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  1. @TheSun, its meant to be the L115A1, havent really got a clue as to what its called before its given a land force designation by the Brits. EDIT: Think its the AI Super Magnum. Does anyone know the standard calibre of the weapon?
  2. hello peoples, just decided to surface and show a pic of the Brit units i am still working on, don't have much time for any editing anymore but hopefully can get a near final release out for ARMA and ARMA 2, not sure how soon though. I have started on some weapons too but i wouldn't count on them being done too soon, the ones in the pic dont actually do anything yet, just for show. Anyway hope you like, the pic have been edited so the colours will look a bit different to how they actually do. @Col. Faulkner, the 5.56 i had written on the magazine pouches was meant to just go on the odd one to add a bit of personalisation but i never got round to sorting it out so it ended up on all the pouches. Thats gone now with the new DPM anyway. http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/brittroops2.jpg (larger)
  3. ahem... edited... Temperate :) Thats my brothers annoying influence lol. Looking nice Col. Faulkner, love the '68 pattern you got there.
  4. yep updates to the SF will be coming sometime too, might be quite different to the current version, or more specifically the recon models will be much changed. Thats if i get the time :)

    Project: UK Forces

    Sad to hear but understandable where the PUKF team is coming from, i am a very poor mission maker and have been waiting for the perfect Brit units to make my dodgey mission with and although i have spent ages making my own stuff I don't think i would have made that mission until the PUKF stuff was out :) You guys have been a big inspiration to me and will miss the quality work you produce. Anyway, best of luck with whatever you do in the future and hope that there can one day be a return, maybe in ARMA 2. STALKERGB
  6. Hello everyone! I've been really busy on other things (projects) but just a quick update on my Temperate DPM for my British Infantry, just want to know what people think of it as i'm not too happy with the version i currently have on the current release version (its much lighter and doesn't really have the black in it). Anyway let me know what you think. There is also an image of an L85A2 i have been working on, been doing it for ages and will probably be going for a long time still, no textures yet but maybe one day... :) I have also got very early models for an L85A2 UGL and an L86A2 but they are still a long way behind what you can see below. Anyway hope you like :) Oh and i have started to play around with vehicle modelling, nothing done yet but would like to be able to chuck out the odd vehicle and maybe combine all my stuff into one mod. New DPM (comments welcome) L85A2

    Return to Arma: 1.61 vs Vista 64 bit

    out of interest, what is it like playing with three monitors? do the gaps between screens get annoying or do you just sort of forget about them when you start playing?
  8. nice, cant wait for that in game!

    British Special Forces

    @PSYCHOSIM, yeah been having second thoughts about that too, will probably remove it for the second release or might give them SIG P226s instead (or is it P229?). Glad you are enjoying them

    British Special Forces

    hiya, yeah will get round to doing the update now, should be able to fix it EDIT: Ok think i have fixed it, please tell me if i haven't cheers Brit SF ATI Version

    British Special Forces

    @toadball, Well these units are more aimed at temperate climates, the desert BDU's have been added because alot of the refernce pictures i used were of SAS in Iraq wearing the Woodland DPM/ Desert BDU mix. They also add a bit of variety to everything. If i get the time i am going to make some purely for desert conditions, this will probably mean i change these guys to more OD and woodland DPM. Might also make some counter-terrorist guys but we will see. @da12thMonkey, cheers for comments.

    British Special Forces

    @nephilim, cheers, yeah i will probably add bergens at some point. In the pic i posted of the Task Force Black guys are the weapons they have the CQB versions of the L119A1? @Col. Faulkner, nice pic, should have made them lol

    British Special Forces

    @nephilim, Yeah that kinda thing is what i eventually want my UKSF recce units to look like, just need to get round to making the assault vest before i sort anything else out. Cheers in advance for the SFW pics. @jungle.sniper, lol too quick i am

    British Special Forces

    right well about the camo choice, i have done the mix the way i have because most of my reference photos came were of SAS in Iraq. Pics like this: @nephilim, Can you elaborate on the difference of characteristics between my L119A1's and the real ones please. Or like you said post a pic and mark/state what is different. As for the silencer that will be changed when i find time to do so, and the Elcans were added just so there was another varient of the weapon (even if its not accurate). The AG36 is dodgey i know that, again, it will be sorted when i have the time. As i have already said when i get the chance to make a decent assault vest i will remove the RAV's on the Recon units (which will be called Recce next time) Â The RAV pouch arrangement is done with what i had available to me (all that stuff is BIS) again, when i get time i will make it more accurate. The comms thing i will sort @helping hand, seeing as there will be tons of stuff i am gonna need to change i will remover the rucksacks from the Assault units when i re-do them. Any update will probably be around easter, been really pushed for time recently (writing this on my break at college).

    New Nvidia and ArmA problems

    it might just be me but i thought ARMA didn't like 3GB of RAM :s Might be worth running it in XP compatability mode. You never know, has worked for me with some games.

    Proposed Global Ban List

    Yeah it does sound like a very good idea and a useful tool but (to quote spiderman) "With Great Power come Great responsibilty" the only worry is like alot of things it could easily be used justto ban people you don't like etc. Still a good idea....
  17. Hello peoples! Just another version of British RMC to play around with, these are based on RMC from around 2001. Before anyone asks they are different from the ones I previously released; -They now have woodland DPM Helmets rather than desert. -The backpack models are different from the previous RMC. -The blood actually works now! This addon is smaller than the previous RMC ones, took out some of the classes so now there is only: -Squad Leader -Rifleman -Marksman -Sniper -Medic -Grenadier -Automatic Rifleman ######### As with other Brit addons by me this requires the UKF weapon pack. ######### Larger Larger Larger I will update all the stuff I have previously done to include working blood effects. Hope you like! British Royal Marine Commandos c.2001 Download Link  (You might need to click "continue to Mega Upload" after clicking the link.) STALKERGB
  18. Alot of the pics i have seen of the RMC around 2001 were of them in mountainous regions where the woodland/desert mix did seem to be beneficial. But for most of my future releases i am going to try and make each unit look a bit more individual.
  19. @action man and Sleek; i have started to work on a replacement for these units but havent had any time over the last week to get it done, doesn't help i'm a config retard too

    How big is your ArmA Directory?

    mines currently "only" 16.3gb but it was around 25gb before i reinstalled on my new comp.
  21. @stewy, the pack doesn't have the minimi i have been working on, that will be released with the UKSF i am doing, it wasn't quite ready for release as none of the animations are working.
  22. @stewy, well AFAIK the minimi i have done is using the sound mod on my system (Chammy sound mod) although i have kinda forgotten what the BIS sounds are like. In the config it is defined as the M249 so takes most of its properties from that (including the sound). Glad you like it by the way
  23. ok thanks for the link helping hand, its the L108A1 the version without the retractable stock and as you stated the L110A1 is the retractable version.
  24. well i think what i might do is keep it but only on a couple (or one) of the mag pouches, still mainly focused on the models at the moment but have started to work on the textures now. Edit: Did a quick bit of editing before i have to head back to college, added in the Automatic rifleman and Medic, changed the trousers on the Grenadier to 3 colour US desert from a suggestion, does anyone think this looks a tad out of place or is it ok? Also is the correct designation for an FN Minimi the L100A1 if it doesnt have a retractable stock? Larger
  25. @Wardog, well for the recon element i will be having guys with bush hats so i might as well include a guy with a watchcap, dont know how i will be for time cause i cant spend very long doing my units at the moment so when it come to making a watchcap it may have to wait a bit (unless anyone is willing to offer me one). Anyway i will see how it goes.