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    I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

    Thanks sama. I appreciate that. I might do some more videos like this in the future.
  2. sic-disaster

    Are AA3 players tank shy?

    I'm an infantry only player. To be honest, I don't like hiding in the 'tin can', but also it's not fleshed out enough to make it interesting. If BIS added something like the flight path for the helicopters, that might change. Though probably not for me.
  3. sic-disaster

    I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

    Well, my missions don't suffer from that so if people follow along, theirs shouldn't either ;)
  4. sic-disaster

    Export mission

    Have you changed the tags?
  5. sic-disaster

    Arma3 Videos

    I have a bit too much time on my hands at the moment, so I figured I would try my hand at commentated videos. This is my first ever attempt at one: a 2016 review of ArmA 3. There are a few buggy moments of sound in there, but unfortunately they were in the recording itself and not a result of the editing. Those recordings were a bit too long for me to want to redo them, but once I figure out more about the software and such, it shouldn't happen again. (that said, I'm uploading a video right now that has the same issue, because it was recorded closely after this one. I think I've got it figured out now though)
  6. sic-disaster

    Good job with 3den!

    That is exactly what you are saying right there. Any part of the team will focus on their part of the game, so their time will not be spent on anything else. So no, that time could not have spent doing what you said.
  7. sic-disaster

    Good job with 3den!

    You are assuming that everybody at BIS works on the same thing at the same time? No, of course not. Every company has people in different departments working on different areas of the game. Adding new weapons, units etc. doesn't take away anything from (for example) scenario creation, or writing code for a 3d editor, because it's a completely different discipline. I don't expect the people who created the 3d editor to work on AI systems, I'm going to assume they have a special set of people for that. So adding in one thing to the game doesn't take away from other things necessarily. Just something to keep in mind.
  8. sic-disaster

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    I'm having the same issue. The helicopter seems to fire once, but when I banked it around for a second strafing run, it doesnt seem to fire anymore.
  9. sic-disaster

    Anyone's willing to do some voice acting?

    I have a good mic, I can help you. Just send me a PM.
  10. I have a few volunteers already, which is great! But I'm still looking for more. Particularly Farsi-speaking people, I want you! If you have an accent that is anything other than American/English, that is perfectly fine too! I can use you for the AAF! Tell your mates, and if you're interested in helping out, send me a PM with a sample of what you can do. If you want to help anyone else with this in the future as well, consider joining a Steam group I've set up for voice acting volunteers! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VoiceActingVolunteers
  11. Yeah, I'm going to pass on the Wilhelm scream, but thanks ;)
  12. Units will never fire in Careless mode I think. Try setting them to Aware, so they can switch to Combat mode when required.
  13. As long as the ability to press M to get the map overview remains in the editor, I am fine with that. For me it makes it easier to create a 'flowchart' out of the triggers, to arrange them in such a way that allows me to keep track of them more easily, since I have a lot of triggers that follow eachother up for radio conversations and such. It is harder to keep track of in a 3d space. Since the idea behind the new editor is increased ease of use, it seems counter-intuitive to remove the 2d map completely.
  14. sic-disaster

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    I like the new system, but I do agree that the sway can be a bit too much. Now, I do not care about the sway in an unsupported position. That is fine, and I honestly sometimes prefer a 'non-realistic' method to achieve a more realistic end result. The reason I put 'non-realistic' in between tags is simply because we are in the end dealing with a videogame, which can not handle every single thing exactly like real life. There will always be limitations to what you can do in a virtual playground. In the end, I think it can be good to put in some gamey systems if the end result is more authentic gameplay (example: one might argue that going into ironsights is extremely fast, but because some people can do it in real life they should be able to do it in the game since it's realistic. The end result however is people nearly insta-scoping people as they run around. Now if you make it so that ironsights take a considerable amount of time to put up, you might argue this is unrealistic. But the end result may be that people slow down their movement, walk around more with ironsights already pulled up, and thus manoeuvre more tactically, which is more authentic.) We already have a good weapon resting and bipod deployment system in place. The only thing that is really needed is for these things to be a little more effective a little bit quicker. I get that after sprinting with a ton of gear it is hard to keep your sway in check, since I'm out of breath and my muscles are shaky. But if I plunk my rifle down on a stonewall and press it down with my weight that doesn't require either steady breathing or stable muscles. Arguably it should be a little harder to press your rifle up against the side of a tree or a building for the same kind of stabilisation. But the sway while unsupported is fine. I don't have a ton of real life experience (though I do have a little) so I can't argue the realism aspect of it. But from a gameplay point of view it will lead to people thinking about their loadout and how they scale various terrains, while moving from cover to cover to have a supported firing position. And that is a good thing, even if the mechanics that get the player to do it are not 100% realistic. I think it's safe to say that for example playing as an AT Rifleman is fairly messed up, since he has a requirement to carry his heavy gear but is severely punished for it almost constantly. In the showcase mission where you play as one (combined assault or something), it is nearly impossible to hit anything no matter how much I walk and keep my jogging to a minimum, even from supported positions. It takes too long for those to be effective.
  15. sic-disaster

