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  1. Time for the Children of Taronne Tenement! Many people will remember this one because of it's highly creepy atmosphere, just like the Fairfax Residence :)
  2. Well, Hidden and Dangerous came out around the same time as the original Rainbow Six and so is basically like a second mother to the tactical shooter genre as far as I'm concerned. Nowadays H&D1 feels old, but H&D2 took it's concept and expanded upon it greatly and really holds up well today. Basically, you have a 4 man team, open maps, you can climb stuff, cut holes in fences to create your own entrances, there's even the ability to dive (though I think only 1 mission uses it, so they basically added a feature for just that mission), gear has weight and affects your stamina, there's 4 different movement speeds (sneak, walk, jog, sprint), there are a ton of maps with very varied objectives, and spread across the world: wintery Norway, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, North-Africa, and even Burma where you fight against the Japanese Imperial Army. Characters have various statistics, much like R6 and GR, but they will improve them over time as they use perform actions throughout a mission, but only very incrementally. For example, your medic can increase by like, 1% if he heals a lot during a mission. The campaign is seperated into mini-campaigns, for example the first mini-campaign is 4 maps in Norway that are all connected. Before you start a mini-campaign, you need to select the gear you want to bring along, and that is what you will have available to you for the remainder of that mini-campaign, unless you scavenge more from the Germans. Also, if characters die, they stay dead. If three guys get killed in the first three missions, you'll have to take the fourth mission on with just one character. But once you go to Africa, you can bring new guys along. A while ago I made a let's play series for H&D 2, playing the first mini-campaign in Norway if you want a better impression. Here's the first one, though there are four video's in total and I definitely want to do more. Just the fact that they re-released H&D2 makes me want to get back into it again. Just so much love in my heart for that game:
  3. sic-disaster

    Sniper Elite 4

    You're welcome mate! https://youtu.be/27eCh_VPVF8 Short highlight from the video up above: https://youtu.be/M8zYU5oEPj4
  4. sic-disaster

    Sniper Elite 4

    Yes. There is an option that allows you to turn it off entirely.
  5. sic-disaster

    Sniper Elite 4

    Exactly what a sequel should be, more of the same but expanded upon :)
  6. sic-disaster

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    I thought I noticed something like that happening! That is really sub-par and needs to change. The game shows promise but it's stopped from being good by that and the myriad amount of bugs it currently has. Anyway, video 2 :)
  7. sic-disaster

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    So I got a key for the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 beta today, and not really having played any of the previous titles I decided to have a look today:
  8. sic-disaster

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    Thank you! ^^ I think the discussion area on Steam is probably the best place to voice any concerns. It would be nice if they actually found my videos hehe. But yeah, definitely very strange if they don't have any official forums!
  9. sic-disaster

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    Glad you liked it! It wasn't really on my radar either because the previous two games seemed way to lineair and b-movie like for me to be very interested, but with the move to an open world I felt I might as well check out the beta. 1. It actually is explorable to a pretty large degree, you just need to find the proper entrance which is of course infested with enemies lol. I played around a bit without recording to test some stuff and managed to get inside. 2. Yeah, I hope they will make an effort to record a ton more. As far as I'm concerned I don't even want to hear them over the radio, just 3d shouts are fine with me. 3. I agree, and it seems kind of broken. I played the game some more and managed to shoot a few guys without the enemy noticing right away, but I haven't managed to do it completely without anybody noticing. Not sure what is going on there, if there is an artificial threshold for enemies going down (and I suppose not radio'ing in), or if somebody did actually spot a body, or if it's just the AI going tits up. Also, for Tonci87, I was actually mistaken and there is leaning in the game. It works by moving up to an object and going into ironsights, which flips you over or around low cover. Haven't played around with the AI enough to answer the first question. Their LOS seems to block fairly easily. Also haven't tried running up to these guys yet, so not sure. They do turn their heads. I've got a new video coming up in which a guy looks over his shoulder and notices me. Not sure. There is a normal difficulty setting for the beta but no others, though I have a feeling there will be more for the final release. I recorded a second video and will probably upload it tomorrow. Overall though, I kind of like the game. It has a ton of problems that need to be fixed for me to consider buying it like a very weird weapon switch/inventory mechanic, the AI is hit or miss in that it sometimes immediately goes on alert and sometimes not (I really like that they go and use a mortar though!), and a few others. But all in all it's a lot better than the previous two titles, so I might get it. I will get Sniper Elite 4 though, because I enjoyed Sniper Elite 3 and 4's maps promise to be even more open which is awesome. I do hope you can turn off that annoying aim assist reticle outside of authentic mode (which disables the savegames in SE3 as well).
  10. Guys, some great freaking news! SWAT 4 Gold can now be bought on GOG.com! https://www.gog.com/game/swat_4_gold_edition Also, Red Library Offices!
  11. Thanks mate! I appreciate that! Here's the next one :)
  12. Today we will strike back against the Syndikat cartel. They have grown bold and have expanded their reach. The weak Tanoan government has let them, but today we shall put them in their place. Your objective is the total elimination of a cartel compound garrison, with whatever means necessary. The mission area may provide various means with which to accomplish your objective. Explore the Area of Operations for anything that will help you with your final goal. This is an open-ended mission with various side goals that can alter the flow of the mission. THIS MISSION REQUIRES THE MOD 'EDEN OBJECTS' BY KYDOIMOS. Look to the right hand side of the workshop mission page to find a direct link to that mod. Mission features: - 65 voice-overs - Custom music - Multiple side objectives that can influence the flow of the mission - A choice with a consequence: take out a comms centre and destroy it, cutting off enemy communications. Or leave a man behind to listen in on enemy comms, leading you to side-objectives (which may otherwise not be found) that can greatly help you with taking the final objective. - Fight by day or by night. - Almost every building in the AO has been dressed up with furniture etc. Voice-overs: Papa Bear: [TDNL] Nimster Pvt. David Armstrong: Jeza Sgt. Garviel Loken: [TDNL] SiC Download here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=709826091 If you want to hear more about my missions, their progress/updates, and various other mods I might be working on, you can follow me on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/SiCMissionsAndMods/
  13. Oh that's pretty awesome! I wonder what that will mean for wedges though. I like to use those to lock doors off, I suppose the suspects won't be able to do anything about them. Also, I know this is not something you should generally promote on game forums but since SWAT 4 isn't really being sold anymore, no profits will be lost if you'd try to pirate the game from somewhere. There has to be a workable version somewhere.
  14. sic-disaster

    I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

    Another new tutorial:
  15. sic-disaster

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    I'm the same way really. I need variety so playing any game for long stretches of time tends to wear me out. I play mostly SP as well these days, and like you I've played most of the stuff that's worth playing, so all that's left for me is the editor which I also do enjoy, but after bughunting for hours and hours it sometimes feels like all that's left for me in ArmA 3 is frustration when stuff doesn't work out, or I can't find anyone to do voice-overs for me in any kind of workable timeframe :p
  16. Probably your best bet is finding a copy online somewhere, though I imagine the prices will be high.
  17. sic-disaster

    Arma3 Videos

    Did a video on reading maps, use of coordinates and triangulating your position using ArmA 3:
  18. I had a go at Terrorist Hunt on the night version of the new Tankership map :)
  19. sic-disaster

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Did another video, this time playing as the Wehrmacht against the US Army on Podagorsk: