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  1. Ok I too was trying to do this. Have CAS for transport helo. I placed a chopper with init code (this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","TRANSPORT"]; this setvariable ["CS_CALLSIGN","HARDCORE"]) Synched to Combat Support Module. Placed Attack Chopper (WARHORSE). Placed trigger with Condition: isEngineOn HARDCORE and ON ACT. [WARHORSE] join HARDCORE; titletext[format["Hardcore On!."],"PLAIN"];. The attack chopper (WARHORSE) will join HARDCORE, but will hover while transport chopper (HARDCORE) moves to location, once transport chopper starts to land, CAS Chopper moves to location, then as transport chopper RTB, CAS Chopper hovers till Transport starts to land then fly's to join him. Hope I didn't confuse everyone! Its like the CAS Chopper doesn't know the Transport is moving. Thanks For Help
  2. LOL. No Just A Habbit. Always Have.
  3. Make Sure You Read This http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Combat_Support. You Need To Put Code In Init Of The Heli You Place
  4. The_Asset Thanks For Reply. At First I Had The Two Planes AI Controlled Grouped Together, Already Flying, A Long Distance From Player. I Noticed They Would Not Show Up, So Then I Changed It So I Could Be Gunner, And Noticed Pilot Disappear. After More Testing, (Not As Gunner) Starting A Long Distance Away. I Would Wait A Bit, They Do Not Show, I Teleport To Where They Show On Map, And The Pilots Are In The Water. Changed Them To Helos, Undamagable, Pilots Are In Water, Helos Are On Bottom Of Ocean Still Running. And Yes I Do Have Them Flying. LOL. Now If I'm Gunner In Helo, The Pilot Does Not Disappear. When I Removed Profile System everything Worked. Put Profile System Back In Messed It Up Again. Hopefully Resolved In 0.8 Thanks Again Dan ---------- Post added at 19:42 ---------- Previous post was at 19:34 ---------- The_Asset, I Just Read Your Issue That Is Being Taken Care Of Sounds Like The Same Deal. Thanks ---------- Post added at 20:10 ---------- Previous post was at 19:42 ---------- Just Tried With NonPlayable Worked Great! Thanks The_Asset. You Are An Asset! Dan
  5. Hey Guys I Am Also Having A Similar Issue. I Have Two F/18s In Flight With Waypoints, And Noticed They Would Not Show Up To Destination. I Decided To Assign Myself As Gunner On One Aircraft, And After Very Short Time The Pilot Disappeared. I Synched To Profile System, Chose "Except Synched Units". Still Had Prob. Un Synched Chose "Only Synched Units". Still Had Prob. Any Help Much Appreciated. Awesome Work! Dan
  6. Ok I Was Just Doing It Wrong. I Did Not Realize You Have To Drop The Crate Next To The Vehicle First, Then You Have Action To Stow In Cargo. I Was Thinking I Would Have Option To Stow In Cargo While I Was Carrying. Thanks So Much For A Great Mod! Thanks ARJay For Reply! I Went Back And Watched The Tutorial Video And In The Video You Didn't Actually Have To Drop Cargo First, So Maybe Something Is Still Wrong. But I Can Get It To Work So Im Happy!
  7. I Am Also Having This Problem. Vanilla Alive .7 I Have Action To Carry Or Drop But No Action To Load In Any Vehicle. Tested In Alive Mission 8 From Tutorial Page. No Other Mods But CBA.
  8. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Hearing There May Be An Update Soon! Salivating.....Impatiently Waiting.:bounce3:
  9. slammandan

    Medevac Module

    Same Thing Im Looking For. An Arma 3 Version!
  10. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Hello. Just Wondering If There Is Anything New Going On With RUM Assets. I Still Use The Latest Version For Arma 3 (Beta4) But Haven't Heard Anything Bout It Lately. I Love This MOD/Addon.
  11. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Hello. Just Wondering If There Is Anything New Going On With RUM Assets. I Still Use The Latest Version For Arma 3 (Beta4) But Haven't Heard Anything Bout It Lately. I Love This MOD/Addon.
  12. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Thank You Sir. I Am Playing Around With It. Cant Wait Till Everything Comes Together! ---------- Post added at 06:58 ---------- Previous post was at 06:36 ---------- I Don't Know A lot About The Codes, But If I Can Help In Anyway Let Me Know
  13. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Thanks Draper. I noticed in SVN there is an A3 version. I installed, but it says missing downloadable content "A3_Modules_F_Marta. I know this isn't officially released yet. Or is it? I would like to just mess with it as you go along. Do I need to download any other mods to get it working. I have ARMA 3 Beta, and CBA for ARMA 3. I Love This RUM Assets so PLEASE!
  14. slammandan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Did this question ever get answered, I also have this prob?
  15. Using Ace 2, how do you direct an A.I. Player to use satchel charges (or other explosives)? Searched to no avail. I know how to use the ACE action menu for my self, but how do you command A.I. to use? Thanks For All Help!
  16. slammandan

    RUM Assets

    Is anyone still using or working on RUM Assets?
  17. That worked! Thnx Keep Up The Great Work Dan
  18. Sickboy just to let you know I found the prob. Theres a config.cpp file packed in the SIX_Misc.pbo that I commented the line #include "h\cfgvoice.hpp". Â Then the voices came back. Thx Again!
  19. Thanx Sickboy for the response, there are no six_voice, or voice.pbo's in the addon folder. Also I messed up when I said updates, I wasn't meaning you need to update every day I meant to say no one was writing to this thread lately, so I was afraid you moved it and I was missing out. Love your MOD!! Great Work! Thx
  20. Why hasn't there been any updates to this forum lately? There is usually updates every day. I read about the mod every day with enthusiasm. Great Mod!!! One Question, I tried to enable voices, and no matter what I try I cannot get the voices to work. Ihave the latset version (1.0) // removed. In the reference line. Still no voice commands. Again thanks for this great mod!!