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  1. Could someone tell me how to remove that lame text line when you start a new mission / editor preview etc; "Group Link 4 "Default" Initialize Done"
  2. sethos

    WarFX Particles

    Take your time man :)
  3. sethos

    WarFX Particles

    Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme! :D
  4. Ever since release my game has been suffering from massive FPS 'dips', just for a split second, massive micro stuttering etc. I mean, the game ran fine but every so often the FPS would dip, textures would seem to have trouble loading and such. So I finally decided to disable Hyper Threading today on my i7 and I can't believe the difference, NO micro stutters, NO dips, MASSIVE FPS Boost and the game is so smooth you won't believe it ...
  5. sethos

    4870X2 Flickering.

    Funny, I just had this experience tonight with the exact same card - Sun would suddenly go disco! Quite annoying :/
  6. sethos

    360 Controller: Y-Axis Inversion?

    Still looking for an answer ...
  7. sethos

    Video recording

    Just limit FRAPS to an FPS number below your average FPS, if you're game is running 22 average and you got it recording at 30, it'll go all bonkers.
  8. sethos

    ARMA 2 german to english version?

    No, well ... there is a German to English mod file floating around, consists of some very random and sporadic translation.
  9. sethos

    Map limits?

    Same on very high settings, just some dark green barren landscape, it looks shite.
  10. sethos

    ArmA II Photography I - No images over 100kb

    Here's some screenshots I've been posting on various forums, they are random and aren't that exciting. They are 1920x1200 and most of the settings are maxed, some of them are almost hitting 3mb, so dial-uppers, don't click :P Enjoy http://localhostr.com/files/3401e7/4.png http://localhostr.com/files/3768aa/1.png http://localhostr.com/files/02f52a/2.png http://localhostr.com/files/2fd581/3.png http://localhostr.com/files/e89e28/5.png http://localhostr.com/files/db32ea/6.png http://localhostr.com/files/f77570/1.png http://localhostr.com/files/e45481/2.png http://localhostr.com/files/ebe62a/3.png http://localhostr.com/files/7d8aaf/4.png http://localhostr.com/files/8f44a7/5.png http://localhostr.com/files/b8a114/1.png http://localhostr.com/files/b06333/2.png http://localhostr.com/files/a2e141/3.png http://localhostr.com/files/7e1baa/4.png http://localhostr.com/files/1dacc4/5.png http://localhostr.com/files/e4a886/6.png http://localhostr.com/files/c5d9ca/7.png
  11. sethos

    360 Controller: Y-Axis Inversion?

    Unfortunately the game doesn't seem to work like that this time around.