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  1. Man, I need this in my life. OFP islands and units? Oohhh yeahh. Gotta remake CWC campaign.
  2. Anybody know a good mod for getting the OFP units back? Or you know, at least units of that era?
  3. sic-disaster

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    You're welcome! I hope it works out! I'm getting close to finishing another mission myself. Vastly bigger and more complicated than this last one, but with the same or bigger attention to details hehe.
  4. sic-disaster

    A place to follow the missions I make for ArmA 3

    Haha thanks man, I appreciate that.
  5. I figured it would be good to have a place that's easy for people to follow up on the missions I make for ArmA 3, and any other mods I might ever work on. So I made a FB page for it, where I will share news of my ArmA 3 scenario's as they are completed or updated, or even just Work In Progress/Trial and Error tidbits. First bit of news is up there already, concerning a recently released mission for ArmA 3's newest terrain, Tanoa: Cache Hunt. Or if I make more tutorial video's for the Eden Editor (like the one below), you can hear about it there too. So, for those who are interested, you can find the page here: https://www.facebook.com/SiCMissionsAndMods/
  6. sic-disaster

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Has the mod been updated for Apex yet? Or will we have to wait a while for that? :) *EDIT: Never mind. I saw :p
  7. sic-disaster

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Mostly I just used waypoints, though on occasion I've used some simple scripts. For example, at the tripwire I made sure to stop the team dead in their tracks by putting in ' s1 disableAI "MOVE" ', and re-enabling it later. At the same time, another trigger goes off about a second later telling the AI to kneel with ' s1 setUnitPos "MIDDLE" ' etc. I've done similar with some of the enemy soldiers. For example, in the first encampment, the two soldiers at the campfire would always lie down, which is horribly annoying to deal with. So I made sure that if they see an enemy soldier in a certain trigger radius, they are forced into the crouch position. They cannot take any other stance, but in this scenario it makes sense because they have good cover/concealment that they can fire over in a crouched position without exposing a lot of their body. It's a realistic response to that situation, which going prone and just staying there is not. Other than that, it's mostly just regular waypoints, no scripts running on the background. Just some triggers force them into temporary things like not being able to move, forcing them into a particular stance etc. The only other thing I used was waypoints calling for 'triggerActivated trigger1', which the first camp is a good example of as well. The team will move beyond the camp to get out of the radius of the satchel charge, but hold there until the cache has been blown up by use of that condition. Also noticed I haven't mentioned it in here, but I have a Facebook page now where you can easily follow any and all news updates on existing or future missions, sneak peaks behind the scenes etc. That page is here: https://www.facebook.com/SiCMissionsAndMods/
  8. sic-disaster

    A place to follow the missions I make for ArmA 3

    Thanks for the feedback mate. I'm not really big on code and stuff like that, so I don't really plan on sharing a whole lot of something I barely understand. Usually I tend to find snippets that work and which I can incorporate somehow. In this particular case of the painkiller boxes, I figured it was short and easy enough to put on there. Mostly though it's meant to be a place people who like my missions can follow and hear the latest news about any upcoming missions, updates to old ones, and the occasional sneakpeak at stuff behind the scenes like screenshots of complicated trigger-setups and the like. Thanks for the tip about Facebook Notes though. I'll try that out next time :)
  9. Yeah, it's funny. I make a lot of missions where the player has no access to a scope. I enjoy the firefights more because they last longer, and allow for more manoeuvering. But I tend to get a lot of comments complaining about it, of people wanting a virtual arsenal in every mission so they can pick exactly what they want etc. But it's not going to happen, because I taylor my missions to a particular style of play that I have in mind for it. Well, actually.. maybe I should crank out a few missions in the deep jungle of Tanoa and give everyone a scope that doesn't have back-up sights on it. They'll finally get what they want lol.
  10. It's not much of an issue for me because these days I play mostly in Sp. But I can see the annoyance. It kind of reminds me of the sniper+AT combo people used to use a lot, where you have the best tool for every situation every time, and it's boring. It's much more interesting to work around limitations, or find creative solutions to these problems.
  11. sic-disaster

    A place to follow the missions I make for ArmA 3

    I've put the first bit of cool info on the page now. I'm working on a new mission and I needed to find a way to fully heal the player, especially if your medic dies. So I've found a way to use boxes of painkillers as a one-time thing... Have a look: https://www.facebook.com/SiCMissionsAndMods/timeline
  12. sic-disaster

    Tanoa Lite - a possibility or a total No-Go?

    It's not like people don't have an absolute ton of missions, modes and maps to play on without Tanoa, so I vote no. This sense of entitlement to free stuff (especially after all the free feature updates ArmA 3 has had over it's lifetime) needs to end. Tanoa is an investment of years of development. Basically all the features that would warrant an expansion in other games have been added for free over the past. You can live without Tanoa if you don't want to pay money for it.
  13. sic-disaster

    Volunteers for Voice Acting

    I can help. I have a clear mic too.
  14. sic-disaster

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    The update to the mission is now live! Funnily enough, "o_inf" doesn't seem to work for the mission ending icon. It stays blue. - All enemies changed to Syndikat forces. - CSAT units changed to Pacific versions. - Behaviourial change to some enemies upon contact. - Changed all references of FIA to Syndikat troops. - Locked all Syndikat vehicles. - Removed redundant message from HQ. - Made friendly squad kneel at the tripwire while holding. - No longer requires CBA. - Added voice-acting. - Added ambient goat and chicken sound. - Added music from the Tropico Soundtrack. - Updated briefing with credits for voice-acting and music. - Added some combat-interruptible ambient animations to Syndikat troops. - Some syndikat troops in the first encampment will crouch when they see an enemy, rather than the default prone reaction. - Changed loadscreen/workshop image to reflect new CSAT units.
  15. sic-disaster

