, the proportions are the way they are largely because my models were made initially when there was only A1/2 stuff for reference, I'll look at trying to change it up a bit.


    The use of Kiory's SA80 was because it's currently the primary firearm used by British Infantry and seeing as my models represent contemporary troops it was fitting to include them. As and when other SA80's, specifically more complete sets of them are finished I'll look at changing to something that doesn't mean every soldier has the same gun!

    I'm far from an expert on the matter but there always seems to be talk of replacing the SA80, I can't see it actually happening any time soon though, it doesn't seem like there's anything on the market that offers a big enough improvement that can justify the expense of switching. I'd have guessed until there is a large jump forward in some form of rifle technology, you won't seethe Brits change.

  16. Hi, love your addon, especially all the custom equipment, very well done! Is it possible you add the classnames for the items as well (ie HMMNVS, backpacks, etc)? Keep up the great work! I look forward to your future works!


















    Fair warning, the backpacks will have changed classnames next release, will swap "Brit" for "STKR", was something that slipped through before release.

  17. Now, BIS theoretically could make this work. But for some reason that's not the way they chose to do it.

    I assume that having the uniform sit on top of the underwear model leads to too many issues with weighting/polycount/section count (or at least, makes the model inefficient).

    @Raptor 6 Actual, The closest you could get would be to model a bandage onto the A3 sample model (which AFAIK is the underwear model), not exactly ideal (or even much different from how things are atm)

  18. Um nope lol.

    I can only assume it's to do with Kiory's SA80's going by the fact only the arms are deforming for the weapon hold animation.

    I believe he updated the addon after it's initial release so it may be worth re-downloading his addon.

    Not sure what else would cause that and I'm unable to replicate it on my end.

  19. I would like to see body armor have ballistic protection.

    And simply adding a rag doll factor for the Caliber of the round would negate negative issues IE RoboCop AI.

    So you get hit by 7.62mm you fall down, Hit multiple times by 5.56mm you fall down, Hit by 9mm you laugh it off and nail the guy shooting you.

    I may be mis-interpreting the config entry but the standard NATO vests have:

    armor = "5*0.5";

    passThrough = 0.7;

    I would assume that to some extent simulates the protection they offer. (Unles I've mis-read what you meant by ballistic protection)