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    Sword of the Stars 2

    Yeah would be up for that once they have got everything working nicely :) I think you are right that it's gonna take a month or two before it's the awesome game the first is :)

    Sword of the Stars 2

    Ah yeah I was reading that you need to select/click on your fleet before a battle otherwise they don't appear during combat. Hopefully the patch today will be a big step in the right direction. Since Wednesday, the stations and upgrading them has been more broken for me lol Ah haven't noticed that, will take a look, cheers :) Also, it doesn't seem to be coded in yet but apparently you will be able to select multiple destinations for missions like patrol (and hopefully survey) which would speed the process up a bit. EDIT: Apparently the update has just gone live (although nothing happening after I restarted steam yet). Lets see what it's fixed!

    Sword of the Stars 2

    I don't think it is, I've just been making sure I relocate fleets as close as I can to where I want them to go to minimize travel time. Does seem a bit annoying having to have them come all the way back (and seemingly no way to change orders half way through a mission). Managed to play quite a lot yesterday as the Tarkas, like you say ziiip, combat is pretty fun, there is still LOADS that Kerberos plan on adding/fixing though. Have you been able to repair your ships at all? After a battle with the Suul'ka mine are pretty damaged but I can't seem to get them to repair at one of my planets... EDIT: Been spending waaaaaay too long in the ship designer :) I love it! Oh and there is meant to be a patch today, with a bigger one coming on friday...

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Hmm road sign said Los Puerta. (Which wasn't in San Andreas was it?) Although the Vinewood reference is there. Just LA then?

    Sword of the Stars 2

    I got the game too (had pre-ordered on steam) to be honest I expected some problems, in a similar vein to the first SOTS but it has been a bit worse than I thought! Haven't tried since monday's patch but was getting around 20 turns before a crash. Main issue is not knowing what half the things are meant to do, the lack of tooltips makes your job a lot harder. I mean, obviously there are a number of things that are similar to the first SOTS so you get the idea of what they do but any new parts it's a quick trip to the forums. That said, the hours I have been putting into it have been getting increasingly more fun (as I work out what stuff does lol) so I'm really looking forward to when it's patched up and "finished" :) The SOTS Wiki that has been set up is a pretty decent source of info too...
  6. Well it used to be more curved on my model and I have reduced how severe it is, but I do sort of agree, it depends what angle I look at it from, sometimes it seems ok other times it looks too much! Same goes for pictures I see of it, sometimes quite tall and curved: And sometimes far less: i took a comparison shot with the BIS version in game and mine is marginally more curved and tall so I might change it. EDIT: I don't think my screen resolution helps to be honest!
  7. @Sabre, yeah cheers for the advice, I know that there are a few things wrong with the pattern and I find it hard to pin point them so it's good getting other people's views as to what needs changing :) I had a quick go at trying to sort it before my eyes went weird (not that my attempt was all that successful), basically resized the pattern and changed the black (or dark brown I guess) part of the pattern for a more multicam-style design just to see what it looks like, in reality though it seems more a mix of DPM-esqe shapes and the "Bird dropping" shape in the MC pattern. Do you think the colour balance looks any better now it's been resized? The more I try and do MTP the more I want to bash my head against the wall lol! Will get there in the end though... Larger Looking at it, it seems closer to this than before... @da12th, I did wonder if the Velcro was too small, will sort that out ASAP, are the blanking plates going to be worn at all times when in the field? I hadn't actually noticed they were using blanking plates, on first glance thought there just wasn't any Velcro! Oh and will the Union Flag only be on the left arm blanking plate? Cheers for all the help guys :)
  8. With regards to TRFs etc I'll certainly have a look at doing it, imagine it's more than possible to be honest. Anyway, thought I'd post 2 more pictures, nothing has changed since you last saw the model other than the fact I bothered to load up Arma2 to take the shots :) Oh and I actually added the pouches I'd done. No materials on the model yet but thought it would give people an idea of how things are looking. Again MTP is as it was with changes pending. Not sure how much work I'll get done for the immediate future as I'm really struggling to (for lack of a better way of putting it) keep my eyes in focus when I'm staring at a computer screen, been annoying me for the last week or so. A pain in the ass when I'm trying to write an essay, anyway... here be the images: Larger Larger As always, comments/suggestions/criticisms welcome... Cheers Matt
  9. Hmm, I've not been able to connect to any servers for like the last hour.
  10. It's to do with the specular map (SMDI) texture being used, you can create a "shiny" effect like you see above if you make it in a certain way. Most BIS models have a certain level of shine to them but (especially on the OA units) depending on how light or dark the camo they are wearing is, it can be hard to spot.
  11. Well if anyone has any good offers I can change the name again :p Anyway, now that I have a decent internet connection at uni I thought it was about time I stuck up an update. Mainly been UV mapping bits and bobs of my infantry, done some modelling work on the legs too but not a lot. The MTP on the pics below has not changed since I posted the sample image, so basically don't expect it to stay the same, there are still a few more things I want to do to it. Right, well all comments/questions welcome :) Larger Larger Cheers
  12. Is anyone else getting nasty lag on a lot of the Caspian Border servers? Think I'll wait till this evening and see how things are...
  13. The Caspian border map is opening up later today so will be jumping back in to have a look at that :)
  14. This is what happened to Bin Laden, he was smack talking Obama on CoD so got a visit from Delta :)
  15. Have to say I am enjoying myself playing it, even if (at least the Rush mode) doesn't feel like "proper" battlefield. Would love to have tried Caspian Border though. Joined the Arma Players group made by PuFu too.

