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    What are sections?

    Those are textures which often make up part of the RVMAT. So for example you could have Car.rvmat which is made up of car_nohq.paa, car_smdi.paa and car_as.paa.

    What are sections?

    Desired amount for any model will always be as low as possible, for infantry models that is normally from about 4 to 10. After having a quick look at some BIS samples from ARMA1 the vehicles tend to be 15 or less. (But dont take my word on that!) As with everything, it varies from case to case. Interestingly, the BIS Hilux model has 29 sections which sounds very high to me. Or at least in the ARMA1 samples it does... In terms of lowering the count, one tip I use is putting an existing texture/material onto any proxies in use. Should knock the section count down by 1 if nothing else :)

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    Although this is all (probably dangerously inaccurate) assumption from me, I'd guess the customizable gear could be done via proxies on top of a "base" model. So I suppose you could (with a lot of guesswork) figure it out. That said I think it will be a case of waiting until a tutorial/samples are provided. (Which we will all start demanding the second the game is out as usual lol) Still, infantry might work without the customization "active" as a feature on them. So you could still see a interim version from me if this is the case. Anyways, I probably missed the mark by a mile but I'll have to wait and see :)

    They better have female soldiers...

    I actually think that regardless of the "do they don't they?" over combat roles. If nothing else it makes a nice change in terms of a story (or just playing) to once in a while having a female soldier/officer/etc... And obviously it's more than possible to not overdo the model, or over-sexualise the whole thing like in most games with women. To be honest, the more variation in game, the better if you ask me. (But then I'd also like to see different heights/weights possible too).

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    Well, my newest Brit units will be in ARMA3 (and maybe ARMA2 if I'm not lazy!), as close to day 1 as possible (otherwise I'll draw the whole thing out for too long). Of course, will need some SA80's at some point :P I imagine the basics for infantry is pretty similar, it will be the customizable uniform/gear stuff that might crop up as an issue. Will be bringing over the "other" thing I'm working on too I imagine.

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    First thing I'll do when ARMA3 is out, open the editor, fly around in an MI-48, get shot down by a railgun... :)

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    Fights you say?... Best sport going but never the easiest to get into...

    Music Recommendations

    Always wondered what that song was called! I actually quite liked the film too lol, Anyways, something a couple years old but still good all the same...
  9. Looks alright, but then I think that about every CoD these days. Pretty good mindless fun... But still, horses! :) Motion Capture that Horse!

    European Politics Thread.

    There is a reason I avoid politics threads but oh well... People see what they want when they read articles. I know they do. Half of my job is making sure they do just that. Some people will see the monitoring story as "great we will be safer!" news others will see it as "the evil regime is here!" news. I've not read enough about it so won't take a personal stance but I do wonder sometimes why some people apparently think EVERYTHING the government seems to do is to fuck us over.

    SimCity announced, 2013 release.

    It's the same for stuff that uses steam but you can play offline though isn't it?

    Music Recommendations

    @SaOk, something kinda cool about the song you posted, probably not what I'd consider to listen too normally but thought it was actually pretty good :) @PurePassion, man Gary Clark Jr. is well good! A couple things I have been listening too... James Vincent McMorrow - Sparrow & The Wolf, kinda reminded me of Fleet Foxes/Bon Iver etc . Hanni El Khatib - Come Alive, just a badass sounding song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9KeUiAuByk The Coppertone - Nighttime Wishes, always loved The Coppertone/Amanda Zelina, such a brilliant voice, and awesome instrumentals, just hits the nail on the head!

    New Arma 2 DLC: Japanese Self Defense Forces

    Would be kinda cool if it was real! For a second I thought the JSDF MOD had updated on the 31st, (of january as it turns out lol!)
  14. @PELHAM, lol you know as well as I that certain British Newspapers would have much more out-of-context headlines than this thread title :p EDIT: Out of interest, how would Noth Korea react to the shooting down even if it was of course over Japan?

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Haha well I'll probably finish the MTP version first :P BUT, I do plan on doing some "lighter" stuff, so maybe, lighter armed infantry for "lets show the locals how friendly we are" patrols. From there it wouldn't be too much of a jump to "blue" versions :P
  16. Why/how so? (lol probably the shortest question ever!)

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    @Skippy, at this point they can't, something that I might sort for any future releases. @folgore_airborne, haha yeah I know all about them, been using them for quite a long time :P @Nike619, might need to be a bit more specific than "doesn't like to play nice", that said I can't guarantee my addon will work with all other mods/addons. I don't know how Robalo's configs affect P:UKF weapons but if it changes the classnames then that's probably the cause. :)

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    PM Sent matey, @AKM, yeah I have thought about this, like you say, I would have a ton of extra work to do for this, hmm, who knows, I'll see what I can manage lol

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    As da12th was saying, pattern is what I'm really after, one day what I make looks too multicam, the next day too DPM then next day "Ouch I should stop hitting my head against this wall!" A front and back of the Jacket/shirt would be a big help if at all possible, preferably in the most neutral light you can find, although I suppose it's sort of the point, it's hard to find a definitive "colour" to MTP. Anyway, any imagery people can provide is helpful, it all makes a difference :)

    SimCity announced, 2013 release.

    Societies wasn't made by Maxis though was it? Apparently Societies is one of the games EA don't like mentioning because it wasn't all that good. Anyway, so far 5 looks like a good return to the better days of 3000/4 (at least, they are MY favourites)! @.Taffy, where did you find that info on the price? Does sound a lot but if it's worth it... :) EDIT: Oh and although I love the "everything you see is actually happening" approach, I hope they still have some good old graphs for me to stare at :)

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    @All, for anyone who can get them, I'd love some decent shots of MTP, I know there are tons of images with it on the web but I'm still bashing my head against the wall trying to get it looking right, as it stands my last attempt is looking like this but I've literally lost track of what I felt has looked better/worse etc lol. At the moment I'm re-doing all the the lower half as I'm not happy with it, might be annoying weighting it all but oh well! Once the "base" model is done, work should speed up. As da12th said, he PM'd me about the helmet stuff and although I'd rather have scrim/tape etc on helmets, if it turns out the regulation is followed I'll do the same. Won't change anything until there is a good amount of picture evidence though. EDIT: Oh and the helmt will be changed too, needs a little tweak on the shape... better quality if needed better quality if needed
  22. I am a Journalist, so am I on that list? :p
  23. Are you sure? Looking at stag's image the model's texture seems to lack the arm pockets found on the D, it looked like a mix of the R and S to me but like I say I'm not exactly knowledgeable in this area lol. For all I know it could be based on a different Gorka (and manufacturer) to normal. lol
  24. @colonel stagler, what Gorka's are the units wearing in this photo? I'm by no means an expert but I couldn't work out which version it was :)
  25. Lol I doubt that would be a "normal" person's reaction. I can't imagine most of the world would label him/her a thief. I think that the US use of nuclear weapons is/was different to a contemporary use of them, I mean if Japan possessed a nuclear capability in 1945 I think that would have made the decision to use nuclear warheads a very different one.