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    lovely work there! My plucky Brits are certainly gonna have something to shoot at :) Are the arms working on the unit models when holding a weapon in ARMA 2 with new animations like the front grip or the proper holding of the M24 rifle?
  2. don't think the M16A3 has a detatchable carry handle (the military one anyway), the airsoft version which i assume that is does or AFAIK anyway. Can that be confirmed? Either way it would be pretty easy to make, the problem is that i dont know if it would be possible to add the extra eye candy ARMA 2 supports yet. @Flarmapoint 2, have you ever played one of the zombie mods for ARMA? They were pretty funny :)
  3. @FiedelC, thanks so much for that, will give that a go later and see what happens :) @Fcn, thanks for the interest and encouragement, its always welcome! @Delta Force, i am working on a gas mask at the moment, not for these guys but for some counter-terrorist guys i will hopefully get round to doing :) @All, will get a update out as soon as i can, will properly UV map the osprey armour (mainly the sides of it) and work out the texture round the webbing for the body armour. Will have to re-do all the models to include the new Osprey i have made, that shouldn't take too long but i would have to adjust the straps for the webbing and rucksacks too. while i'm at it i might just make proper PLCE too :) Oh and also, this will all be in ARMA 1 as well, i am debating as to just include an ARMA 1 config file in the addon but i think it may end up being more complicated that way as the models will end up with extra definitions (in relation to the new anims in ARMA 2) so could get more messy than it already is :)

    Different Ammo types. what are these?

    wouldn't have though so, the only difference is in appearence as the G36 mags have clear cases and you can see what is left in your magazine unlike the STANAG ammo for the M4/16 which has a solid steel(?) case.

    Different Ammo types. what are these?

    STANAG is just a NATO abbreveation for standardisation aggrement, most western manufactured weapons accept STANAG ammunition so friendly nations have a slightly easier time in battle together (can share ammo etc). In this case (without checking) i would assume that: 30Rnd_556x45_G36 - is the standard G36 magazine the rifle uses if you pick it out of a crate. 100Rnd_556x45_BetaCMag - is indeed the drum magazine used on the MG36 (but may still be compatible with the normal G36) 30Rnd_556x45_G36SD - The standard G36 ammunition used for suppressed versions of the rifle (and yeah it does just have a lower velocity, 300ms?), this would be what is used out-of-the-crate i expect. 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag - The standard NATO 5.56mm cartridge which is accepted by most (all on ARMA 2 ) AR-15 style rifles like the M4 or M16, in theory the G36 would be able to accept this too as it is STANAG compliant. 30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD - The same as above but with the slower velocity. 20Rnd_556x45_Stanag - Again same as the 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag just a smaller capacity magazine generally used on the Mk 12 Mod 0 (M4 SPR in ARMA 2). And with the SD ammunition because of the slower velocity the bullets will drop faster so you would have to compensate by aiming higher over longer ranges. Past that the others should all be about the same, only changing with the caliber of the ammunition.

