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  1. Amazing work. Just annoying that I've encountered some ArmA bug where my sounds seem to play at varying audio levels constantly, like, firing a magazine and every 5-6 rounds might sound loud than the rest. It's so jarring. Not related to JSRS but it also seems to effect JSRS as well as vanilla sounds :/ So can't fully appreciate this fine work just yet.

  2. Only smoke grenades and vehicle countermeasures for tanks.

    Just a update on wats goin on.

    - Making new effects atm for aircraft hitting ground, few changes regarding the effects for explosions trying to add more randomness to the effects explosions so they don't appear the same style. Also working on extra effects for explosions to emit such as huge ammo explosions EOD style, working on shockwave ground, and working on new lighting. Quite a few things to finish off but getting better. Oh and working on a nuke.

    Sounds awesome! Would it be too much to ask for a quick hotfix for the smoke grenade's weird grid puff? It really irks me every time I see it, especially because I see so many smoke grenades.

  3. Like Jontas mentioned just remove the agm_hearing.pbo. Its that easy.

    Thats the whole point of AGM, you can remove any function you like without it hindering the mod. And yes you have the right but you can be more respectful towards the mod creator.

    Just remove the binding for the "Modifier key" and the "Show names key" in the AGM settings and you will be able to lower your weapon and use the CTRL keys.

    Ah, that did the trick. Thank you so much.

  4. It seems that the latest ARMA 3 patch has broken CBA_A3. Try running the game vanilla and see if you can lower weapon etc. CTRL as a modifier key is broken. Or rather, all modifier keys.

    It works without any addons, as soon as I enable AGM it stops working. It's only the 2 x CTRL command, every other CTRL based modifier works fine. So it's something with AGM and 2 x CTRL.

    EDIT: or CBA as you mention. I'm using SIX, so enabling AGM would automatically enable CBA I assume?

  5. Looks really good. When this is done, it could easily turn into one of my default editor maps for messing around.

    I do have thing on my mind; the compound walls. Are they going to change? Because right now, they are made of titanium. I can't run them down with MBTs, when ramming them with APCs, the wheels fall off. Shooting them with an MBT leaves tiny holes and some places nothing happens.

  6. Your reclamations should be aimed at Bohemia, not the modders trying to enhance an existing base.

    I get your point, don't get me wrong, and i'm not trying to invalidate your post with this, but utimately aks yourself why do you have shit framerate in the first place ? Because BI, on a technical aspect, is using a fucking deprecated engine. At least with the hardware we got in 2015.

    You can't ask a modder to produce a high quality, high fidelity mod, and at the same time composing with the massive flaws of Real Virtuality, it would be a living nightmare to produce anything worth a shit whatsoever.

    Well said.