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    Is Harvest Red playable, now?

    Or, in my case, people who want functioning gameplay the way that was intended, and who refuses go around making excuses for the game, as if the bugs were intentionally put there by the devs in order to make the game more "realistic", or some nonsense like that. I mean no offense to you, sweep; thanks for your reply and all, (I particularly found the details on co-op very informative.), but that kind of thing just rubs me the wrong way. :plain:
  2. Thanks for your reply. I just have a quick question, though: What do you mean by "Go to the registry"? What registry? :confused:
  3. Okay, fuck this. Just... fuck this. When I try to run the damn thing, I get a message telling me that "ArmA 2 is not installed on your computer, or installation is corrupted." I have tried to run the uninstall, and deleted the old beta folder. Nothing works. Fuck this.
  4. When I try to install it, it says that ArmA 2 is either not installed on my computer, or that the installation is corrupted. Both of which is bullshit, of course.
  5. st!gar

    Is Harvest Red playable, now?

    I just came across this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=86773 All the enthusiasm I just had is now dead. Pretty much sounds like the usual fare to me. :icon_sad: I find it weird that there's a thread on the front page discussing in detail just how fucked-up certain Campaign mission(s) are, yet in this thread, people reported having seen either few serious bugs/scripting errors, or none at all. What is it with you guys? Are the people who swear they practically haven't seen a single serious error throughout the campaign just extraordinarily fortunate, or is this a some kind of hardware thing, perhaps? Or did they just play the mission(s) in a manner different to the others? I swear; the more I read these threads, the more it sounds like there are two different versions of the game out... are everyone sure they have the latest version? :confused:
  6. st!gar

    Is Harvest Red playable, now?

    Aah. All very good info. Thanks! :)
  7. I know you can set a unit's "Probability of Presence" to decide the percentage chance of said unit spawning in the game, and even set it to zero, in order to have the unit not appear at all. The same can be done with the "Condition of Presence", by setting it to "False", unless I'm mistaken. What I'm wondering, is if it's possible to change this on the fly via a trigger, and, if so, how? For example, a squad of infantry's presence is set to 0% probability, but once a certain trigger has been activated, the probability gets set to 100%, and they instantly spawn. Is there a way to do this? :confused:
  8. st!gar

