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  1. Whoah, whoah, wait a fucking minute - is the campaign still bugged to the point of suckage? Shit. I was thinking of picking the game up again, and giving it another go. Screwing around in the Editor is only interesting for so long, and I don't give a shit about multiplayer.
  2. You have to define further. I need to know this, if I am to play the game. I don't care if you feel like you have to slap a spoiler-tag on it, just please let me know what you are talking about. "It's very important" is obviously just not cutting it.
  3. st!gar

    Easter-eggs in Arrowhead

    Looking at how humans tend to behave towards one another, that's not really saying much.
  4. Of course, this information is completely useless to us, unless you define what those "weaknesses" are. Anyways, the only "bugs" I've encountered so far, are the fact that certain non-english units, (like the Germans), speak British, and that rather few units appear to have complete wound-textures. Also, Team Razor's voices if you play Harvest Red are all fucked up. I have not yet seen any differences, (for better or worse), in the AI. Note that I haven't played very much, either. Mostly been messing about in the Editor. I didn't dare try the OA campaign, yet.
  5. I have the Sprocket version of OA. Do I need the patch?
  6. I tell the chopper to fly me to Gorka. I stand in approx. the center, and post my teammates around the roads. Nothing happens. Not shit. For fucking ages. Then those assholes call me, and tell me he slipped away. This is just too stupid. What the hell does BIS expect us to do? What fucking road does he come from?! There are roads all over that place! You don't think you could be a bit more specific, Da Bomb? Please? This is just pissing me off.
  7. I have downloaded OA from Sprocket. When I try to install it, it says there's an error with the 1.07 patch, or something.
  8. I've blown up a tank in ArmA 1 with a machinegun...
  9. There has been a lot of talk about bugs and scripting errors in Red Harvest, and although BIS has made a point of trying to fix them as much as possible, It should be mentioned that many, (all?), of the Scenario missions could use a good patch as well. When you play a game, and realize you're not quite sure whether what you just witnessed was a bug or something the programmers intended, I believe it says something about the game. And I leave it up to you to decide for yourselves whether it's good or bad. Warning - there may be spoilers ahead. I just played the first Scenario available; "Trial By Fire". A bunch of marines are to clear a tiny, little village followed by a hostile-held airfield, and the mission briefing warns that there may be Chernarussian PoWs about. What usually tends to happen whenever I play through this Scenario, is usually something along the lines of this: However, yesterday something happened that I've never experienced in that mission before: My point is; I've been playing this mission several times since the demo, and just now, today, did I realize that all this time, I have apparently not played the mission the way I was "supposed" to. That there are things that I'm intended to experience, but that simply never happens, apparently. And this is only one out of several Scenario missions where I feel the exact same way. Another example is "Counterattack", where a Russian mechanized infantry unit is to break through a "siege" in progress by the local forces, and link up with a platoon of insurgents dug down in a town. From that point on, the two forces are apparently supposed to launch a counterattack out from said town and sweep away the Chernarussian military. That, of course, never happens. I have actually made a separate thread about that particular issue, and so will not go into detail about it here. Suffice to say, everything consistently fucks up in that mission. Cutscenes that appears in some playthroughs and not in others, little story-sequences that doesn't go anywhere and the mission ending abruptly without much explanation as to why, declaring you victorious before you actually fulfill all the objectives. At least for me, that mission is a mess. So, to sum up, I think the Scenarios could use a good, hard patching. The scripting needs a good tidying up, from what it seems. So my question is - what are your experiences? Are you getting completely different results than me? Are there any things regarding this that people should be made aware of? *EDIT* And, yes, I'm using 1.05, and no mods.
  10. Aah. I figured it might have been something like that. Still doesn't explain why the dialogue was triggered while I was nowhere near the church, though. :) Anyways; this post wasn't really so much about that particular mission as it was about the status of the Scenario missions in general, though. I would really like to hear some of your experiences on the matter.
  11. That was the impression I got as well...
  12. st!gar