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    Aye, I just saw :P I was away on a long weekend. I've been working on an update for the mission, but before I put it out there I'm awaiting some voice-acting to be done. But here's the changelist so far: - All enemies changed to Syndikat forces. - CSAT units changed to Pacific versions. - Behaviourial change to some enemies upon contact. - Changed all references of FIA to Syndikat troops. - Locked all Syndikat vehicles. - Removed redundant message from HQ. - Made friendly squad kneel at the tripwire while holding. - No longer requires CBA. - Changed faction icon on mission finish to the CSAT one. Once I get voice-overs for HQ and the Squad Leader, I'm pushing it out onto the Workshop. In case any one sees this and wants to help, here's the lines I need: HQ: Squad leader:
  16. sic-disaster

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    - something I plan to do when the expansion units arrive. No need to manually mess around with assigning faces and such just yet. I'll give them setting-appropriate clothing and all that. - again something I plan to change a bit later. But for now the FIA is exactly what they are. - That's definitely something I want to do but didn't find the reference for the OPFOR marker. Also, the issue with the car not driving is strange. I've never experienced it myself, and no special scripts are being run. It's simply the AI following a move-waypoint, nothing special going on. Maybe an AI mod is conflicting here somehow? The video isn't mine but was made by Jeza.
  17. sic-disaster

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Yeah, I feel the same way. Especially after the big difference going from Chernarus to Takistan, and the amount of open buildings that game had. This feels like a step back from that for sure.
  18. sic-disaster

    Follow the bouncing scope ...

    Maybe the problem is having to shoot while on the run? ;) sounds like a tactical plan gone wrong, not a gameplay issue.
  19. sic-disaster

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    People acting like the beta development of Tanao is somehow equal to the full release of the Apex expansion and whine about dates and times... instead of thinking you're sort of lucky to get access to it early. Apex is not finished, the new map has no new content until we create some. I'm as excited to check it out as the next guy, but really... what are you going to do except run around/fly around in the editor for a while to check things out, without actually playing anything? The release of this map is not yet the 'NEXT BIG THING' in the ArmAverse. Calm down.
  20. sic-disaster

    Voice actor needed

    Count me in. I'm Dutch but people often mistake me for an American. I've got a proper mic so I can make clean recordings. It will be a few days because right this second I'm in Australia, and will be flying to the Netherlands on the 12th, a 23h flight lol... so I'll be a 'bit' jetlagged when I get back most likely, but I'll get it done ASAP.
  21. sic-disaster

    I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

    I'm happy to hear it's helping a lot of people :) I might do some more in the future, but personally I'm not very deep into scripts etc., at least I usually have no clue HOW they work, just IF they work. But as I figure out more and more stuff, I'll try to make some videos about them.
  22. sic-disaster

    Eau De Combat

    Hey, if it works for the Adeptus Astartes, it will work for me.
  23. Some of you might remember that one of my friends made a game called Wrack, an oldschool FPS that was compared a lot with Doom, but which also had a lot of influences from games like Megaman which were sadly a little overlooked. The game did pretty well for an indie studio, but now they need help kickstarting a sequel called Wrack Starfall. Starfall keeps the same gameplay mechanics from Wrack but expands on it by adding tower defense elements, where money earned from completing long killchains allows you to build towers and walls to help the defense of the Beacon on the map. And as before, long killchains with a certain weapon allow you to perform Finishers, which grow increasingly powerful as the killchain gets longer. In Wrack the pistol had a finisher that fired a penetrating bullet, which pierced through every single enemy it hit. The Pulsar fired a massive projectile which was slow, but burned everything in it's path. Stuff like that will be there in Starfall too. I remember some criticism that there weren't enough weapons in the original game though, but now there will be 30, alongside a variety of towers, and the player's character can be someone other than Kane Sager too. 4 characters will be available if the game gets 30.000$, but a fifth is a stretch goal. Each character will have it's own unique weapon and tower, as well as a special ability. More importantly, with $50.000 they can add a co-op mode to the game! And at $65.000 they'll port the game over to consoles as well. So if that's something you would be interested in, please throw some money at this! Make it happen https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2134746636/wrack-starfall-fps-video-game
  24. sic-disaster

    Possible Solution to Stamina/Fatigue Conundrum

    Honestly, I don't think a load of options are good when it comes to core gameplay mechanics. It only serves to divide the online community. Granted, that seems to be happening now as well, but it's better for everyone to adjust to one set of mechanics. The best example I can give of why I don't think options would be a good thing here is Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. That game now counts, if I remember correctly, four different gameplay 'levels', originally starting out with two. The original two were basically mostly the same mechanics but with the 'hardcore mode' turning off various HUD elements and such... Now this hardcore mode was not to the satisfaction of RO1 fans, being too action-oriented and also having other issues (not nearly enough bolt action rifles for one), so after a long time (too long!) TWI added two extra modes: classic, bringing the game more in line with the original... and an 'action-mode' making the game COD-like, which feels added out of spite because the original fans were 'bitching too much', and even the original casual mode wasn't casual enough for the gaming community at large. So now the game has four game modes which are wildly different, and an already declining playerbase (discontented fans of RO1, casual gamers bouncing off the difficulty even of casual mode) spread thin over all of them, making it harder to find servers for what you want. And not steadily being able to find servers with what you want = even more people giving up, and the game dying off. ArmA servers are already hard enough to get into with all the required mods for many of them. We don't need this kind of thing adding to the difficulties. I say leave it up to mods. Hell, even mission makers can make missions that disable the fatigue system.