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    Although this particular case is just ridiculous (it's still beyond me how ITV managed it lol), in defence of us Journalists, these days there are far less journalists in each organisation but they are often being made to produce more content. So less manpower more production often leads to "corner cutting". It's often why you can spot stuff (especially stories as opposed to video) taken from the internet. Not that it's any excuse for this documentary.

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Maybe if I get time, although seeing as it's taking a back seat what with MTP in Afghanistan it's slightly lower down the list of things to do. Ideally I'd have both Desert and Temperate DPM versions but we'll have to see how much time I have.
  18. Right well I'm trying to keep to my own mandate of updating people when I get anywhere with my stuff. So today, it's textures. Or more specifically, the basic camo swatch for my units. As a few other people will agree with (looking at you Goos!) trying to replicate MTP is about as fun as banging your head against a wall. At least with Multicam there are very big photos you can use as swatches but for the British Multi-Terrain Pattern there are very few good photos you can actually use for a texture. Normally, what I like to do is find a good picture and paint over it so that I have the pattern's shape but without any colour variation or creases etc that I won't need. Because of the lack of many decent images, this was annoyingly hard for me lol! Now the difficulty with MTP and Multicam is that unlike a lot of patterns, the colours blend between each other. So you can't just have one shape all green and one shape all brown so to speak. I found with MTP if you have seperated the shapes into layers (in this case most of the DPM shape) then using a soft edged brush you can mix the colours together quite well. I would say, this is FAR from complete, just a preliminary version to get some suggestions about colour balance and shape really. Now as you can see with my first attempt, it seemed to be too brown when put on the soldier, looked ok in photoshop but the green colours were a bit too scarce. I felt the black was too black as well. My second attempt is hopefully looking a bit more like the real thing, as you'll see there are just far more DPM shapes adding to the green-ness of the pattern. I've also toned down the black so it fits in a tad better. EDIT: Looking at it now, do you think there is to much white? Pretty much the only image I have been using is the one below, it's far from great but I have managed (I hope). As you can see, my brown is slightly toned down from the one below because it tended to dominate the pattern. Anyways, like I've said, this is only my first two attempts at MTP so any suggestions are very welcome. If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask. :) Also, excuse any errors in my typing, it's 2:25am and I need sleep. Cheers, Matt

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    This is often the case (that it's controlled by a government body) but unfortunately it can't prevent a banking collapse. From some of the thing's I've heard and seen people are often weary (in the US) of top down governmental control of things like that. (again back to from a layman's outside view). I'd imagine it's also relative to the population of a nation, $100,000 between 10 people will mean more inflation than if it was amongst 1,000. Not that I'm an economist though. In fact, half the problem is probably that very few people (if any lol) understand how it all works together.

    9/11 10th Anniversary

    Never a more wise sentence that this.

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Indeed, The Pat Tillman Story is quite interesting to watch. A layman's view from the other side of the pond: This is certainly what it can look like from here in the UK, (not that it doesn't happen here too). It does look like they oppose stuff because it's Obama rather than on it's merit, or lack of. I personally find the mix of personal lives/religion and negative campaigning with actual politics very interesting. What I mean is, over here in the UK, there seems to be far less emphasis from party leaders on bad mouthing the opponents character. I'm not sure what most American's view of it is but again, over here the Tea Party has a.... strange... reputation, most of it seems to have come through entertainment media (it seemingly makes very good material for comedians) but it is often presented as the movement that doesn't care who's in power, as long as it's not Obama. Anyway, like I say a layman's view...

    9/11 10th Anniversary

    Sums up the day of remembrance for me.
  23. haha I know, Well, my computer will struggle to play ARMA3 at good settings but I think it'll work, to be fair mine struggles with A2 at times... I'd have imagined that seeing as it is an update (although a major one in theory) it will still be quicker than starting completely from scratch so with a bit of luck it will be out before A3. Anyway if it isn't I'll do my best to release something for A2 before moving over to Arma3.
  24. :) Although yeah I do hope to have these out in ARMA2:OA but the long term goal was/is to create something that can be transferred over to ARMA3 without too much editing. Obviously the extra features will need to be incorporated but still... EDIT: Oh and if I get time, I'm gonna try and write tutorials on the stuff I'm doing but like I said, it's if I get enough time.
  25. Hello! Been a while... Right, well, first things first. This "update" below isn't my main project at the moment, I'm currently working on something that has yet to be publicly revealed (mysterious I know!). So the progress isn't exactly going to happen at break-neck speed with this... BUT! As I pledged in my 3 Rifles release thread, I have decided to completely remake my British Infantry, that means mainly models and textures but basically the whole addon is being looked at again. The main reason for re-doing it is because the Brits have sort of settled on much of their new kit so I actually know what I'm aiming at. If you look at a modern picture of British Infantry and then at my current version of my 3 Rifles although they look similar, they are by no means accurate. Anyway, so far I have been focussing on the upper torso area of my model. By that I mean the body armour/neck/upper arms (or at least, these are the areas that I've changed so far). Now although it's not much below is a quick shot of some changes, the NEW model is the one WITH the HELMET: -The shape of the Body Armour has been changed, has been made to look as though it isn't welded onto the soldiers shirt. (especially the area around the shoulders) -Rounded off some of the sharp edges that shouldn't really be there on the Body Armour. -Made the Armour more bulky overall (hard to see in the pic). Made the shape dictated more by the armour plates rather than closely following the soldiers body shape. -Have angled my arm pockets as per the cut of the new PCS style uniform, on the old model, my pockets were straight. -Added a collar to the neck area consistent with something you'd find on a UBACS in place of the weird "tube" on the old model. -Have added bulkier trouser pockets but these WILL CHANGE as I think the PCS cut uniform has them at an angle unlike my ones. Still the rest of the arms to do and the legs. I'm currently doing a new MTP texture too which will hopefully look ok. So, as always, any comments, questions or requests pertaining to my WIP/addon feel free to ask. Hopefully will post as often as I can, even if it's only a small change. Cheers Matt