    [Patch 1.05 Bug] AI won't follow player

    That sounds pretty cool.
  13. st!gar

    [Patch 1.05 Bug] AI won't follow player

    :love: ...Thank you. Just... fucking thank you. That has got to be the single best post I've read on this forum in at least the last six months. You perfectly summed up every thought I have had on the AI since OFP. Honestly, BIS needs to read this. That was just perfect.
  14. Thanks. I did what you suggested, and that seems to have worked. Quick question, though - What if I want to be able to use greetings with some units in the mission, but disable it for others? (I'm assuming the method Andy and the others suggested simply disables greetings completely.)
  15. I put a bunch of soldiers together, made a trigger activated by "Anybody", wrote "true" in the "Condition" -field, and pasted what Celery posted into the "On Act" -field, word for word. It didn't work. They still stood up and did that God-damn "Good morning, Sir." -routine. :icon_mad:
  16. Wait - the hotfix, or the actual patch itself? Actually, the devs themselves admitted that the bugs were game-crippling, and anything but "minor". But hell, now that the hotfix is out, I don't see anything in particular to complain about.
  17. I just checked my Steam-account. There has been no 1.05 update for ArmA 2, there. It still runs on 1.04. :confused:
  18. I'd like a reply too. I really don't see why it shouldn't, but I'd still like to know so that I don't mess things up further. @ KeyCat: No.
  19. st!gar

    What exactly are the AI's capabilities?

    Aah. So groups set to "Guard" will communicate with other groups?
  20. This is exactly the sort of thing I need help with as well. Any replies would be much appreciated.
  21. st!gar

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    Okay, that is quite possibly the single most ignorant, inflammatory, overzealous drivel I've heard this week. So much, in fact, that I'd be prone to suspect deliberate trolling.
  22. Certain units appear to be half-blind. ----------------------------------------------------------- The more I play, I can't help shake the impression that some of the unit types has significantly shorter vision range than others, in ways that doesn't really make sense. :confused: For example, I seem to find that most CDF and Chedaki infantry groups needs to be significantly closer to hostile units before detecting them than their USMC and Russian counterparts. (I haven't really checked out NAPA yet.) And just so it's said; this behavior can get extreme. I recall a situation I cooked up in the Editor, where a BLUFOR squad was to descend on the airstrip in Utes, from the top of a nearby hill overlooking the installation. The airport housed an OPFOR group, scripted to a "Guard" waypoint, standing out in the middle of the strip. On my fist attempt, the BLUFOR group was a USMC Rifle Squad, and OPFOR consisted of a Russian Infantry Squad. The hill the USMC squad was descending from was large, and had a good view of the enemy-held airstrip, so the firing started almost immediately after they had started moving down the slope. Once the Russians had detected where the hostile fire was coming from, they reacted semi-efficiently, returning fire and seeking cover. On my next try, I swapped the USMC squad for a CDF squad, and the Russian squad for a Chedaki group. That changed the whole dynamic. As the CDF started their advance down the hillside, I expected them to detect and engage the Chedaki around the same time the USMC had done on the previous playthrough. They didn't. As they reached the spot where the USMC had spotted the enemy, they just kept on walking. And walking. And walking. And, to my horror, I watched the half-blind fuckers stumble on aaaaalll the way down the hill, kept on blindly walking the whole distance from the foot of the hill over to the actual airstrip, and then suddenly detect the presence of the Chedaki group within spitting distance of each other, and, confusedly, started spazzing out, sending some units flanking all over the place, opening fire at point-blank range and generally speaking doing just about everything a serious MilSim should at no point whatsoever have them do. :mad: And when I say "point-blank", I mean that quite literally. As in, they could easily have hit the enemy with thrown rocks. It was insane. As for the Chedaki, they were no better. Standing around in their own thoughts while a CDF squad was marching at them almost in plain sight, and becoming equally confused once the firing broke out. I tired again, in several situations in differing terrain. The results were always the same - the CDF and Chedaki didn't detect one another until they were so close, a human being with regular eyesight would have detected them ages ago. Why is this? Is this a some kind of stats-thing, perhaps? You coding and modding pros here on the forum have no doubt cracked open the game files containing the information on the different unit types and their vision range(s) at this point. Does some units simply see shorter than others? Is this an attempt at some weird idea of "realism", to simulate that the CDF and Chedaki are less trained soldiers than Russian and American troops? Or is it simply a bug? What are your experiences on the matter? Please respond with whatever you've got. I'm confused and frustrated. --------------------------------------------------------------- Additional information: In all cases, I used the default infantry groups from the "Groups" -section of the Editor menu. There was no editing of the classes and skill settings. The attacker(s) waypoint(s) were set to: *TYPE: "Seek and destroy" *COMBAT MODE: "Open fire, engage at will" *FORMATION: "Line" *SPEED: "Normal" *BEHAVIOR: "Combat". In all cases, it was clear daytime.