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    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    I'm already well used to be guilty until proven innocent lol, Journalists are legally required to prove they didn't do something instead of having it proved that we did (with regards to libel) so unfortunately this is nothing new for me!
  2. May be an idealist on the issue but I prefer to view it as "Man" having visited the moon, the fact they were from the US is neither here nor there when the cold war macho-ness is taken out of it.

    Is The Mossad planning another USS Liberty

    Was it a false flag operation? I mean even if you want to believe it was a deliberate attack Israel didn't pretend to not be Israel did they? Also the words "False Flag" aren't mentioned in either of your links about the incident. Anyway about this Israel story, is it really news? I mean the only difference here is that the information has come out. I can't imagine that they are the only intelligence agency on the planet that pretends to be other nations/agencies from time to time. And yeah this is the problem with "packing up their country" as fox mentioned, most of the Israelis are gonna be normal, decent people, just like every other country. They all have their nutters, and typically these are the ones who get the attention (or a seat in office lol)
  4. Didn't see a thread on it so... Game designer (and seemingly a former US Marine) Amir Mizra Hekmati, sentenced to death in Iran for creating "US Propaganda" while working on the Kuma/War project. He was arrested when during a family visit to Iran. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/39542/Report_Video_game_designer_sentenced_to_death_in_Iran_over_propaganda_charges.php
  5. Yeah the Apple (iPhone I think) factory apparently gets employees to sign a contract promising not to commit suicide. I guess they somehow take measures against next of kin if you "break you contract"
  6. I'd hazard a guess at saying it looks "strong" because of the resolution of the image rather than the texture itself.
  7. I remember PC Gamer mentioned this in a Podcast a while back and I took a look at a couple videos, certainly interesting to see different conflicts being depicted.
  8. Gotta love TED talks, always find them interesting, certainly looks like a good step forward to battling blindness. Also very interesting to see the application for other areas of the human body!
  9. Not sure if you've sorted this but here is the link to my example backpack if you wanted to have a look: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MNQD7QLW

    The End of Conventional Secret Intelligence

    You were on that mission too? Probably bumped into you, although I can't say who or where I was obviously... :p

    BattleField 3

    Haha I was trying to get the L85A2 so was playing Squad Deathmatch, oh man did that hurt my win/loss ratio!

    BattleField 3

    Awesome cheers matey, found it :)

    BattleField 3

    Ah cool, what's it called? I had a quick look but couldn't find it

    BattleField 3

    Out of interest, is there a platoon for ARMA players? there was one when I was playing the beta (think pufu started it) but I guess that went when they reset everything for release.

    some advice form any 1 that models please

    I can only really back up what pufu has already said, directX isnt a fan of anything more than 4 sides. The main reason (for me) sticking to quads is helpful is often with tris I struggle to see parts of what I'm modelling because of the wireframe, with quads it just makes it that bit easier to see.

    Battleship: The film

    Saw a trailer for this a while back and felt sorry for Liam Neeson, I like him as an actor but think he will struggle to make this film anything better than average. Maybe it was just a poorly done trailer that didn't inspire enough "oh that seems cool", this second one is a little better but still...

    BattleField 3

    I always love the random levels of crazy in Battlefield games, seems to finally be coming through with BF3... FOaGhE_sejI

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Always up for some pictures of it so feel free to send them over buddy :) @rhaggan, unfortunately server logs mean very little to me, do the units load in the editor?

    Ghost Recon: Online

    Yeah UBIsoft's view of piracy, games sales and PC users is certainly very weird. You'd have thought they look at other PC developers (such as BIS or CD Projekt RED or Valve etc) and have thought "how come they are doing fine on PC?" Anyway, a UBI Developer for "I am Alive" has, a frankly astonishing statement for PC gamers: “it’s not worth it†Not that we didn't already know UBI weren't the biggest fans of out platform but still, bit of a PR cock up to tell PC gamers we aren't worth their time. They blame it all on piracy and yet they seem to miss the piracy on consoles...
  20. I'll reupload the backpack as soon as I get a chance, away from my main computer at the moment, tutorial is at Roadkill's link :)
  21. No reason why they shouldn't, modded units use the same skeleton/selections as BIS models, in fact looking at the pictures, they are Bink's Marines anyway :)
  22. @SPEKTRE76, looking good so far! Out of interest, are the "Teeth" on the RIS directly attatched to the rest of the model or are they "free floating" so to speak?
  23. Ah yeah that will be (mainly) the blanking plate on top of the velcro on the arm pocket' date=' it's small because all I did when I applied the swatch I'd drawn was scale it to the same as the rest of the model, can make that bigger when it comes to it though :) EDIT: Just to show you the other arm pocket: [img']http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/otherarms.jpg[/img] Larger
  24. @RKSL, thanks for the sizes, should help a great deal! @DarkFenix100, these will be standalone but I'd imagine as with the current version of my 3 Rifles they will have a replacement pack made for them :) Anyway, very little update, have done an incredibly small edit to the MTP texture, have been slowly adding back in DPM shapes for the dark brown/black, still probably needs a bit more but here is a picture all the same: Larger Gonna take a look at the helmet too, although it's exaggerated in the pic above (because of the camera zoom) as was pointed out by Rabidstoat it is probably a bit tall/rounded on top. Cheers, Matt

    They better have female soldiers...

    Not to plug my own trade but modders could always add it in if it's not there (I know there has been very little for ARMA2/OA but still). I think although *generally* the only really difference is indeed the head, there are still some subtle differences that it might look weird without. Pretty much covered by DM with height and BMI though. To use the ARMA2 attempts as an example, sticking female heads on the models does sort of work, it's just they do look slightly as though they have been drinking testosterone out of their camelbaks instead of water :) Again that's mainly down to the BMI and Height. Anyway sticking with what DM said, in my attempts at creating decent female models I've found it very hard to stay away from the obvious ways of making them look female (of which there are examples below). As you can see I've removed the body armour so the female shape is far more obvious but it's not exactly practical for combat lol Anyway, yeah, basically a VERY long winded way of saying I'd also like BMI and height as variables :)