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  1. You're welcome! Now for some other mods later on as well :)
  2. Update 1.1 is live now! We added three new features: a shout upon being wounded, which will occur only once, we added underwater detection with it's own set of gargles and hit sounds, and we added support for RAVAGE, so zombies now have their own distinct set of hit and death sounds. The total of screams etc. is now up to 70.
  3. I can appreciate that, yeah. When I'm just testing things by shooting a bunch of people close together it can get old pretty fast. When more variety of screams and actors is added hopefully that will change. During regular gameplay however most of your kills will be at a distance, so teammates close to you will emit some screams every once in a while probably, but it won't be so close together to become annoying. I do agree with you on the heavy breathing when wounded, it's something that annoys me in the base game as well and also the reason I don't want to record stuff like that as well. However, we are working on hit sounds! So when a character gets shot somewhere, he'll emit a one-time "Ugh!" or "Agh!". We're keeping those short so that if the character dies to the next bullet, they won't overlap with the longer deathscream. We'll try to get a few shorter death screams in there as well for variety's sake, but I quite like having a prolonged firefight and hearing people not just do a quick "AAAH", but the more drawn-out screams. It makes the battlefield feel more alive and chaotic, just like the final engagement in the showcase trailer. YOu'll hear people drop over and scream, but it's more spaced out and thus also more impactful, hopefully. We're also working on underwater detection, so that characters that are under water will only emit gurgles. We're also doing some zombie-specific groans, stuff like dry wheezes like the Lost do in XCOM 2 :)
  4. There actually isn't a new version, sorry about that! I just wanted to update the thumbnail on the workshop so the logo is a bit bigger and more clearly readable. Wasn't sure if I had to select the modfolder again or not for the upload (figured maybe it'd replace it with nothing?) Doubtful but I didn't want to break things and since it's such a small mod, figured I might as well select the folder again. So nothing new for now, though some plans are forming!
  5. That's untested. What's your concern? @Foxhound, thanks!
  6. Thanks guys! It has been a long time since I've first had this idea, and thanks to TheWaltsu it's finally a reality :) What you describe Rydygier, educational by shock, is exactly what I want this mod to be. I remember vividly some of the kills I made in Red Orchestra 2 that made me feel good because of how unlikely it was that I would come out on top but did, yet were disturbing and unsettling because that feeling of joy was then met with a guy convincingly crying for his mother... It's one thing to know somewhere in the back of your head that you're playing at something very real and serious, and another to have that reality actually invade your game space. The reality is, people don't just fall over, bodies get mangled, and everyone has family and friends that are going to miss them... which seems easy enough to forget in real life sometimes, and in videogames even more so. I hope people playing with this mod will experience something similar to what I felt when I played Red Orchestra 2 :)
  7. Hi, first off, thanks for commenting! I'd love to have something more than just sounds, like animations or the twitching you describe. I'm not entirely sure how feasible it is at this point though. Not sure if you can make people that the game considers dead still do stuff. ArmA 2 and ACE3 did have animations for wounded characters which rolled on the ground so it might be possible to do something along those lines, but we'll have to see. I'd love to have something like dying animations that transition into ragdolls but that'd be a pretty big project. There is already a contingency in the mod that should prevent the same sound from being picked again too quickly. We are also looking for more voice actors so that the script has more options to choose from, so repetition should be less of an issue in the future. I'll look into it :) The AI does not hear these screams, no. It's a good point. At the moment you'll have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. *maybe* screams could be made audible to AI, but that would break those stealth missions probably... There's downsides to doing that and also to not doing that, if it's possible. Having longer screams for wounded people could be an option but personally, the moaning when being wounded in ArmA 3 already annoys me. Doing it only once doesn't make sense because that kind of pain doesn't go away, so it becomes annoying quite quickly. When we get multiple actors contributing, it might even mean not hearing the same voice in your current life but different ones... which would be even worse for immersion, if that can't be changed. In co-op as well, when you want to be communicating with friends, you probably don't want to hear my moaning in between. That is already a risk with death screams, but one that is made more manageable by distance as well as the fact that once your dead it doesn't really matter anymore anyway.
  8. sic-disaster

    I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

    Did a new video on trying to get a helicopter to land while taking fire:
  9. Shared it on the Steam workshop page already but figured I'd put it on the forums as well, some gameplay footage from the map:
  10. sic-disaster

    Arma3 Videos

    Some gameplay footage on a new custom map called Kobbvatn, which is set in Norway:
  11. sic-disaster