    ARMA 2 Adult content

    I think that more people here would have a little orgasm over a well modelled weapon than nude models :P I think seeing as the game is better at simulating large scale military conflict a gangland style mod wouldn't work too well (might be wrong, never know till its tried) and at the end of the day the interest IS in the military side of things so i doubt there would ever be the drive to create something along the lines of what you describe, I know that personally it wouldn't interest me (in making or using)
  7. Ok below are the pics of the newest version of the Osprey Body armour I have been working on hope everyone thinks its an improvement, the main difference being the actual shape of the plate carrier, looks a bit more like the real thing now (although its a bit hard to tell from the pics). Anyway, suggestions and comments welcome :)
  8. didn't D@ve make an addon for ARMA that sort of fixed the problem?
  9. @blackhawkdown, the animations will be to ARMA 2 standards although most UK weapons will still be held the same way as ARMA 1, might add RIS to the SA80s and give them a front grip then i can use the mk48 animation too :) Will post pictures of new osprey as soon as possible, the front plate has been done (no new texture yet) and will hopefully get round to the rear plate soon. Obviously gonna be playing ARMA 2 for a bit aswell. :)
  10. @DXfan01, main change was to edit the units in the config to use a classname from arma 2 such as; class USMC_Soldier; I also had to add an extra }; at the end of the config :)
  11. @the mighty 6 platoon, yeah had to put it in really, personally really like the rifle so it was a must for me. I have decided to re-work my body armour as of last night, the main reason being (and anyone who has DL'ed my units will know) that the units weapon is generally inside the soldier model because of the "fat" BA they wear which doesn't look very nice, this is amplified in ARMA 2, so i'm going to do my best to thin it down to avoid this, I know it doesn't affect the gameplay in any way but it is something i want to do cause there have been too many times where i have used ICP/MODUL anims and half the gun was in the body making an ugly screenshot :) I will also be creating completely new front and rear plate carriers for the osprey because i know that what i have at the moment isn't very good.
  12. Hello everybody! I have finally managed to finish my British Special Forces, there is still alot i would like to do with them but haven't had the time so will add or change in the future. Right, down to the details, these units are not really meant to represent a particular part of the British Special Forces they are more a generic "Special Forces" you can use. So you can call the SAS/SBS/CTU or whatever when you make mission etc. The addon contains both Recon and Assault units, the main difference between the two at the moment is the amount of gear they are carrying but in the future i might remove the Body Armour on the recon units. The units are mainly based off pictures (from 2004 onwards i think) of the SAS in Iraq. -There are 6 Assault Units and 6 Recon. -The Blood works on all the units. -Added RAV (i think thats the name of it) Body Armour. -Helmets based on some of the pictures of UKSF in Iraq. There is also a Recon unit with an AK74 for "behind enemy lines for ten weeks in a row" missions. Was going to make the AK74 but haven't had the time to make one how i wanted so have stuck with the normal one for now. Anyway, I have also made a number of different versions of the L119A1 used by the UKSF, these are included in this addon, these are the first weapons i have made so do forgive any errors (which there certainly are) most of it is just the AG36 being named as the M203 and similar non-game-breaking mistakes. NO error messages as far as i'm aware. There is a weapon box with all the guns in to keep things tidy. All weapons have silenced counterparts. -L119A1 -L119A1 AimPoint M68 -L119A1 Acog -L119A1 Acog AG36 -L119A1 Elcan -L119A1 Elcan AG36 Think thats it, there is also the L108A1 (FN Minimi) in the weapon box. Larger Larger Larger ******* Download British Special Forces (ATI Update) ******* EDIT: The link above will take you to the updated version that should work for those getting the texture errors, if it doesn't just say and i will have another look. Hope you all enjoy STALKERGB
  13. @ck_claw, cheers mate, glad you like!
  14. British 4 Rifles get to Utes before those damn Marines take all the glory! :) http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/ARMA2brit2.jpg(Larger) http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/ARMA2brit3.jpg(Larger) 4 Rifles by STALKERGB
  15. @Mr Centipede, I never managed to get cpbo working with vista, it will pack addons ok but will not extract them for me. To do that i use Eliteness (cant remember where to get it from) hopefully google will help with that :) Does the new PAA plugin work with 64-bit vista? I assume that would mean i am running 64 bit photoshop although i have CS2 so not sure if i'm ok. might test later.
  16. so is it possible to binarize soldiers and get them in game? when i have tried the game has crashed on me but if i leave them unbinarized it works fine except for the arms going crazy when using a weapon that has a new animation linked to it (like the M24).
  17. @Alex.XP, well its nice to know its not me doing something horribly wrong, still its bloomin' annoying, maybe that will have to wait until tools come out for ARMA 2. @Pathy, cheers, its pretty much just the three guys you see in the pic at the moment, the others still look like my current release version (minus alot of the pouches/webbing) but I will get there in the end. Still cant figure out the problem caused by the new animations though :s
  18. i think its probably similar to books (i work in a waterstones) most we can put out before the release date but bigger releases are embargoed until a certain date, if we sell before we would face a fine. So i guess it could be similar with ARMA 2, doubt it is considered a major release by alot of shops (like HMV) game might consider it one but i dont really know.
  19. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74899 @joina25, brit units already in game, just a couple things i need to sort, some of which are quite major (like the anim issue i am having). Will have to finish alot of the models too. Weapons will eventually be in there as will vehicles if i get round to learning how to do the config file for them. Also have an updated version of my UKSF in the pipeline, will hopefully have counter-terror style guys as well as more normal Assault and Recce soldiers.
  20. i placed a waypoint (in ARMA 1) 10000 meters from me and it seemed to be about on the edge of what was visible, so from that i would say it IS 10km but it was by no means conclusive.

    Uhao Island in A2

    not sure if its the same with islands but i just have a config.cpp file when i test my British units (it seems to work ok) and i only make it a config.bin when i am releasing the addon. AFAIK the old 6th sense weapons used config.cpp and .hpp files and it ran fine (although i may be confusing which addon it was). If it doesn't work i would have thought binPBO would have created a config.bin file.
  22. blow myself up with a satchel charge :)
  23. Yes thats true for that example but am i right in thinking the 8800GT is the same as the 9800GT only the second is DX10.1 compatible?
  24. @Col. Faulkner, ok cheers will get round to doing that then :)
  25. @Col. Faulkner, yeah the green things are radio sockets as far as i know (seen them on quite a few units in Iraq/Afghansitan). The guy on the left has one on in the pic below.