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  1. Agree with what most people say here that addon makers are all here for our own reasons. To example myself, I have a relatively large interest in adding extra infantry content to the game but I'm less bothered about realism enhancements (because I'm massive noob!). You could argue that what I have said suggests it would be great as part of a larger team if I did my bit while others do theirs but even so I'd need to edit what I've made to be compatible and if it's something I have no interest in I'm far less likely to want to do it. Also, from my experience of it anyway, working in larger teams is often a too bigger commitment in of itself, if people don't have the time they can end up holding up the whole mod. As for foundations, it's so subjective as to what would make a "good" foundation, some people like bits of this and bits of that but you'd find it hard to agree on one thing. And again, as others have said, there is a huge amount of co-operation on these forums.

    Computer Program Passes the Turing Test!

    Then end of that conversation seems almost profound lol

    Plane crash kills KHL hockey team

    Incredibly sad news... Hockey has had such a hard summer what with Belak, Rypien and Boogaard and now this. :( An absolutely huge Dallas Stars fan so especially sad to see Karlis Skrastins pass. RIP to them all.
  4. @Fox '09, Looking decent so far (although I'm far from an expert with what MARPAT should look like!). I would suggest that there are maybe too many polys in the top pouch of the rucksack, specifically the area which is essentially a flat face. Might have the same thing with the lower pouch but modo's grid makes it a bit harder to see :)

    Amazing blood effects that should be in Arma 3

    Wow I remember playing this ages ago, was a good bit of fun! The blood looks pretty good in the video but I wonder what performance impact something like that would have...
  6. @Rhosdey77, Lol is that the assault vest model I sent you aaaggggeeesss ago? glad to see it's still getting some use if it is! Anyways, looking really good matey, I would just say though, that there is a small amount of texture repetition on the right arm and just next to it on the chest (on the woodland texture anyways).

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Ah cheers for those pics da12th, should be helpful, mainly working on getting the angled pockets on the arms sorted, which as it turns out, is far more effort than I though it would be lol If I get round to sorting out the UBACS I'll do as you suggest an assume it's similar just with PCS sleeves/pockets.

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Well I'll be aiming to base the units on the new PCS cut although (maybe it's just me) I've had a bit of trouble finding too many reference images of it. Out of interest will UBACS be part of the new cut or is that staying the same for now? So far I've only seen the shirt and trousers in the newer cut.

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Just a little update for everybody, I'm gonna start working on a new version of my 3 Rifles for ARMA3 and ARMA2 (depending on when I get round to it!) will be re-doing absolutely everything: Will re-work all the models, was never happy that they looked close enough to British Infantry. Will remake the MTP, gonna draw out the pattern from scratch and try and get a nice representation of it. Will sort out the config so that each unit has more authentic and accurate equipment. Anyways, was just a quick FYI.

    Camera recommendations

    I've also used this and it's certainly a pretty good camera like pufu says! Personally I've used my old Nikon D60 more than anything, reasonably light and small compared to more professional Nikon's (D3 etc) and, for me at least, I'm more happy to take it places where it might get damaged/dirty. Have also played around with a D700 but they are damn expensive (was told they can use both DX and FX lenses though)

    BAF Voices for units

    Think this topic should be in the Editing section but anyways... For my British 3 Rifle addon I used this line in my config: The "Language_BAF" is what will give them UK accents :)

    Bohemia Interactive's future ARMA 3!

    To use GTA4 as an example, it used Bullet for it's Physics engine, Euphoria acted as middleware to use the information provided by Bullet to work out the animations. You could say that Euphoria works as a Human Physics Engine though... Anyway, surely the cost of Euphoria makes it prohibitive to use.

    Bohemia Interactive's future ARMA 3!

    It's an animation engine primarily, all it does is work out the animation for something on the fly. Wouldn't that make your source Dwarden then? :p

    Harrier Can not open .p3d

    I'd suggest downloading the ARMA1 sample models as I think there is an AV8B in that (which again should be the same UV layout for the textures to work). You'd be able to actually view the model too. Out of interest, is the pathname to the AV8B in your screen capture: You could also use hidden selections to retexture the AV8B, that way you won't need the model in your PBO (AFAIK). All you'd need in your config is the pathname to the model in it's ARMA2 PBO and then list the textures in hiddenselections (should be a few threads about hidden selections pm here if you need to learn how to do them). Never used hidden selections before so I might be a little wrong on it.
  15. @Goos, Thanks for the offer of your swatch, I think I'm gonna try and have a go at doing it (need to practise my texturing a bit anyway) although I might end up dropping you an email in the future if my attempts don't cut the mustard! For your comparison image, personnally I'd say the one on the right is more balanced so none of the colours overpower each other (what swatch is that taken from by the way?) but then the one on the left looks pretty nice too. It's very hard to say lol @seba1976, yeah mainly it's trying to find a decent front-on/top down image in neutral lighting to work out colours and pattern shape.
  16. Haha well you say that but I've never retextured anything so you're one up in that field of knowledge :p Looking really good, the MTP is looking very nice! The brown in it seems maybe a bit too prevalent or saturated, or maybe dominant against the greener tones. Although that might just be me lol Out of interest have you made the MTP from scratch or did you manipulate photos/swatches (not that there are many) to get to what you have? I certainly know how hard making decent looking MTP is! Need to sit down and crack out a version of my own at some point for an update to my infantry...
  17. Just to chip in on this discussion, one of the most important factors for performance is section count. This is the number of different textures and materials used on the model (but it's also increased by blank, untextured bits of model such as proxys). Most infantry models only have between 4 and 10 (I think most BIS ones are around 5 or 6). The more that are on a model the slower the game will run, certainly noticed it on some old models I had that were around 20 sections. Anyway, it's largely irrelevant if you are retexturing such as Goos is because you are only really replacing the textures that are used (rather than adding more). To use a similar example as Goos, 100 models with 4 sections are better on performance than 50 models with 8 sections (AFAIK :p) :)

    Harrier Can not open .p3d

    I was under the impression that the PBO for BAF aircraft was called "air_d_baf.pbo" so it might be worth trying: or for the filepath. Couldn't you use the US AV8B model (which would be somewhere in the air1/2/3.pbo)? At least you could extract those PBO's to find the exact model filepath that way :) I imagine the UV maps are the same so no extra texture work would be needed.

