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    why use .pbo

    the .pbo is a pretty modular way of doing things (or at least my experience of it), it also can make things easier for MP; if you were playing a vanilla MP game and had extra PBOs the game just wouldnt use them so even though essentially your game is different you can still play together :)
  2. essentially thats the short of it, unless you want really twisted arms in game when using a weapon with a new animation :)
  3. My UKSF might one day end up in ARMA2 but if i did get them in game there would be so much i would change it would end up being more than a simple port i'm affraid. And as da12th said, the distortion is annoying so until BIS help us out (or someone who is uber clever figures it out) then not port would be without its problems.
  4. I know that on the easiest difficulty setting enemies have a little red glow/blow of colour over them, not sure if you can turn this on for other difficulty levels (haven't looked in the options for a while)
  5. Do you have to stay in that camera mode or once the target is designated and the bomb has been dropped can you go back to the "normal" camera in the cockpit?
  6. i was under the impression that a flares/counter-measures system was in the game but BIS had implemented it yet (future patch maybe). Although i do agree that i wouldn't like to fly my helicopter into a SAM heavy area, and this essentially is half the use of a SAM launcher, just as much of a deterrant as a weapon.
  7. well yeah i have stopped any proper work on my units, i just felt like tinkering today, i mean its the first time i touched my work since i said i was stopping and even so i didnt do more than 20 minutes worth. Whenever i feel like doing a little bit i will, what i was saying with my other post was that currently thats not going to be very often. So just dont get your hopes up too much. Don't worry i won't force myself to do any work, I'm focussing on sorting myself out first :) then if i feel up to it my units
  8. Heya everyone, was going to have a little go at putting the SUSAT onto the L110A2 as it would almost be a copy and paste job so wouldn't be too taxing, just realised i need ARMA 1 installed to view stuff in buldozer, so currently reinstalling that... might get back to everyone with a progress report or an image if i am up to it :)
  9. heya everyone, thanks for all the kind comments, i'm humbled by the amount of support you guys have shown me. I will try to keep everyone updated on whats going on and hopefully will feel more myself soon. Matt
  10. agreed! proper good lighting right there! Love the music too, was listening to it recently:)
  11. Hello everyone... Have been doing alot config-side with my units recently (adding GPS to SL and Maps, Compass, Watch, Radio etc) and sorting out better, more balanced, realistic loadouts for my guys. Below are pictures of all the work (model/texture wise) I have done to date, rather than it just being a nice little round up of progress there is, unfortunately, another reason for me posting today... Recently i have been struggling to really get much modding of any kind done (since the assault vest i have almost done nothing) i have felt as though i have almost been forcing myself to do it and really haven't been enjoying the modding process at all. Wierdly i am happier with my units than ever before as this is how I had always wanted them to look (right back before i even started work on them for ARMA1). Whenever i sit down and try to do any work on the units recently i have noticed that I'm doing anything to avoid actually working on them. The lack of interest in all things ARMA has stemmed from real life problems i'm having, just really not feeling myself and haven't for the past couple months, have also been ill on and off over a similar period. So, without beating about the bush, I'm gonna stop modding for ARMA, it is unlikely it will be a permenant end to modding but i'm just going to need time to sort myself out, please don't ask how long its going to be because I just don't know. Hopefully it won't be too long (who knows I might feel ok in a weeks time!) and I will probably be about on the forum possibly posting the odd update/WIP pic, I guess that on a good day i might to a bit of work but who knows... Squad Leader Larger Rifleman Larger Marksman Larger LMG Gunner Larger Anyway, thanks for everyones support in everything i have done, will keep people updated the best I can... Matt

    Lets get away from squares!

    prtty sure there are round parachutes in ARMA 2, think i saw them in the editor somewhere

    Floating zone poll

    I miss the FZ when i play other games... I also find having it on high can give you a small stealth advantage, if you need to take aim on a target (from a concealed pos.) if you dont have it on your whole body will have to move which is far more obvious to your enemy than just your arms/upper body.
  14. Thats because the weapon fires "dim" tracers, these only show up when using NVG, IE its meant to do that :)
  15. AFAIK the British "Pig" was the 1 Ton 4x4 Armoured Humber Truck. British "Pig"
  16. cheers for all the info guys, personally i think the ACOG on the LMG looks.... awkward, will get round to modelling it for the LMG and the SA80s anyway... another pic of the L110A2, nothing really changed, just the fact the LMG gunner now defaults to carrying it. Big Massive Large!
  17. Don't worry poacher, will get round to the Ally band as soon as i can :) I have already modelled a rank slide (did it for my osprey) so will get round to putting that on. As of yet i haven't done anything to the boots, pretty low on the priorities atm. Couple pics of the L110A2 seeing as everyone has been talking bout it :) Spent most of today doing this... barrel is placeholder atm, would like to model it a little better. comments welcome as always.
  18. cheers for all the comments guys, with the pack i essentailly wanted to see if i would be able to get away with it (saving me more work) but i will get round to making a proper daysack when i get the time, about the Minimi, there will be TWO versions by the time i get round to releasing all this, the one you see there (the L108A1) is just the only one i have done so far, the L110A2 (minimi para) is in the works. I know the L108A1 never really went out to front line troops but seeing as it is essentially the M249 already in the game i thought i might as well put it in. Will probably add the Radio-whip to the Squad leader (and give him a daysack) :)
  19. yeah thats a BIS default face, i think alot of the coloured guys look a bit... i dunno, not real anyway
  20. hello people, a couple of pics of the LMG Gunner and the Squad Leader (mainly his Webbing). Not reall much has changed since the last pics but i wanted peoples opinions on the backpack worn by the LMG Gunner. larger larger larger Cheers

    Alt-f4 . . . :(

    never had an issue with doing that until ARMA 2 lol, only done it once though, then learnt my lesson :)

    Best armory

    i think the british army is the best equi.... oh wait... not in the game? Damn. Went for USMC only cause of the humvee, oh and i like the insurgents! hiding in the woods only leaving to blow stuff up is cool :)
  23. never played it but i definately remember thinking it looked super cool (the heli that is) when i was younger :)
  24. Are you able to binarize your units AND get them to work in ARMA2? when i binarize mine the game crashes on the use of my men. PS good looking stuff so far :)
  25. nah its ok, one of the few times i have actually had to say it :)