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Looking really good!
  16. sic-disaster

    Enhanced Movement

    This is cool :) The more movement you can do in a tactical shooter, the better. Only complaint I could maybe level at it is that the animations seem quite fast, and I think it might be a better if they were slowed down a little so that performing these actions becomes a deliberate choice with consequences if caught in the act of performing them.
  17. I'm not in a position currently where I can check out the 3d editor for myself, but I was just wondering if this has been added or if it is being considered. I was thinking that waypoints that can be added in 3d could be useful. For example, I have an idea in mind where I might want to corner a player into a room of a building with AI coming from outside and walking into the building (the idea being that the player has to be stealthy and stay out of sight in one of the upper rooms) onto the second floor to a precise location.
  18. Hi all. I'm in need of some advice on a good gaming laptop fit for traveling as a backpacker. I have been abroad in New Zealand for about 13,5 months, and soon I'm hopping over to Australia. I'm hoping to get a room in an apartment there for a few months so I can save up some money for traveling and a potential few-weeks long trip back home, but at the moment I'm really missing being able to play games like ArmA 3, and I'm also looking forward to XCOM 2 and stuff like Fallout 4. I've got a decent setup at home, but I won't be there for a long when I go for that trip, and after I return to Australia I will most likely be gone for another two years as I plan on spending a year in Australia and then I am most likely hopping over to Papua New Guinea to try and hitchhike home from there. So while I've got a laptop now, it is very limited to what I can do with it (HD4000 with 32 MB doesn't get you very far hehe), and I'm looking to buy an actual gaming laptop from NZ's tax return after I leave. I'm willing to spend around a 1000 dollars, though a few hundred more probably shouldn't hurt my wallet too much. The one thing however is that size is an important factor. I think that my current laptop is around 15.6 inches, though I can't find it at the moment and have nothing to measure it with. The laptop can be a little bit bigger I guess, but not by much otherwise it wouldn't fit into my backpack anymore. Similarly weight is an issue as well of course, as I am always hitchhiking and walking a lot with my backpack, which regularly weighs up to 25 kg with my tent, sleeping bag, gas cooker, pots, food, water, spare clothes and the laptop I've got right now, which I think is this one: http://www.snapdeal.com/product/lenovo-g5070-notebook-core-i3/634794471301 Also, since I'm going to be in Sydney, if anyone knows of a good shop where I might buy a good gaming laptop, any tips for that would be greatly appreciated. I've got a job at the moment that gives me a lot of time to think, and I've got missions for ArmA 3 in my head that I can't wait to try and make it. I've made quite a few before ( https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/154418-sics-missions-sp-co-and-wip-thread), and would love to get creative with it again. Also, I had another idea for a mod that I haven't been able to work on since I left for to go traveling that I would really, really like to couple with the missions I've got in my mind. Unfortunately I don't know much about computer tech, so I hope you guys can come up with something suitable :)
  19. sic-disaster

    Eden Feature Requests

    I'd like to see manipulation of dead bodies, so you could drape them over stuff, set them up sitting against a wall and things like that. Basically some kind of ragdoll tool where you can pick them up by the head, move them around, then later on perhaps move around their arms, legs etc. once you've set them down.
  20. sic-disaster

    Chernarus Plus as DLC for ArmA3?

    I like this idea too.
  21. AI is going to be difficult for sure. But if their Kickstarter had succeeded they would have gotten here a lot sooner. The fact is that there are just 2 guys working on this, and part time instead of full time because they are family men who need to provide for their family. Now there isn't going to be another Kickstarter as far as I know. This is their new solution, the new hope of getting this game off the ground properly. If they can get the funds they need to expand their team even a bit and start work on this again full time, progress will be made a lot sooner. It is simply very unfortunate that that piece of shit Takedown stole their thunder even though they have been working at this for far longer than they have, and the Takedown guy had not even decided on an engine yet! People seem more inclinded to pay for an IDEA rather than something tangible because, in it's alpha state, "It doesn't look so good." So now they put a tech demo in people's hands so they can convince themselves of the potential that Ground Branch has to offer. The question people need to ask themselves is, do I want another oldschool tactical shooter like the original R6 and Ghost Recon, and is that worth supporting? If the answer is yes, than this game is it. They have the pedigree, they have the conviction, the drive, to make it happen. They could have quit a long time ago, and many people would have. But this is a project born of passion, and that fire is still burning. And indeed, the fire and the passion can be seen in the tech demo. In time, it will get there. AI might not be there soon, because as far as I know the current plan is still to give people a good multiplayer game first, and use the funds of that to create a good co-op and single player experience. But they need the funds to get there first. Last I heard they were looking into a good third-party software that I can't recall the name of to help out with the AI instead of using brainless MP bots, but it is expensive. All I know is that a publisher is not going to fund them, and therefor we must, if we ever want to see a game like this again. In addition I'd like to add another video that I just found, which gives a closer look at the team room. The team room is where you go before a match starts. It is where you review missions, choose gear in the locker room, and they have a lot of other planned features in there which you can check out. One of the coolest things I've seen in there is the mission room, which has 8 tv screens on the wall, one for each player, which I think will be the main way to spectate other players through helmet cams! Now that is really, really cool.
  22. Don't be a negative Nancy Tonci! :p Can't we all just be happy that this is still being developed after all this time and after all these setbacks they have had? How easy would it have been for them to give up, and yet they didn't because they are dedicated to making this game happen. I for one will throw lots of moneys at this as soon as I can use Paypal to purchase from their store, because despite how much I like ArmA, I long for a game like the old Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon without the limitations of their old engines, and for which ArmA is not a proper replacement. Have a look at some video's, or download the FREE tech preview and see if that can't convince you of the awesome potential this game has :)
  23. Hello all. Since before the ArmA 3 release I've been wanting to create a death scream mod for added immersion. I once had a working script to include in missions that added death screams but obviously that bloated every mission unnecessarily. My goal now then is to create a stand-alone mod that will add death screams to any mission you play. Hower, this is where I need help: That script wasn't written by me but by someone else who now does not have the time, and I just don't get coding. Writing such a mod on my own is beyond my abilities. For this mod I am looking to facilitate the sounds themselves, and hoping to get someone to put them into action. There are some things that I would like the mod to do: - Ofcourse, it should play in 3d, and sounds should be chosen at random. - Detection for headshots, so that no sounds will play, or only some specific sounds (gurgling) will play when someone is shot in the head. I'm guessing this could be done by having a list of some sort in the code that includes all the sounds that are allowed to play on a specific occasion like this. - faction-specific. This is important, because obviously we don't want English-speaking troops to shout in other languages. - Turned into a mod, so it adds these sounds to all missions automatically without bloating each seperate mission file with soundfiles. - If at all possible (but not a big requirement and not too big a deal if it can't be done) it would be great to have the lips move, so you're not looking at a blank face creating sounds. This is an old video of the old mission-specific script: Please let me know if you are interested in helping me out!
  24. sic-disaster

    Door Kickers

    So a new game was released as alpha a few days ago, called Door Kickers. It is basically a mash-up between the planning phase of the oldschool Rainbow Six games and Frozen Synapse, so if you enjoyed those games you might enjoy this as well. There are still a few issues at the moment (for example, you can only create one waypoint for each soldier at a time, you can't stack them up, but you will be able to in the future. Also you can't make the soldiers sidestep (yet?)) but all in all it already is a very enjoyable game that is very reasonably priced. Website here: http://inthekillhouse.com/ Gameplay video: And with a bit of shameless self-promotion I made a small soundmod to make the sounds a bit more visceral and loud, which I made a video out of: Thread of that here: http://inthekillhouse.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=44
  25. sic-disaster

    My traveling blog

    I just figured i'd plonk down a link on here as well, considering I've been a part of this community for a while now. And even though I might not be one of the most recognizable forum members, perhaps some of you might be interested in reading it :) So, while I havent actually started traveling yet (I hope I'll be able to leave in a couple of weeks though!) I already started a traveling blog a few months back. It might have been a bit premature but I decided to go ahead and create one because a few months ago I spent a week in the Czech Republic ski'ing and I convinced my parents to make a trip to Auschwitz in Poland because it was the closest we'd be likely to get in the coming years and it has always been a place I wanted to have visited. The story of the Holocaust has always greatly influenced the way I thought about people and I really wanted to talk about it at one point or another on the blog, and I didnt want to write about it after a longer period of time had gone by in fear of memory watering it down (even though I doubt that would ever be possible). In the meantime though I have to keep the blog sort of going and so I decided to write some additional posts about my plans so far and today I wrote a new post about one of the people that greatly inspire me. In future though the posts would be all about my travels and written as I go I hope you guys enjoy it: http://a-wanderers-soul.blogspot.com/