    Random concerns about ARMA 2

    Pretty much sums up my experience with "Harvest Red". (Not the campaign, but the mission with the same name.)
  9. I contemplated, at first, putting this in the "Official Missions"-section. The reason for this is that a number of the reported problems concern the Red Harvest campaign, as well as some of the Scenario-missions. But seeing as the troubles I'm experiencing goes beyond the single-player experience as a whole, I decided to put it here. To start with the beginning; back in the previous version, I never saw all that many of the much reported bugs and scripting errors when playing either Harvest Red or the Scenarios. I pretty much figured that this was simply because I hadn't really gotten that far out in the campaign yet. At the time patch 1.03 arrived, I had just completed the early mission where... ...Which was around mission 3, or so. Although I had reached mission 4 - allegedly the first large mission in the campaign - I had not yet gotten around to actually start playing it. I had, however, played several of the Scenarios, but not all. I was afraid that some of the missions might be containing spoilers for the campaign storyline, among other things. Anyways; seeing as one of the main features of the patch was said to be the fixing of certain campaign issues, and that you'd apparently need to restart the campaign in order for it to work as intended, I went ahead and did just that; starting all over from mission 1. Several things just went wrong from there on. I mission 1, when we... In mission 2... In mission 3, everything went generally fine, although there were some pre-scripted conversations I expected to show that never came. Maybe I had just remembered wrong, though. :confused: Of course; it didn't exactly help that urban AI pathfinding seemed to have gone down the tube since the last version. (See below.) Also, the Scenario missions I tried also contained a lot of scripting mess-ups. "Eye for an Eye" had lots of conversations coming either delayed, too early, at the same time, or not at all. "Counterattack" was just one big nasty mess of conversations not going anywhere, cutscenes "forgetting" to appear, things that didn't happen when they were supposed to, people that weren't where they were supposed to be, and the final part of the mission was completely botched. In short, the whole mission was broken, no matter how many times I re-played it. And let me not forget all the little niggles that showed up out of nowhere - The FPS getting notably lowered, me getting a freaky, weird error message saying "Sound Counter not found." in the time/date screen that shows up in-between campaign levels, and the AI getting slightly dumber. Urban control is a nightmare. The AI squadmates that are supposed to be in formation always lag far behind you, usually becoming separated from you and each other by buildings and thus end up doing stupid stuff. I can't even count the number of times when the AI ended up causing me to lose the game in the "Eye for an Eye" -scenario mission, where they'd rush headlong into an enemy position and end up getting themselves shredded by machine gun bullets, usually for no reason at all. Like me having ordered them to move two metres to the left, and they'd respond by running in a huge circle around a building, straight into an enemy MG nest and get massacered. You know something is really fucking wrong in a game where a simple "move slightly forward" -order is way too complicated for the AI to handle. And I'm willing to swear most of these problems weren't in the earlier version(s)! So my question is: Are anyone else getting this? Or is it simply something wrong with my game? Would you recommend me simply reinstalling the whole shebang alltogether? :confused: I know other people are experiencing issues with the new version as well, and I'm even having issues that weren't even there before! What's going on? Any help and/or info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. So... we should start paying modders, then? :raisebrow: Actually, come to think of it, due to the current status of ArmA II, I'm starting to feel more like supporting the modders than the devs...
  11. Bullshit. I love intros. If done well, they can pretty much set the tone for the whole mission.
  12. I agree with some kind of guy completely and utterly, on every point. He wrote just what I going to post, only slightly more clever and articulately.
  13. :butbut: Ewww! Okay, that's just skanky. Even for a hooker.
  14. QFT. I entered this thread with the purpose of posting something like that. :)
  15. Heya. I've just come to the first "open mission" in the game. At what point, and in what manner, does the game introduce the Russian and Guerilla forces? Are they cooperating with the USMC in subduing the insurgency, or do you get to fight them? I've always wanted to have Team Razor pitted against the Spetsnaz...
  16. Not helping. Now; if anyone has any actual useful information to post, please let me know.
  17. So when you press "6" on the command menu for "Actions", and tell them to "Rearm at (X)", they go to the place in question, seem to rearm, but still don't have any ammo when they're back?
  18. Hi. When I try starting a LAN or internet server, I only ever get 8 slots to fill with players or AI. How do I change this? It really gets on my nerves. :mad_o:
  19. Hello again. Thanks for the replies. So; based on what EEM said, I gather that the reason I couldn't add more slots in the Warfare match I was trying to set up, was that the mission I was using as a template, ("Superpowers"), only had 16 slots in it, and the only way to increase it would be to somehow edit the mission manually, via text -files and stuff. That's all well and good. So my question is, then: When I enter the multiplayer server list, I see page up and page down with people hosting Warfare matches with way more player slots than the wildly pathetic 16 slots I get from "Superpowers". How on earth did they do it, then?! Did they all choose the "Superpowers" -mission and manually started coding away, changing values and whatnot, or is there some other way to create your own Warfare matches that they are using? I can't seem to wrap my head around this. Please enlighten me if you can. Thanks for all the help so far.
  20. No, just 8. How do you people do it when you set up a Warfare match and choose more than 8 slots?
  21. It doesn't say. But like i said, I never get more than 8, even in Warfare. :confused: ---------- Post added at 07:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:08 PM ---------- Urgh. I've just tried again. This is what I do: * I click "Multiplayer", and choose "New". * It asks me to select max players. I set it to "32". * I choose a mission. For example "05 - Superpowers". * I only get 8 slots. Fuck-a-doodle-doo. :mad_o:
  22. Uhh... yeah. Or you can, you know, make an init.sqf and paste what has already been posted into it. There's no difference.