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  1. Yeah Ryan Church makes some wonderful stuff! Wouldn't surprise me if they hit 4.5M looking at the current total lol

    Star Wars: Episode 7

    True he hasn't aged well lol, but maybe a cameo from him and Ford would be nice. Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see who they cast for the film in general...

    Star Wars: Episode 7

    Don't you mean... Force Choke?... hahahaha oh why do I bother.... Any I'd be up for seeing Mark Hamill return, in what capacity i don't know but still.

    Scientists guilty over earthquake....

    lol I mean... just what can you say... such a ridiculous ruling...

    Red Bull Stratos is about to launch!....

    Yeah Youtube seemed fine for me while he actually did the jump, absolutely amazing to watch. Been a very long time since I have been that in awe of anything, congratulations to Felix and all the people involved! Have to agree that when he began to tumble me and the others watching with me thought the worst, so glad he made it down safely.
  6. Generally try to keep to quads, if for no other reason it makes your model seem less cluttered to look at. Obviously when it's in game it'll have been broken up into tri's so one of the benefits to using tri's yourself is that you can define where a quad is cut across the middle. (If that makes sense). Also I find that using lots of tri's can cause slightly odd shading sometimes, so if you had something like below: Where a single point has lots of edges coming out of it, it can produce some weird lighting around that area. Not always but from personal experience it seems to happen from time to time.
  7. @Beagle, without reading your link I assume that's thalidomide? Indeed an awful thing to have happened. As for this particular study on GM foodstuff, I'm not really saying one way or the other if it's good or bad, I can't honestly say because I don't know. That said I do find it hard to believe that Seralini and de Vendomois did this experiment as objectively and "properly" as they could. Not saying that they are wrong or right, just that they look "dodgy" scientifically the way they have done it. Primarily Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical according to the internets. I say that Agent Orange is slightly different seeing as it was used in war, horrific results but I'd assume that the pressures of war lead to rushed development and testing.
  8. If Gilles-Eric Seralini is so confident in his results, why won't he let the European Food Safety Authority verify them? I know he claims they will be biased but if his results are so compelling and accurate then surely they won't be able to "massage" them or whatever he thinks? EDIT: Speaking of bias, surely Seralini and de Vendomois are a bit suspect given their history of anti-GM work, not that it makes them wrong but it can't help in an experiment that needs to be completely fair. Isn't the co-author of the study, de Vendomois' degree in homoeopathy?

    Odd Transparency Problem

    I would guess (although I'm not too sure) that the face order on your model needs sorting, it might be worth clicking the drop down menu "Faces" and selecting "Sort" or "Sort Alpha", what that will do is move the transparent face "above" the others, this'll hopefully sort the problem. The other solution could be to cut/paste the transparent face which should have the same effect as moving the face "above" the others. Hope that makes sense lol
  10. Big thumbs up for this! Always good to see new tutorials being put out there :) Funnily enough, I've made custom anims but don't remember adding the - class PulseRifle_anim : ArmaMan {}; I assume that is required and I must of added it at some point lol

    [Oxygen 2] Can't create a face?

    Hmm can't say I have heard of this issue before, could you maybe post an image of the point just before you attempt to create a face. Geometry I have imported into O2 has seemed to have worked without issue (at least as far as I can remember). What format are you importing?

    STALKERGB's Weighting overview

    To follow Synide's answer, one of the key parts of your model that will have to be the same size/position is the hands, if these are out of place it can look very messed up. With that in mind, the rest of the body has to fit the specific position of the hands so unfortunately really limits how tall or fat a model could be, as an example, the female model I'm working on at the moment is almost exactly the same size as the male models I use, the only real difference is "she" is slightly thinner and the shoulders are less square. There isn't a whole lot you can do unfortunately. 1 - The only selections that will move are ones defined in you model.cfg, so as you surmise, creating one called "abc" won't do anything special. The reason I use my own selections is kind of my answer to number 2. 2 - I create something like "LeftArmAdd" because if you begin painting weights onto a model and then define it to "LeftArm" it will overwrite what was already on LeftArm. A solution to this would be to select "LeftArm" before you start painting. The reason I don't do this (and create my own selection) is purely because it allows me to make mistakes without any serious consequence. So if I mess up what I was defining to LeftArmAdd I'll only have to re-start or re-correct that small selection as opposed to having to re-do or start again with the whole "LeftArm" selection. I hope that makes sense lol! 3 - As for MAX, I'm sure there would be a way, unfortunately I have almost no experience with it (I use modo) but someone more versed in it might be able to help :)

    Neil Armstrong (82) died

    To quote the Armstrong family: "next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon …. think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink"

    Sleeping Dogs

    It's really enjoyable, love the setting! To be fair I enjoyed True Crime years ago and I'm glad to see that enjoyment has carried through. I actually think the port isn't too bad, seems much better than a lot of ports. And at least for me has been far smoother than GTA 4 when that came out on PC. Also I'm really enjoying the voice acting! Didn't realise Lucy Liu, Tom Wilkinson and Emma Stone were in it! :)
  15. @Hans, well yeah technically you can say a lot of things humans do are completely pointless, but then thinking like that never gets us anywhere. Although MSL's Curiosity will be an incredibly useful scientific resource the fact that as a race, we have proven we are capable of doing such a thing successfully is an achievement in of itself. Just because a scientific project wasn't privately funded and you don't think it was worth the time and money doesn't mean it wasn't worth it. A lot of scientific discoveries have come off the back of funding from a government. I assume we are talking about the discovery of the Americas? In which case Columbus was employed by the Spanish Monarchy, in fact before getting Spanish support didn't he go to the Portuguese Monarchy to try to get their backing? The East India Company had nothing to do with it though. The Telegraph put the price of the rover itself at only $1.6Bn, and MSL's total project costs at around $2.5Bn (which includes the rover) :) EDIT: The colour photos from the surface look really good! http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/675227main_pia16029-full_full.jpg http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/675358main_pia16032-full_full.jpg
  16. BELOW is the release of 3 rifle, an updated version of the 4 rifle work I was doing. STALKERGB's British 3 Rifle MTP Addon v1.0 Right well this is what some of you may have seen from the 4 Rifle thread, I felt that they needed a rename seeing as I've moved into ARMA 2 :) Basically contains all the infantry you will need (hopefully). All units are using the new MTP the Brits employ but overall I guess they are geared towards a desert environment as there is still desert DPM here and there. That said they work pretty well on Chernarus. Right well the main features are: -New Mk7 helmet on all units. -Created Osprey Assualt, applied to most units. -Created Mk3 Osprey in Hybrid DPM, found on AT Rifleman and Medic. -Introduced new multi terrain pattern to units -MASSIVE reduction in sections. Most units have only 5. The older ones had like 20 up! Larger Larger Larger Link to 3 Rifle Release Thread STALKERGB or Matt :)

    3Ds model's import problem.

    As pufu said, OBJ is a good choice for exporting, for me at least, no export is ever perfect and there will always be things that need to be touched up or changed slightly once the model is in O2 but for the most part, OBJ has proved the least problematic.
  18. Yeah it's called Survivarium, says it will be a end of 2013 release on PC. It's planned to be free to play and although I want it to be exactly how I imagine a STALKER MMO, I think there will undoubtedly be some compromise.

    Paradox Interactive Games

    It can really depend on how much power you start with, for example currently I'm playing as a Count in control of one province so much of "the game" is currently managing and planning my dynasty while also working to find an effective way to depose my liege. Whereas if you start as a King of somewhere, there will be much more war and vassal management to deal with.

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    @BIS, First bullet point on that page :p As for the actual vehicles, seems like a really good selection if you ask me, really looking forward to using the Dingo 2 :)

    UV Map Workflow Questions

    I Personally create the whole model before I UV anything, although I personally don't have a good reason for doing it like this, I guess you could say you know how much you'll have to cram into your final UV if the whole model is there beforehand. Although you can UV stuff in Oxygen, it is sooooo much easier to do it in an external modelling program. I can't speak for 3ds max in particular as I use modo but what would have taken days in O2 takes hours in modo when it coes to UV mapping. For the most part, all I'm doing is selecting edges where I want the "seams" to be and modo does the rest (obviously it needs tweaking here and there but still!) If you are creating the UV in O2, you can always hide objects that are in the way (Ctrl + H, to unhide I select all Ctrl + A then press Shift + Ctrl + H). The UV map shouldn't change regardless of how you actually edit the model itself. So say you UV'd a box, and then stretched and moved the box about, the UV map will stay the same :)
  22. Actually quite like listening to someone talk about their upcoming project, makes a nice change to the norm :) Good luck with it all! Sounds pretty ambitious :)

    Oxygen 2 - OBJ Import

    Although it's been a while I remember a similar sounding error for when you import a model that has more than 4 points (IE, it's not a triangle or quad). Might be worth checking just to rule out that possibility.

    Glass problem

    @Drunken Officer, could you maybe post a picture of the problem in game?

    US Marines

    Glad it worked, like I said, I'm still not too sure what exactly causes it to work but well, as long as it does I won't ask too many questions! Look forward to the release :)