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    Town Patrol by SiC

    Thanks for the feedback guys The BMP flipping over must be due to 1.08, cause i've never had it happen to me in 1.09. Only once during testing in the editor when i positioned it over a larger bush, but i fixed that and after that they worked fine. Could try the 1.09 beta patch and see if it works better Glad you like it anyway ^^
  2. sic-disaster

    Anyone else think royal flush stinks?

    Wait, what? You think ArmA's campaign is better then old Operation Flashpoint's campaign? What are you on? ArmA has no known characters except for the journalist chick that dies and deservingly so for being annoying, you continually shift soldiers with no personality. Missions are badly designed, especially compared to OFP's campaigns and not only that, but they arent in any way realistic either. 1 man taking out an entire armoured tanksquad, please. And it's a hell of a lot shorter as well! Now, dont get me wrong, i love Armed Assault. But the campaign is just plain shitty and feels slapped together. You can tell there was a whole lot more work put into the Blood, Sweat and Tears mission. Co-op is the only real way for me to play ArmA, next to custom campaigns like The Cause by Rejn.
  3. sic-disaster

    The Cause Campaign

    Hello mate, seen you found my gameplay video hehe You're free to use it Just recently i made a review of Armed Assault, and i put the link to your campaign in it, in hopes of getting more people to play it