    England 'Riots'

    Actually just adding to the video jblackrupert added. Only here would you have people complaining of poverty when wearing £100 trainers while organising riots on £300 smart phones. Not to poo-poo the poverty/economic issue though. :p

    England 'Riots'

    I guess it's possible to argue that it's a side affect of having a very large, multicultural empire (or now the Commonwealth) and that it is some deep-festering link to that which limits any regard for tightening of the policy (whether true or not I couldn't say). First night the area in Tottenham was (from my understanding) a very multicultural area so there were "more" because of the demographics of the area but on the second night I was out and there were a large number of white kids about (possily not an even number but certainly a lot of them). On a number of occasions my camera was pushed away by angry chavs which was fun for me. (not that I was going for a mug shot of them lol). EDIT: and yeah the woman making the point of parents not doing enough seems to certainly be a recurring theme.

    England 'Riots'

    That's by no means limited to immigrants, there are 2nd or 3rd generation (British) families that live only off of welfare. Amongst the rioters I've seen it has been closer to 50/50. The term has crossed the pond :p Although job opportunities are part of the issue it also has to be said that there are a large number who seem unwilling to work, the instant gratification culture seems in-bedded in them. Powell brought over thousands of Commonwealth immigrants to work in the NHS which at the time was somewhat understaffed. His speech was more aimed at the Race Relations Act which was passed.

    England 'Riots'

    Having spent two nights out "on the streets" following the riots (well from the Police's PoV) it seems that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Most of the Officers I spoke to seemed to favour a "heavy handed" tactic towards looters/rioters but feel reluctant to actually enforce the approach because of the criticisms they have received in the past. That said, a large number of the Officers have very little training in riot control (not to say there aren't any) but when you have every last available Officer doing minimum 12 hour shifts for the Met and City of London Police Force it is easier to just have them all stand in a line I guess. There was in fact one guy who had done a 22 hour shift before going home to sleep for a few hours and heading back. To pick up on a point Pyrdain mentioned, I have noticed most Journalists focussing on the black and minority groups rather than white looters. From what I've seen there is a large number of white looters being "missed" by the media because I guess the "Daily Mail fear factor" is amplified if it can show a black gang culture or whatever. On the issue of what "caused" the riots, a YouGov poll showed that: 42% Blamed Criminal Behaviour 26% Blamed Gang Culture 26% Blamed more polictical issues (Social policy/bad policing etc) 5% Said they don't know. All I think this shows is that 95% of people will have an opinion on something they don't know enough about (although if my maths is right the poll only comes to 99% lol). Not that having an opinion is a bad thing but polls like this show how politicians/media/general public are trying to simplify an incredibly complex issue.

    England 'Riots'

    Well 3 RIFLES have been put on alert and are ready to go, whether they ever will is still up for debate. Sky's Richard Conway has been riding around with the Police in armoured vehicles this evening, apparently clearing people very quickly. Also being clapped/cheered down the street by locals. I'm currently sitting with my SLR cameras and a Para helmet ready to go if things kick off lol although currently not much to report near me at the moment, just some small groups gathering and Police dispersing them. Well, maybe not directly. I'm also of the view that the people looting aren't too bothered about many current political issues and that they are just mindless idiots. That said, surely it is because of a failed social policy and schools etc. that they have grown into idiots?

    England 'Riots'

    I have a feeling most of these were withdrawn after the use of them on Raoul Moat during the Police standoff with him (resulting in his death). Unfortunately the Police feel damned if they do and damned if they don't, often being criticized for heavy handed tactics. Not that it's an excuse for them. It does all seem to be spurred on by anarchists and opportunism rather than any particular political message. It's certainly hard to judge the problems and the scale of them, not that the media helps the issue. Although events like this show how bad (or moreover how willing) people are to go looting and rioting. ---------- Post added at 14:27 ---------- Previous post was at 14:22 ---------- The media has mis-reported the story incredibly frequently. It seems Mark Duggan never fired on the Police, and neither did they claim he had done. One of the Officer's found a gun and "feared for his life". Two shots were fired, one missed, the other didn't. The family never called for riots, they held a peaceful protest outside their local Police Station before going home. The rioting started thereafter. Although the Police may be found to have made mistakes, the same unit has conducted hundreds of armed arrests without incident so sooner or later they were going to make a mistake.
  25. I'm a Journalist! (As well as a photojournalist I guess). Although my IQ is no lower than the average persons I have a well placed stupid side which is handy when not regarding personal safety is required (such as when riots break out...) That said, I have my trusty Para helmet for riots :p What you will find is that journalists might not be less clever than others but it can come down to time restraints and pure laziness when finding stories, which would explain this hoax being reported. Anyway on browsers, I got an email from Microsoft saying: So I sent them a reply: