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  1. AFAIK the commanche has been scrapped as a possible recon helicopter by the US DoD so I doubt its highg up on anyones list, it does look pretty striking so maybe someone is going to make one.
  2. well, essentially they will be done when they are done, although i reckon i will be able to finish the model/texture work before the dev tools are out. At the end of the day i need to be able to binarize my models and fix the selection issues before a release would be possible so if i had to give a time i would say around the release of BIS tools for ARMA 2 (which may be a long time)
  3. AASE - do your units have issues with the MK48 animations?
  4. hello everyone, just got back from Suffolk :) And yes i know it was dreadful... me taking time off! :) Smuke is right that there is Desert DPM in the works too and AFAIK the AI wont be able to tell the difference so it would work fine on the old SP skirmishes... with humans... well thats a different story :)
  5. Hello everyone, With regards to the animation thing, i HAVE (working) the MK48 animation on the L85A2 w/ RIS but as you well know my units arms don't like it very much. As of yet i have been unable to fix this problem. As far as I can see it doesn't look like its a new selection as I am currently using the ARMA 2 ones in my config and can't seem to see any new ones that relate to the arms in any way. Either way i will need to wait until the tools come out so that i can binarize my model for release. Regardless of property proctection, it doesn't help performance much if they are unbinarized. About the loadouts/weapons, most units will have the bog standard L85 as their firearm, obviously the marksman will have the L86 and the Grenadier will carry the UGL on his L85, in terms of AT weapons i will most likely use the M136 for now. On a side note i will be away for a week in Suffolk so no modding till next sunday earliest. EDIT: Right.... seeing as i'm going away here is another piccy... Larger I'm too Kind :) Hope everyone likes, same as the ohter but from a different angle... STALKERGB
  6. Hello again, have done a little bit of work on the units, still loads to do but have started to sort out my LMG gunner/Automatic rifleman. Just got a pic of "The Guys" below, just got all the guys who are closest to being finished in the image. The SA80 grip pod is in the image but its a bit hard to see and those that will look at the pic and just see kneepads... don't worry most units will likely not have them, I just happen to have sorted the guys with the first. Larger Any comments welcome :) STALKERGB
  7. hello people! i'm gonna be away for a day or two so probably won't be getting much work done in that time, was just sorting out the automatic rifleman and have also modelled a grip pod for the SA80 with RIS.
  8. Thats a British Warrior in his sig :) But yeah a Bradley would be cool (and the Warrior for that matter)
  9. @da12thMonkey, cheers for the info :) will get round to thinking about getting it in game too... With regards to the sliding bodies issue i had earlier, that has been fixed, was just an issue with the mass of the geometry LOD.
  10. glad you like, obviously i will focus on the soldiers but with a bit of luck we will get a vehicle or two done too :) To be fair to BOSS & Damned they were just texturing the BIS Landy for the RACS (IIRC). Us Brits seem to be gatting alot of shiny new toys at the moment :)
  11. @Dmahon, thanks man :) its really nice when someone says something like that, makes me want to keep going too. Bout to upload a new pic too... hang on... :) Very very early work on a landy, more just to see rather than actual proper work...
  12. in your ARMA 2 directory all you need to do is make a new folder (any name is ok but i have mine split so i put aircraft in one men in another and so on...) so lets say you called it @Air (the @ just keeps all the mod folders together in the directory). With the @Air folder you need to make another one called Addons, similar to the Addons folder in the ARMA 2 directory. so it should look like this... ARMA 2/@Air/Addons you then need to put your downloaded addon into the Addons folder in @Air. Once you have done that find your ARMA 2 shortcut on the desktop or wherever add add this to the "Target" line (at the end of it.) -mod=@Air now running the game should load the mod too :)
  13. All units will go trough a "wearing down" process for the uniforms :) Had a good long play with my units yesterday, made a mission similar to the one where you land on Utes in the UH-1Y and proceed to take the island, you play as the Mk48 gunner. Unfortunately, I came across a new error... When one of my units was killed while running the body would drop down like normal but would then continue to slide around on the ground, in some cases the body ended up in the air... Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, it doesn't happen to the default units so its definately to do with mine. If anyone knows what this might be the help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Right, just gonna post another pic of the new colour Assualt Vest, the SA80 with RIS is in the pic too for those who are interested :) Larger
  15. @poacher, yeah i have a couple of variations on the DPM on the vest at the moment so i will have a look at them and see what looks best. Certainly some units have to covers on the goggles but yeah i might put it over all that aren't in use but we will see. Will keep the rank slide thing in mind too :) @AimPoint, the nomex gloves are only there cause that is what i had in ARMA 1, will most likely change these to leather(?) and cut the fingers of the end of the glove. EDIT: Right, had a quick "break" from the wedding photos... The DPM is exactly the same but with a different green in place of what i had got :) Larger
  16. I'm sure people are working on that as you speak, Cameron MacDonald is probaby sorting his infantry out now, and Binkowski is getting his rangers in game (who are most likely going to be wearing the ACU pattern you are looking for). Not sure if there are any pics in Binkowski's thread but have a look anyways, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74239
  17. right, hello again everyone! Ok, here is a couple of WIP pics of the Assault Webbing i have been working on, still alot to do to it (mainly relating to the textures), I have gone for the modular style webbing that Poacher and da12thMonkey showed me loads of images for (thanks to them). The new shaders are working on the webbing but as with the colour map this could well be worked on lots more :) One problem i have had is that the scale of the PALS loops are a bit big on the fron although these are buried under pouches so it shouldn't matter too much. Any suggestions welcome, the main thing i am thinking of changing is the underlying DPM colour on the Assault vest, for now i have the lighter version i used on my old Brit units but i also have the current DPM i am using, just wondered if people think it should be a bit different... http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/sidewebbrit.jpg larger http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/backwebbrit.jpg larger http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m446/DairyLee/frontwebbrit.jpg larger Sorry bout leaving the crosshair on the last pic lads... Oh Also i will have to take a break for a couple days (would really like to crack on) but I'm doing photographs for a wedding so will be busy with that instead... EDIT: Might get round to putting a texture to the NVG clip too.... bout time really... Anyways, hope everyone likes. STALKERGB or Matt.

    17th Century Warfare Mod

    @MrMistym in the HL2 mod didn't you have to load the gun manually? or am i thinking of a different mod?

    Jan Prazak's Videos

    Thats Chernarus, the area between Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk :)
  20. cheers da12thMonkey :)
  21. cheers for all the help da12thMonkey and poacher, does the newest assault vest you posted pics of still have a similar back to the normal webtex ones? In relation to the helmets i would love to get the proper grassy effect going, the guys in your pic look hard as nails with the grass on the helmet so its definately something i am going to have a go at. EDIT: oh and does anyone ever have their assault vest actually zipped up? EDIT AGAIN: Looking at it again they dont zip up do they? just pockets on the inside?

    17th Century Warfare Mod

    am i right in thinking that infantry doctrine changed somewhat in the 1700's, so rather than the soldiers marching with muskets/rifles against the shoulder they marched more as you would hold a modern weapon, or at least light infantry and scouts followed the newer "modern" style. Its just that it might make things easier in the animation department. For getting everyone to stand in a line i wonder if it would be possible to change the "Formation line" spacing so that everyone is really close, although there wouldn't be ranks it might be a start. A cannon wouldn't be too hard to create, making it mobile could be harder but stationary i would have thought would have been reasonably easy.
  23. @jch5pilot, i plan to keep soldier loadouts pretty standard, so like poacher said 6 magazines a frag and a smoke grenade. @hunterman52, glad you like the guys with the scrim on :) @Poacher, with regards to your sandbag thing, there will most probably be one on some of the units webbing :) EDIT: feeling a bit down atm so gonna spend the evening modelling an assault vest...

    RAF Chinook

    @Flarmapoint 2, its not possible to un-binarize a model, the process of binarizing optimises the model for the game, this means it can get rid of information vital for O2 but not for the game. So without this info its not possible to reverse the process properly. Thats what BIS say on their WIKI anyway.
  25. @Jackal326, PM sent, check the old inbox :) @poacher, cheers for the pictures and suggestions, most of the things i will get round to in time, the reason for all the press studs is because i used the NAPA jacket maps for the shading, and like evrything else will end up looking better the longer i spend on it all. @Electricleash, dirt and wear is all planned, will come soon...ish :) @Snafu, the DPM holds up pretty well on Utes and Chernarus, obviously the AI doesn't know any better but i have had a hard time spotting my guys at distance (and close up at times :) ) As for the error with the arms it has been fixed... or more avoided, currently my units will only use the ARMA 1 anims for holding a weapon, so on the MK48 my guys will hold it like an M4A1, its not a perfect solution but it will do for now...