    An Ode To Brute Force

    So I have had some troubles getting AI to path to where I want them to be, but I found a solution. Of sorts.
  12. sic-disaster

    An Ode To Brute Force

    Well, I don't think it's too big of an ask to want AI being able to pass through gates, no? :p Also, making things easier to do cool storytelling stuff doesn't hurt the game at all either. It would benefit pretty much everyone.
  13. sic-disaster

    An Ode To Brute Force

    It's in human nature to want to push forward, no? I always want to tell a story, and I always feel limited but I do get some cool results most of the time as well. Figuring out the boundaries and then try to work around those is part of the f(r)u(stration)n haha. Simply making a 'go here, kill all things' sort of thing just isn't very interesting to me. Plenty of simple set-ups around, but they never hold my attention for long.
  14. sic-disaster

    An Ode To Brute Force

    That might have been a good idea too, except in the case of my original idea this guy didn't start where he started in this video. He was the platoon SL and had to come from a different town by vehicle, so his rotation would have been important to set as well. Should be possible though and hadn't thought of it :D Well, as I said above, this guy was supposed to be platoon SL coming from a different town, so you were following him around prior to the gate hehe. He was then going to be shot by a sniper :D But yeah, messing endlessly with tiny details is part of the experience lol.
  15. Hello guys. Some of you might have seen some of my ArmA 3 tutorial videos but I've been inactive for a while. I figured I'd try something new, which is creating a mission and detailing it in video, but asking all of my viewers for ideas as to what goes into the mission. The current idea is to fill a custom map (Gorgona) with a main objective, and several side-objectives which should hopefully interact with eachother in interesting ways. For example, in my first video I created a sentry with markers popping up upon him being seen, and in my free time I placed a few more. On that video someone suggested placing down the new AA turrets from the Jets DLC close to the main base, but adding a radio operator somewhere to switch them off when he is killed. I suggested turning the radio operator into a hacker that switches the AA turrets over to the player's side, and in the second video (coming up tomorrow) I've made that work and set that up. So now the mission (in open-ended form) could look like this: 1: kill hacker, switching AA turrets to your side. 2: kill sentries, which leads to a helicopter flying around investigating the island. The helicopters are another side objective to take on, because they might reinforce the main base once it's attacked. Taking them out prematurely could be a great help. If the AA turrets are on your side that would obviously help a great deal in blasting them out of the sky for you. The idea is to create a sandbox for the player to tinker with, kind of like Hitman does. Where one's actions might cause a chain of events that might not happen upon a next playthrough. So give it a watch, and let me know what you guys think!
  16. sic-disaster

    Eden Editor Community Project - Almost finished!

    Thanks mate! I'm glad it's helping you out :) This series is getting close to being finished. In this video I talk about intros, loading screens as well as adding voice overs. All that's really left for me to do is properly writing the briefings, more dressing up of the world, finding voice actors and writing their lines etc. none of which needs to be on video. So if there is a next video, it's probably a playthrough of the mission while that mission is also released on the Workshop.
  17. sic-disaster

    Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    New blog with a new trailer too! Blog here (includes trailer): http://voidinteractive.net/developer-blog-02-an-era-approaches/ Decided to do a video on it, which includes the trailer at the start as well.
  18. After SWAT 4, GOG now also has the Hidden and Dangerous games! 2017 is already so much better than 2016 ever was :) https://www.gog.com/game/hidden_dangerous_action_pack https://www.gog.com/game/hidden_dangerous_2_courage_under_fire
  19. Seriously? At the time? H&D2 has mechanics that you don't even see in most modern games, and seamlessly integrated too. The whole thing just works. Good fairly open maps that are welld designed and filled with detail, good objective variety, doesn't just focus on a single theatre of the war, decent AI (bastards can get very sneaky in CQB), atmospheric graphics that still hold up well (except for lack of better resolutions). Only thing I don't like is the MP, but SP is solid gold to this day. Many innovations too, like I think it was the first game to have variable speed with the mouse wheel, good vaulting mechanics and plenty of options to use it, a very rare opportunity to capture enemies and take over their shit... How has any of that lost it's shine?
  20. sic-disaster

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

  21. sic-disaster

    Eden Editor Community Project - Almost finished!

    Time for another video! This time I added a moving marker that tracks the pirate group once called in, I changed the hack objective from killing the hacker to actually interacting with a data terminal, and finally I added a radio trigger that advances time, so you can play at different times of day.
  22. Second video, a longer one this time with several rounds of attack and defense on the Depot map:
  23. Had to reupload. Last night's co-op on the Tankership map :)