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  1. [["RU", "INS"], BIS_ACM] Call BIS_ACM_SetFactionsFunc;
  2. When I use the High Command -module, and attach it to an AI-controlled commander, is he able to give his subordinate units simple orders, such as telling them to attack the enemy? The reason I'm asking, is that I'd really like to be able to make a mission where I fight alongside or against AI commanders...
  3. Okay, that's officially the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Thanks a lot. :)
  4. st!gar

    Red Dawn: Endgame Arma 2 Trailer

    Awww, if only the actual ArmA 2 was anything like that...
  5. Uhh... I have the factions-part of the init.sqf set to: But when I start the map, the only factions to spawn are the USMC and Russia. Never the the Chedaki or CDF... Why? :butbut:
  6. The game is out on Steam?! :eek: With me, the ArmA 2 page on Steam says the game won't be out before the 30th, in two days! :confused: How did people here get it earlier? Does it have something to do with the country you live in or something?
  7. Not quite. We already have the manual skill settings in the editor, and the manual skill settings in the Options menu, and as well as those two, we also have the "Super AI" option! so I'm confused as to which of these three, (3!) settings does what. I mean, what's the need for the "Super AI"? What does it have, that the two others doesn't have? @ dvolk: Thanks. :)
  8. I have played around in the demo editor for a while, and I have two questions: 1) In the Difficuilty -menu, when you choose to edit one of the difficuilties, you have the option to enable "Super AI". What exactly does the "super" AI do to make that particular setting different from the ordinary AI -"Skill" -settings? 2) Can you use Team Razor in the editor? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks. :) No, really. This is a pretty important question, I think. I would really like to get an actual answer to this. No lame, spammy jokes, please. (No offense to Wifout Teef. Thanks for being willing to check out #2.)
  10. I've heard rumours that the AI doesn't know how to drag wounded. Is this true?
  11. Also, another thing: When you have the ACM sync'ed to yourself and move around, will the battle "follow" you? That is; will the different patrols continually spawn around you, and stop spawning in the places you no longer are?
  12. st!gar

    Anyone else found the Gold AK?

    Does the gold AK perform any differently from the regular AK? :confused:
  13. Okay, let me see if I've got this straight: --- Scenario: After saving a user-made mission, I put the init.sqf file into the mission folder. In this file, I have copied and pasted the following from this thread: Now I go in, and change the patrol-type settings into the following: And the faction selections into the following: Then I change the skill-settings into the following: All other settings and values remains unchanged. Then, I load my mission in the editor, placing down the ACM -module and naming it "BIS_ACM", before I sync it to myself. When I preview the mission, I'm assuming the following will happen: The game will spawn USMC and Russian patrols at max "intensity", plus NAPA patrols who will be aligned to whoever the "Resistance" -side is set to. They will all be at the maximum skill level, and there will be both air and ground patrols. --- ...Is this correct?
  14. st!gar

    Warefare - Coop vs AI?

    And this is improved in ArmA 2?
  15. Urrrgh. My order from Play.com declared itself to be "Posted" to Norway the 18th. Now we're at 23d and I'm beginning to wonder where it is...
  16. st!gar

    [BUG] ArmA2 AI Wayfinding pls fix it

    Wow. That was really, really fucking awful. :( I had dared hope the newest patch would put my worries to rest - but, nope. If this the new improved vehicle AI in v1.02, I sincerely don't want to know what it was like in the earlier versions.
  17. Yes, but it does produce more than a single chopper when not yet configured, doesn't it? :confused:
  18. ...What?! But there's a freaking YouTube video showing the ACM working right out of the box! :confused: That was even one of the earliest videos, as far as I can recall.
  19. If my copy from Play.com doesn't arrive on time, I'm just going to buy the downloadable version instead. :(
  20. ...Nnnnope. The download is listed as a web document, or something.
  21. Based on what I've seen from humans in online games, I wouldn't be surprised.