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  1. I have to agree with the great many people hating the lack of AI-teammates for non-online play. I'm extremely disappointed. Had I known this was going to be the deal, I would never have bought the expansion. Like most people, I sensibly expected it to be an ArmA 2/Operation Arrowhead-type experience, and am devastated that the supposed "singleplayer" (yes, that's what the game has the complete lack of shame to call it.)-experience essentially amounts to playing multiplayer on an empty server. Disgraceful.

    At the very least, we should have been given a team of [however many players the game is made for] as AI-subordinates. It baffles me how anything else could even occur to the developers.

    I genuinely and unironically consider the current state of the Campaign to be unacceptable.

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  2. This DLC look great, but no female soldier or civilian yet... Very sad about that, this is one half of humanity. 



    Yes. The half of Humanity that generally doesn't fight in wars, for a whole host of basic biological reasons.


    I do agree with needing female civilians, though. It does look bizarre walking around an island where apparently everyone who lives there is male. It feels like visiting some bizarre Twilight Zone.

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  3. Textures will be improved



    [Citation needed].


    As for the MX, Meh, we're all gonna use the SPAR anyways so who cares?



    Low standards, fuck yeah! Let's all be good, little consumers!


    ViV will be implemented



    [Citation needed].


    The ERCO zero will be fixed 



    [Citation needed].


    having a decent 5.56 optic at all I'm happy with



    More low standards! Whoo!

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  4. Here is a similar example to my last but using the spawnAI module instead. download
    As for my last example, its always handy to know how to do it manually instead of relying on the modules.



    Thank you for alerting me to the use of Modules, and the information regarding how to use them. I do have one question that I don't see answered in the guideline - how do you edit the properties of the soldiers spawned by the Modules? That is; their Skill levels, Behaviours, Formations and so forth? I'm assuming there is a way.

  5. I'm trying to make specific individuals belong to a different faction than their original one; say have a Group of BluFor-characters be aligned with OpFor or Independents. Ordinarily, I would just group the BluFor-squad with an OpFor-superior and set his Probability of Presence to "0". However - firstly, this doesn't work in the new 3D-editor, and secondly - I would really just like to find a more "professional" way of going about it than having lots of invisible OpFor-officers all over the map.

    I have looked for some guides, but have been unable to find any. There were some that taught you how to set entire factions to be friendly to factions whom they would normally oppose, beyond just using the Properties-tab. But I would like to know how to choose a specific individual or group of individuals to belong to a different faction.


    Is there a way to do this? I'm hoping there's something simple, like adding some code in a character's Init Field? Please help.

  6. This is a fantastic mod. Thanks, and good job.

    I had the same issue where the vanilla Enhanced Combat Helmets were invisible, but it was fixed by downloading the files you linked to.

    Like others, I'm skeptical to having these near-future mercs default to modern firearms, but I'm glad to hear you're working on having it become optional. 

  7. Having located the captive AAF pilots, the player is told to wait for extraction by a helicopter. The helicopter arrives, the player, captives and fireteam board, and then - nothing happens. They just sit there, idiotically, while the helicopter stays put. After a few minutes, a NATO fireteam comes running in from nowhere in particular, and starts clearing what's left of the area. The player is forbidden to exit the helicopter once he's mounted, so you'll just sit there, waiting for the fucking game to finish.

    And I was enjoying the mission, too. But, of course, you can't have something just work with BI. They make it a point of honour to fuck something up, being careful that the player don't end up enjoying himself too much, after all.

  8. Performance is broken.

    Dropped every view option to 500.

    Didn't work for shit.

    Game is now unplayable.

    Fix it.


    My computer.

    Two "NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z"s in SLI.

    32GB RAM.

    "Intel Core i7-3960X".

    64-BIT "Windows 7 Ultimate".

    Game runs from a fast SSD-harddrive.

  9. Larrow, I just tried the Init-script you provided. It worked like a charm. Killed soldiers respawned where they started, joined their original groups, and proceeded to their original waypoint, assuming it hadn't been reached by the time they respawned. (Which, in the case of waypoints like "Search and Destroy", would be never.) Perfect.

    If this forum had a way of adding Reputation, I would do it.

  10. Actually you didn't say that EGW, you didn't say much of anything

    Indeed. I never got much information from you, whatsoever. I'm not entirely sure what you're going for, here. I'm asking for information. If you have information, I'm grateful if you share it with me. Not all this "hint-hint" -nonsense. Either say what you know, or don't bother replying.

    Quick simple example for A unit,
    Place down a unit in the editor, give it a waypoint for somewhere to move to and add the below to its init.
    PHP Code:
    fnc_neverEnding = {

    _this addEventHandler [ "killed", {

    _unit = _this select 0;

    _typeUnit = typeOf _unit;
    _oldGroup = group _unit;

    _spawnSpot = waypointPosition [ _oldGroup, 0 ];
    _newUnit = _oldGroup createUnit [ _typeUnit, _spawnSpot, [], 0, "FORM" ];

    _moveTo = waypointPosition [ _oldGroup, count ( waypoints _oldGroup ) - 1 ];
    _wp = _oldGroup addWaypoint [ _moveTo, 0 ];

    _newUnit call fnc_neverEnding;


    this call fnc_neverEnding;

    When the unit is killed a new unit of the same type is spawned at the original units starting position (waypoint 0) and given a waypoint to goto of the original units last available waypoint position ( waypointPosition [ _oldGroup, count ( waypoints _oldGroup ) - 1 ] ).

    Using something like the above along with some of the commands shown by DE should give you something to work from.
    To god damn early in the morning when i should be sleeping, let us know how you get on.

    This is the exact sort of thing I'm looking for. I'll try it out. Thanks for the reply.