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  1. Yeah, but that kind of feels like a step backwards.
  2. Hope they fix the SetIdentity -thing soon. I can't play the game like this...
  3. Just tried the new version. Suddenly the faces and arms of some of the characters are completely, bright white. Like they have no textures at all.
  4. st!gar

    AI Still Stubborn

    ^ This, by the gods.
  5. st!gar

    Urban Warfare

    Thanks for sending out a PM! :D
  6. st!gar

    ArmA 2: Manhattan

    Restart the mission and spend 2+ hours doing the whole fucking thing all over again?
  7. How exactly are they going to work in relation to one another? Are we going to have a scenario similar to what we saw in Operation Arrowhead, where a patch is released simultaneously with the AddOn itself, in order to bring all the versions up to speed with each other? Has there been any word on this, that I appear to have simply missed?
  8. st!gar

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    I installed the manual patch from this thread into the Steam version of the game, and Installed the Sprocket version of BAF into the game after that. Got some weird error-messages during the patching, but everything still... seems... to work, so far.
  9. st!gar

    How good is the AI?

    No. They're grown men, whom I expect to have a minimum of a clue of what they're supposed to be doing at any given time without an express order from me.
  10. st!gar

    Urban Warfare

    Oooh! Feedback! Feedback! :D
  11. st!gar

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72787

    Not working. Tells me "7zip can't find specified file", or something.
  12. That's a right, God-damned shame. You'd think these missions would be playable by the time the game's freaking expansion was out, but, clearly, no.
  13. Roger Johnson and Zedrein are easily my favorite people in the community, right now. :)
  14. That is a lovely post. Thanks a lot for the help. :)
  15. Hey. As you probably know, there are missions in the ArmA 2 "Harvest Red"-campaign in which you have as an objective to find "evidence". Usually this involves looking around objective locations for things to pick up. Photographs and maps and things. Point is; how important are these for the outcome of the plot? The reason I'm asking is because I'm terrified that I'll forget to pick up one single photograph or something in the third mission, and because of this get a horrible ending some twelve missions later where everyone dies and the universe collapses in on itself. :rolleyes:
  16. st!gar

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    Mine won't even start up.
  17. I've installed OA Beta Patch 71900. But when I try to start it from the shortcut in the "Beta"-folder, I get an error message saying "No Entry ".ProfilePathDefault". Then the game boots, then the screen goes black before turning into a multitude of colours, and then I'm kicked to desktop. So... help?!
  18. So what? Seeing as it is, in fact, a game, (as you so observantly pointed out.), I intend to, you know, win it. And for that reason, I'm not going to play through twelve fucking missions only for the Chedaki to rape everyone to death because I forgot to pick up photograph #3 in mission 2. You think, or you know?
  19. Thanks. I'll be trying, then. *EDIT* Appears to have worked. :)
  20. ...Soooo, the manual 1.52 patch only messes up the STEAM version of OA, but not the STEAM version of Vanilla ArmA 2? But what about the Sprocket version of OA? It still works after the patch?
  21. Mine also says "1.52.71612", so clearly I don't have the newest version. :butbut: But here's the core of the problem: my original ArmA 2, (Not Arrowhead.), is on STEAM. And didn't you people just say that downloading the manual patch that has been provided in this thread messes up the STEAM-version? That's why I don't dare to patch it.
  22. Just the command-voices, though. ("1. Move to. MAN! At. 12 o' clock.") The cutscene voices are just fine.
  23. Are they talking about ArmA 2 or OA? :confused:
  24. Like this? :confused: Anyways; is that all? Is there no other reason why I should download the patch? No actual fixes? I have the Steam-version of the original ArmA 2. (Not OA.) Will this break the game, as some commented earlier in this thread?
  25. There's a new radio system involved? What's so different about it that it ends up messing up the voices?